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You’re a Brilliant Entrepreneur but not a Marketer

A short authors bio:

You’re a Brilliant Entrepreneur but not a Marketer

Alyssa Dver

Marketing guru, Alyssa Dver, is the Founder and Chief Executive of the recession defying Mint Green Marketing. She has been profiled by BusinessWeek and American Express OPEN as an entrepreneur to watch. Alyssa’s No Time Marketing and related work has been endorsed by many including Downtown Women’s Clubs, Ladies Who Launch, American Marketing Association, National Foundation of Teaching Entrepreneurs, and more.

She is regularly published in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Chief Marketer, and Software Magazine and is frequently quoted as an expert by major media, including NPR, The Boston Globe, and Newsday. Dver is also the author of Software Product Management Essentials and her recent book Ms. Informed: Wake Up Wisdom for Women.

An acclaimed keynote speaker, Dver has spoken to prestigious organizations including the World Diversity Summit at the United Nations, The Women’s Congress, MA Conference for Women, and The Commonwealth Institute. Considered among the best corporate trainers, she teaches worldwide at public and private companies.

You’re a Brilliant Entrepreneur but not a MarketerDver helps multinational companies, such as IBM, Nokia, EMC, Pitney Bowes, Choice Hotels plus small businesses from around the world to do smarter marketing. She is a graduate of the Wharton School.

A book synopsis / Key Ideas:

No Time Marketing is a quick read delivering eight 30 minute steps to get you generating qualified leads so you can get back to running your business and making money.

Alyssa explains why and how to do profit driven marketing. From marketing inventories, product pricing, lead generation, and messaging, No Time Marketing presents straight-forward explanations and low-cost, proven marketing strategies. It is filled with marketing to-do’s, valuable lists, and tips designed for the entrepreneur and small business owner in mind.

No Time Marketing is the blueprint for your next and best marketing plan.

Why did you write this book?

As we were entering the economic recession back in 2002, I knew not only would it be hard for any business to justify the cost of hiring marketing experts, but small businesses would need marketing help more than ever. I also knew that the economy would spur people to start new businesses and need marketing help before they were even bootstrapped or funded. Providing a very short, easy-to-follow and do workbook seemed to be of urgent need.

I took the same methodology I had used at dozens of client companies and brought it together into No Time Marketing to make marketing wisdom accessible to anyone. It’s designed to help someone with limited marketing knowledge and budget the ability to build a strategic marketing plan in about a week while they enjoy their morning Starbucks.

why readers should buy your book and what they will get out of it after reading it?

No Time Marketing readers can create a revenue-driven marketing plan in digestible small steps. Eight 30 minute or less chapters include worksheets, marketing do’s and don’ts, plus smart tips allowing readers to confidently make defendable marketing decisions and get the biggest bang for their marketing buck.

Do you have a blog, what is the link, what do you talk about in your blog?
No Blog

Do you do speaking events? What are some common ones that you do on a regular basis? What do you talk about?
Yes – I often speak 2-3 times each month at conferences and association meetings. I recently spoke to a receptive crowd at the New England Business Expo. I am very popular on Cape Cod at many of the business-business conferences. I speak at women’s organizations all the time such as The Diversity Summit at the United Nations, Commonwealth Institute, Women’s Congress, Ladies Who Launch, Downtown Women’s Club, Massachusetts Conference for Women, and etc. I also do corporate workshops and am currently preparing for a workshop with Comcast on self confidence and business. I guest lectures at local business schools such as Brandeis, Boston University, Babson and Bentley. Topics are typically strategic marketing planning or product management.

Do you do your own marketing or PR? What is a good marketing / PR stratgey for a budding author?
YES- I have to practice what I preach! Best tip is to identify the media that reaches your key market(s) and reach out to them with a solid pitch about a topic that is related but not specifically about your book. (Like!) Offer to write the article or provide a manuscript and be clear about why that media’s readers will want to read that article. Be sure to include a short bio with links to your website, blog or other ways to find you and your book!

Do you tweet, facebook fan page, myspace friend or use any other social media to get the word out? (Please provide links).
YES. Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin – but since No Time Marketing is only one of my books and initiatives, most of my social media is under my own name/brand.
Twitter: @alyssadver
LinkedIn: alyssadver

Youtube watch video URL?
I don’t have a No Time Marketing Youtube video. I do offer an online class consisting of 5 30 minute self paced sessions. The first video in the series, “Why Bother Marketing” is available for free at

What free online or offline tools do you use?
I frequently use google docs, Outlook and related MS apps, iPhone and tons of apps, skype, google calendar, tungle, hootsuite

How many people are currently working, including employees (freelancers or independent contractors for specific projects)?
2 part-time employees plus me. I also work with several subcontractors

What is the best advice you never got?

Stop listening to other people’s uninformed advice!

What is the one thing that you did right?
Just wrote the book(s) despite other people’s indifference or questioning.

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