Contact Management that is actually EASY!

Contact Management that is actually EASY!Sean Harrington, Partner – EASY Software Solutions

What is the name of your business and URL?

Our company is called EASY Software Solutions and ContactChamp is the product (

A brief synopsis of the website / application:

ContactChamp is a Web-based Contact Management solution that helps you focus on your key daily activity. ContactChamp helps to solve the questions that each of us face on a daily basis:

– Who to call today?

– What’s the purpose of my call?

– When should I follow up?

The reality is that most sales occur after several “touches” with that prospect. The problem with most CRM or Contact Management solutions on the market is that they are a great place to store data, but not an ideal tool to help guide your daily sales activity.

With ContactChamp, though, you are never in the dark with the questions posed above. Each day, your dashboard provides you with an organized agenda of your Events, Tasks and Call List for the day. ContactChamp will even email your Call List to you every morning.

ContactChamp is easy enough to use for a freelancer or small business owner, but provides enough key features for a sales professional to use.

Why did you build this product?

My business partner and I have been in sales for our entire careers. During that time, we have been exposed to countless Contact Management tools and applications. Many of them have been good products, but they really lacked that essential tool that we needed for our own sales efforts – the Daily Call List. So, we decided to build ContactChamp on our own and help other sales, marketing and business professionals better manage their Contacts and Deals.

I think that is one of the reasons why our product is unique – we attacked the Contact Management problem from the perspective of the Sales Professional and Business Owner versus just looking at it from a technical perspective.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

We were started on a shoestring budget, but we are in a good position at this point financially and are ready for growth.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

Certainly our competition includes other Web-based CRMs, but for many of our customers we are shifting them from a paper or homegrown system to ContactChamp. So, the competition becomes more of bringing people into a Web-based model.

When it comes to competing head to head with another application, our users tend to really like the simplicity of our design. Being that we are sales people ourselves, we tried to keep it simple, appealing to the eye and very easy to use.

From a features perspective, our most positive responses come from the fact that we have tools built in to help you stay in touch with your prospects in a way that is not cumbersome. So, you don’t need to worry about deals falling through the cracks, as ContactChamp guides your daily activity.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

ContactChamp is truly ideal for the small business owner, freelancer and entrepreneur because of some of the points that I discussed earlier:

– Very easy to use

– Focuses on features that are essential versus too many bells and whistles

– Guides you on your daily calls through the Daily Call List

– Extremely affordable

Most people start to develop a headache when the terms CRM or Contact Manager come into a discussion, mainly because they perceive all of those solutions as expensive and cumbersome. We often hear customers say that the

How could you effectively use these tools?

It’s quite simple to use all of the features of ContactChamp. People can easily manage their daily appointments, tasks and calls with ContactChamp. ContactChamp can even save a copy of emails to Prospects within their profile. ContactChamp is also very accessible via any mobile device, so all of your Contacts and Activities are with you at all times.

A short bio of your company:

We started Easy Software Solutions with a simple mission: to provide the most direct and practical Web applications to solve common business problems. Each product we offer has been created due to our personal experiences with a pain point in the business process and a lack of a current solution that solves that need.

Do you offer free online or offline tools?

We offer a free trial at Additional tools, such as our most recent White Paper, can be found on our website as well.

Are there different pricing levels?

There’s one pricing level for Individual users – just $8 per user per month. In the next month, we will be releasing our Team version that is $15 per user per month.

Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?

Definitely. People can follow our blog at

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn? Provide exact URL of each

Twitter –!/contactchamp

Facebook –

LinkedIn –

Youtube watch video URL for group of a video link from Youtube?


Where do you see the product in the next few years?

Our goal for ContactChamp is, while increasing the user base constantly, to provide additional add on features that are both industry specific and profession specific. In addition, we are aggressively developing integrations to other key business applications. We are also unique in that we very much listen to our customers and shape our applications based on the growing needs of our base.

What other web based products would you recommend to entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers?

I’d say that the two products that we’ve enjoyed using are Dropbox and WuFoo. Both are very easy to use and extremely affordable.


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