Tsunami Strikes Japan – Responses Delayed

TSUNAMI STRIKES JAPAN – RESPONSES DELAYEDRAZIENT, LLC (www.razient.com) was founded in 2010 by Gary Bahadur, CEO of KRAA Security and author of 3 books including the first book on social media security from McGraw-Hill “Securing the Clicks: Network Security in the Age of Social Media”. Gary and his management team bring successful start-up accomplishments and subject matter expertise to pilot RAZIENT to success. Gary was the co-founder of Foundstone Inc, raising $21million in funding and sold to McAfee in 2004 for $86million. RAZIENT LLC was founded based on conversations with Supply Chain professionals and their need for a consolidated application that mapped events that could disrupt the supply chain and the ability to monitor vendor / supplier compliance. Currently, all product development and marketing has been self-funded. RAZIENT is seeking funding to accelerate product development and growth. Targeted customers in year 5 are 1,000+ with annual revenue of $30 million annually.

RAZIENT v1.0 is a Supply Chain Risk Management Software targeted to Supply Chain and Risk Management professionals and is available in English and Spanish with French, Portuguese, Mandarin and German to be rolled out by Q4 2011.

The kinds of companies that use RAZIENT include mid-sized to larger companies that move or sell physical goods – from parts to final assembly of a good and small companies that need to gain visibility into their vendor network. RAZIENT is also used by small companies to track their own locations and the risk their sites face from incidents that can disrupt their business. If a small company is hit by a disaster that is unanticipated or un-monitored, they are more likely to fail that a large business with more resources to respond to disasters.

TSUNAMI STRIKES JAPAN – RESPONSES DELAYEDThe primary businesses include retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and logistics companies. There are over 140,000 such companies in the US and Canada. The global supply chain risk market is currently over $7 billion annually.

Most risk tools focus on financial, transportation or compliance risk only. RAZIENT offers a unique, comprehensive, end-to-end solution which is not currently available in the market place.

RAZIENT empowers companies to quickly see an end-to-end view of events, threats, and risks that impact suppliers and the supply chain. The connections are from two perspectives:

  1. Event monitoring of all supplier locations and reporting of events by location via a centralized web application / dashboard.
  2. Compliance surveys that enable ranking and evaluation of supply chain risks based on supplier responses.

RAZIENT provides:

  • Timely visibility of events that disrupt the flow of goods and materials by monitoring for physical, logical and geopolitical threats. Razient tracks numerous activities daily around the globe including such things as shootings, floods, fires, plane crashes, terrorism, riots, coups, tornados, hurricanes, volcanoes, bombings, strikes, power outages, bridge collapse, train collisions, and much more.
  • Centralized web application platform / dashboard for global risk management and identification of all supplier locations world-wide
  • Coordination of supplier management and risk objectives
  • Identity of parts and services from a supplier / vendor that may be impacted by an event – including the future option of sub-tier vendors throughout the value chain and linking suppliers to Purchase Orders to events
  • Awareness of publicly known incidents that impact the supply chain
  • Compliance tracking of every vendor
  • Quickly determine response actions to risks and threats

RAZIENT enables companies to quickly connect the dots with a geographic, by-location view of its locations – with drill down capability to a specific incident, location and supplier, including sub-tier vendors and suppliers. Future version will provide component views of the finished product. RAZIENT dashboard provides timely visibility to determine response actions to risks and threats that may disrupt the flow of goods and materials and compliance risks in on relational database. RAZIENT allows customers to track compliance of every vendor and follow publicly known incidents that may impact delivery capability of goods and services. Since RAZIENT data is in one database, versus disparate systems that produce islands of information, lost time in mapping and collecting data can be focused on proactive responses. With RAZIENT companies can easily and quickly monitor and respond to disasters..

The revenue model is monthly subscription, based on the number of locations per customer. Other revenue streams include software start-up / set up, customization, and advisory services.

TSUNAMI STRIKES JAPAN – RESPONSES DELAYEDCurrently Version 1.0 (www.razient.com/Razient) of the software is released. New users can sign up for FREE and track up to 25 locations and distribute up to 5 active surveys. Future product enhancements will be based on the utility and function required based on input from the initial customers. Possible enhancements currently under evaluation include, but are not limited to:

  • Launch of a Mobile Application for tracking incidents as a user travels around the world
  • Correlation with bill of materials
  • Automation of rating / ranking
  • Added integration and visualization of a company’s supply chain processes
  • Improved and broader reporting capability that enable what-if scenarios and modeling
  • API integration with ERP applications
  • Research capabilities to search for specific events

Razient can be private labeled and the incident data stream can be sold separately for incorporation into other products, especially mobile location based applications. For a one on one demo of Razient, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call Gary at 855-747-5911.

View the Video of RAZIENT software on YouTube


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