GreenRope Offers Business Owners a Bundle of Marketing Tools

GreenRope Offers Business Owners a Bundle of Marketing ToolsBy Lars Helgeson, Founder & CEO of GreenRope

Two of the most frustrating things I see when business owners, CMOs or IT managers look to implement a new CRM program are 1) the time and money that gets wasted on setting up a system which many of their employees will never learn how to use; and 2) the lack of integration capabilities it offers with the company’s other communication software programs. Individual CRM programs are not cheap. Some companies spend tens of thousands of dollars, or more, on installing, training and implementing these tools only to find out that their investment complicated the communication lines both internally and with their current and potential customers.

This is where GreenRope comes in: a new web-based technology designed to consolidate marketing, CRM and sales operations into a single, user-friendly platform. Think Constant Contact, Sales Force, SurveyMonkey, BaseCamp, EventBrite, website design tools, social media integration, a wiki manager, automated marketing capabilities, and much more, all rolled into one platform. And the cost? A company with 1,000 contacts in its database will pay an average of $20 per month, including all of the tools listed above. Since GreenRope is web-based, an unlimited number of users are able to use the software as opposed to most programs that charge per seat. Other packages start as low at $10 per month.

If a company purchased each individual tool listed above, they would be spending approximately $400 or more a month than a GreenRope subscription, and that’s not including the valuable time needed to train their staff on each program. Which brings me to my next point: not only is GreenRope cost effective, it also allows users to integrate ALL of their contacts and marketing efforts with ease. Design and distribute newsletters to select demographic groups; schedule an automated follow-up email to event attendees, and a separate email to those who haven’t yet RSVP’d; sell products or services, or facilitate a fundraiser; and manage all of your social media platforms with one click of your mouse. Time is money, and GreenRope has found the solution to making life easier not only for the business owner, but for everyone on staff.

You’re probably wondering, ‘how easy is GreenRope to learn and use?’ GreenRope is a turnkey solution that somebody with basic computer skills can master. Unlike other software that takes weeks or months of training, GreenRope allows users to upload their contacts and begin managing, emailing, scheduling and designing immediately. GreenRope even offers a free month trial so that users can become familiar with its functions before agreeing to a subscription. And if users have questions along the way, GreenRope’s readily available support staff is just a phone call or email away from an immediate answer.

As internet marketing technologies evolve, so will GreenRope’s functions. Another benefit that comes with web-based software is that our program writers and software developers are constantly enhancing GreenRope’s functions so that the latest in cutting-edge technology is made available to our users, without having to purchase upgrades or re-install new software. For example, we recently launched a new social media integration tool that allows users to manage the content on all of their social media platforms. It also provides a complete analysis on how that content is being viewed, who is viewing it, what links the viewers are using and even an ROI report on what has been purchased online leading back to the social media content.

I founded GreenRope when I saw the need to make it easier and more efficient to run and grow a small to mid-sized business. We have struggled through the same business management challenges that you are no doubt experiencing, and we have listened to hundreds of small to mid-sized business owners, managers, and marketers to develop GreenRope. As a company and software provider, we’re committed to helping businesses resolve the challenges of their marketing and sales operations by providing a user-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient way to consolidate their business on all levels. To sum it all up, if you are looking for a new way to manage your business, GreenRope has everything that you’ll need in one, easy-to-use, and affordable solution.

About Lars Helgeson

An Internet entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience building and growing technology businesses, Lars Helgeson is the founder of GreenRope, a web-based technology tool designed for small and mid-sized businesses to streamline their operations through one user-friendly platform. Prior to founding GreenRope, Helgeson was the co-founder of Cooler Email, an award-winning email marketing solution, and the CTO of wired.MD, a video serving platform for doctors and clinics, before it was purchased in 2009. Helgeson’s other current ventures include MyTeamCaptain, MyScoutLink, Teamr, and 20 other vertically-integrated group management sites. Last year, Lars was the recipient of the 2010 San Diego Chamber Most Innovative Product/Service award for Cooler Email.

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