Engaging lots of bloggers is easy

Interview with Pavan Katepalli – CEO and Founder of BloggersCompete.com

Engaging lots of bloggers is easyWhat is the name of your business and URL?

The name of the Business is Bloggers Compete and the URL is www.BloggersCompete.com.

A brief synopsis of the website / application:

The website helps advertisers get higher rankings on Google for their websites and a greater reach on facebook and twitter by engaging lots of bloggers through blog post contests. A blog post contest is where an advertiser writes up details for bloggers. The details consist of specifications about content the advertiser wants bloggers to post on their blogs. Here’s a contest example: http://bloggerscompete.com/contest.php?contestid=112. Advertisers fund the contest with money and provide other incentives to motivate bloggers to join the contests.

Bloggers join the contests on the site and publish blog posts on their blogs tailored to the contests’ details. After that, they submit the URLs of the blog posts to the contest pages.

The advertisers pick the best blog posts to be winners and those bloggers get paid by Bloggers Compete. Every blog post gets promoted on www.BloggersCompete.com/blog and if there are other incentives for participating in the contest, the advertiser provides those to the bloggers as well.

Do you provide any discounts?

Engaging lots of bloggers is easy


Yes. If you email [email protected] with the subject ShoeStringVenture, then you’ll get a free contest listing ($40 value), 2 back links per blog post ($20 value) and I’ll even help you detail out your contest as well as give you some SEO pointers for your website. So you’ll end up saving $60, and get some great actionable advice. This expires August 30th 2011.


Why did you start this company?

I used to run an Internet Marketing Company (RockstarVisible.com) where I helped businesses around the nation get more sales by getting them higher rankings on Google for specific keyword phrases. While doing that, I realized that getting in context back links inside blog posts of good blogs was the best way to raise the rankings of a website for specific keyword phrases, but there was no fast and easy way to do that. I really wanted to create something that could make doing that fast, easy and affordable, so I started researching. I read up a lot about crowdsourcing and decided that I would solve the problem by creating a crowdsourcing site to let advertisers launch blog post contests and let bloggers enter those contests. I teamed up with my college friend Bob Cavezza to make the website. I’m the Product and Marketing guy and Bob is the technical guy.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

I used the following to fund my Company: money I made from selling my Internet Marketing Company (RockstarVisible.com), a 0% APR Chase Freedom Credit Card and my salary from my day job.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

Competitors: Blogvertise.com, linkworth.com, socialspark.com, payperpost.com, sponsoredreviews.com.

What Bloggers Compete does better: With other sites it’s more of a one on one experience. Advertisers speak to bloggers individually and trade details of what kind of content they want the bloggers to write about and then payment is handled in that fashion as well. This is a very time consuming process and can get expensive, because monetary negotiations have to happen with each blogger.

With BloggersCompete, the advertisers just write details for a contest, fund it once and then Bloggers enter the contest competing against each other to write the best blog post. The best blog posts win and the winning bloggers get paid. The advertiser’s website gets mentioned in the content that the bloggers blog about and gets lots of back links. These in context back links will ultimately boost the website’s search engine rankings for specific keyword phrases.

BloggersCompete.com makes getting LOTS of Bloggers to blog about something and link to a URL an effortless, fast and affordable process by letting Advertisers launch and market a Blog Post Contest.

Why would a business use your product?

Businesses want more customers/leads. They can get that with higher organic rankings on Google for specific keyword phrases. For example John’s Pizzeria (www.johnspizzerianyc.com) in NYC could get a lot more sales if it was ranked number one on Google for the keyword phrase: New York City Pizza, which gets 22,200 local searches a month on Google (according to the Google Keyword Tool: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal).

The organic part of Google search is on the left side of the search results. It’s what people click on more 80% of the time.

How does John’s Pizzeria get higher rankings New York City Pizza on Google? It needs links from high quality blogs that read as New York City Pizza and point to www.johnspizzerianyc.com. In addition, these links need to be surrounded by content related to New York City Pizza.

Here’s a screen shot of a link on a blog that is linking to johnspizzerianyc.com. Notice how the link doesn’t read as “New York City Pizza”. The link is powerful because it’s surrounded by content about New York City Pizza, but it would be even more powerful if the link read as New York City Pizza. With BloggersCompete, the Advertiser could control this.

Engaging lots of bloggers is easy






The URL for the above blog post is http://yeschefnochef.blogspot.com/2008/07/new-york-pizza.html.

The best way of going about this and doing it in a white hat manner that Google approves of is getting bloggers to blog and include you in the conversation.

But negotiating with bloggers one on one for content, payments and links is a tiresome, long and expensive process.

The best way to engage lots of bloggers is by launching a blog post contest, but even that takes time to write up and takes money and expertise to market.

That’s where BloggersCompete.com comes in. We make it easy, fast and affordable to launch a blog post contest, which willhelpadvertisers get higher rankings on Google for their websites and a greater reach on facebook and twitter.

How much does it cost to launch a contest?

It costs 40 dollars to launch a contest on the website.It costs $20 to double the back links you get from each blog post and $30 to triple the # of back links received from each blog post. It costs $35 to make your contest private. This means that your contest page would be visible to only logged in users.

The site also offers a full 100% money back guarantee.

Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?


Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes we do. Here it is:www.Facebook.com/BloggersCompete.

Do you have a Tour Video?

Yup.This 41 second video shows how to launch a blog post contest on the Bloggers Compete:


How long have you been in business?

We launched in July 2011.

Number of current users? Estimated yearly growth?

We currently have 8 bloggerson the site and we are growing every day. We estimate that we will have over 500 bloggers on the site, over 200 advertisers on the site by the end of the year due to PR tactics, heavy online advertising, and will have launched over 100 contests by the end of the year.

How many employees do you currently have working with you and/or freelance contractors?

Currently I am working with my Company’s CTO – Bob Cavezza. I’m the CEO (product/marketing guy). You can read about our bios here: http://bloggerscompete.com/about-us.php. We’re also in the process of adding a PR Intern to the team.

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