Notify™ — The Free Web-based Application for Joint Use Businesses

Notify™ -- The Free Web-based Application for Joint Use BusinessesNotify™ ( is a web-based application (available in Free & Pro versions) designed to bring the joint use industry together into a single online community. The Notify™ web application centralizes communication between public and private entities concerned with the construction, installation and maintenance of utility poles and pole attachments.

What is Joint Use, Who is involved, Why Notify?
Joint use utility pole owners and pole attachers range from telecommunications companies, power utilities and CATV to cities, counties and municipalities. Notify™ unites these disparate groups into a singular online platform, simplifying the communication process that in turn, expedites the process of joint work, including pole transfers. Currently Notify™ facilitates the management of over 2 million utility poles across the United States and is used by major organizations such as CenturyLink (formerly Qwest Communications), and Seattle City Light.

Solving Communication Problems with Notify™
With Notify™, Alden set out to conquer perhaps the biggest problem related to joint use operations: Effective communication. Regardless of the state of an organization’s asset management process, operations can be particularly difficult for many utility pole owners and attachers due to the antiquated state of the communication systems between joint use asset owners and attachers. Many owner and attaching entities in the industry struggle with the use of physical mail, faxes, voicemail, and even undocumented processes to communicate work requests, such as permits to attach and transfer notices, to each other. Relying on such communication methods has resulted in significant backlogs, double poles and an industry-wide bureaucracy that cripples efficiency. However, joint use organizations can now register online for Notify™ and immediately begin to streamline their pole-related work processes.

Notify™ users gain access to a powerful network and a multitude of functions including the ability to locate poles or attachments, keep track of important contacts, administer billable items and share information with partner companies. Orders are set up in highly visible standardized workflows with each work order status update automatically transmitted to selected contacts via email. Notify™ gives users the power to operate efficiently while each step of a pole-related transaction is tracked and recorded. Notify™ also archives such communication documentation to prevent the loss of crucial partner negotiation information and the resulting agreements. Notify also utilizes timers and notification tools to keep all jobs on schedule. As a result, Notify™ helps businesses increase productivity and efficiency by automating many time-consuming joint use tasks.

Are their different pricing levels?
Alden offers Notify™ in both Free and Pro versions to accommodate the tremendous variety of groups operating within the joint use industry. The application is the same for everyone, however more customization of the application and functionality is offered in Notify Pro™.

Notify™ -- The Free Web-based Application for Joint Use BusinessesNotify Free™ is perfect for attachers, third-party contractors and smaller organizations that are taking their first steps into ensuring more timely communication or operating on a smaller budget -or both!. Completely free of charge, Notify Free™ allows users to establish important partner connections and to join industry conversations that might not have been possible, at least without a significant investment of both time and resources. Participation in and utilization of Notify Free™ permits access to the same network used by utility pole owners with a large inventory of field assets as well as other attachers , giving innovative organizations the ability to interact with joint use industry leaders with no financial investment.

Notify Pro™ takes the standard functionality found in Notify Free and enhances the usefulness of the network for both owners and attachers with substantial customization options. Based on a set annual price schedule of only 8 cents per tracked asset, Notify Pro™ includes custom features that empower users with a high level of control over the establishment of workflows (the series of steps that make up any given work request), conversations between partners, project reports, and the generation of queries. The per asset fee means that organizations with a small number of assets can still benefit from the same degree of customization enjoyed by larger groups without having to pay high initial or long- term costs.

For businesses that require a high level of customization at the enterprise level, Notify Professional Services™ brings the web-based application to a new level as users work with Alden developers to design their own custom web services and network interfaces. Contact Alden Systems to establish needs and discuss a project-specific quote.

Who is Alden Systems?
Notify™ -- The Free Web-based Application for Joint Use BusinessesAlden Systems ( develops and implements software and services for joint use and central office network and municipal asset management. Started in 1995 by a small group of telecommunications and software professionals, the experts at Alden Systems established the company to fill the serious lack of dedicated asset management services and software available for companies that handle large amounts of data. Alden’s rise from a small company providing asset management for a few telecommunications companies to an industry leader with clients such as AT&T Inc., Xcel Energy, Inc., and Comcast Corporation is the stuff of which startup dreams are made. Alden features in-house software development and a dedicated team of experts ready to bring their proven problem solving abilities to any asset management situation.

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