Relevant sharing, the next evolution!


Relevant sharing, the next evolution! What is ShareYourCart? ShareYourCart™ is a start-up project launched in May 2011. The purpose of this new project is to allow shop owners to reward those clients that promote their brand via social channels like Facebook, Twitter and, in the near future, Google +.

How did it all start? We thought that shopping online is the trend that most people follow these days. That is why creating a service that can be in the advantage of both the client and the shop owner is an idea that would be welcomed from all sides. On one hand, as a client, if I like a product that I purchased, of course I want my friends to know about it and advice them to buy it as well. And as we are in the 21th century, why not do it via Facebook, Twitter or Google+? On the other hand, as a shop owner, why not take advantage of my clients’ satisfaction and reward them so that they come back for other products as well. This is why, ShareYourCart™ is a service that helps shop owners reward their clients by offering discounts for sharing their products online.

How does it work? This process is entirely automated and requires very little effort from both the client and the shop owner. Once the client decides he likes a certain product he can click on the ShareYourCart™ button Relevant sharing, the next evolution!, and next he is asked to choose the channels he wants to promote the products through (Facebook, Twitter and Google+). After the recommendation has been sent to his friends, ShareYourCart™ will automatically generate a coupon that can be used to get a discount for that product.

The discount amount, as well as the recommendation message are predefined by the shop owner, in order to meet their sales goals.

Also, for more details about how to use ShareYourCart™ you can watch a short demo at


Why us? Although this idea is fairly new, there are several ShareYourCart™ competitors that are doing a great job in developing it, while the ShareYourCart™ team puts in a great effort to make it truly usable, both in the way clients and shop owners interact with it, as well as the value it creates for all parties involved.

Since we respect the privacy of both the client and his friends, ShareYourCart™ will let the user select which of his favourite products he wants to promote and even most importantly, to whom of his friends he wants to recommend the products to. For example, as a client, I want to purchase an IT book, but most of my friends have nothing to do with this type of technology and only a small part of them would like to know about my recommendation. That is why, having the possibility to select the destination of my recommendation can save my friends from receiving uninteresting information.

Looking from the shop owner’s perspective, ShareYourCart™ generates unique and private coupons, thus enabling them to easily identify the client and save them a lot of precious time, normally lost while manually creating coupons and uploading them to the website. This way they can focus on growing their start-up companies. Another advantage of these unique coupons is that they can be used only once, thus ShareYourCart™ can guarantee that each discount the shop owner gives will coincide with a recommendation being made for his brand.

ShareYourCart™ is also useful from the client friend’s perspective, as one is more happily willing to buy products with which their connections have had a hand’s on experience, rather than asking a stranger. In this way, ShareYourCart™ can be watched as a relevant review generator, for each of their users.

What about the pricing? Since ShareYourCart™ supports the entrepreneurial spirit, it is completely free for entrepreneurs building their start-up, while for high traffic websites there is a small fee based on the number of monthly generated coupons. To obtain a free personalized quote, please contact us and we will get back in 24 hours with an offer for you.

Where do we want to go? As new communication channels appear and trust is established in the ShareYourCart™ brand, especially privacy wise, we see this service evolving into an even more value oriented tool, one that will guarantee shop owners a great return on their investment.

Follow us! You can follow the latest ShareYourCart™ updates via Twitter and Facebook, but meanwhile we look forward to receiving your constructive feedback, including improvement ideas.

Background info. The ShareYourCart™ project is owned and operated by Barandi Solutions LTD, the UK branch of the web application development company Barandi Solutions. The service is developed on a shoestring budget as part of the company’s entrepreneurial initiative called Barandi Solutions’ Labs.

Relevant sharing, the next evolution!

Andrei Barabas

Andrei Barabas is the Project Manager of ShareYourCart™ and the Manager of Barandi Solutions

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