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Looking at life in a different perspective

If the premise of ‘a woman makes a better entrepreneur’ is true, then ‘3x woman’ equals an extraordinary business venture called PRISSAM. Three sisters, best friends and now business partners, PRISSAM is the second chapter for Fredda, Lenore & Stacey. Just shy of baby-boomer status, these amazing women decided to take the principles and philosophies they learned growing up to become social entrepreneurs.

PRISSAM, named for their parents, Priscilla & Sam, is an art gift company that touches lives everywhere.

PRISSAM has found an extraordinary way to motivate, celebrate, honor, support, provide inspiration and to give back with unique gift collections available through their website: . Their philosophy is that a ‘unique perspective is FOR amazing people, FROM amazing people.’

It is not about the road you follow, but the path you make. PRISSAM, just celebrating their third anniversary, started the company from a phone call. You know the kind. The dreaded phone call from a friend, a family member, a neighbor or a colleague who says, “I have cancer” and your immediate reaction is ‘Oh, No.’ Your mind races to say, ‘What can I do?’ when it really thinks, ‘What do I say?’ Well, that phone call came from a friend 1700 miles away. Feeling powerless to do anything or even say anything that would provide comfort, support, inspiration and motivation the sisters searched for that something which would let the friend know they were there, even when they weren’t, but nothing seemed to fit. So, PRISSAM created it! The ‘emotional healing’ from the PERSPECTIVE COLLECTION helps a person through treatment, and gives hope to the survivor. It’s all about perspective.

The crystal and glass gift symbolizes the William Faulkner quote: ‘One who removes a mountain, begins by carrying away small stones.’ The gift is about ‘looking at life in a different perspective’. The gift is interactive and allows someone going through treatment to use this exclusively designed gift to empower and provide support during each treatment by removing a colored gemstone (designated for their illness) after each treatment session. The Perspective gift connects the dots of getting a life-changing diagnosis with a new perspective for providing hope, support and understanding – conquering the mountain.

This perspective gift collection then gave PRISSAM another facet in which to create an opportunity to become social entrepreneurs. Because we are all ‘one degree of separation’, PRISSAM designed an ornamental laser-etched ribbon glass LIGHTCATCHERS for survivors &/or supporters. It is a symbolic gift that keeps on giving, as PRISSAM gives back 20% to fund research for a cure and provide educational programs to families.

Looking at life in a different  perspective

Survivor Lightcatcher

PRISSAM has worked with a dozen local and national organizations in funding the cure to find the cure. They believe it will take a single break-through to see a trickle down effect of finding cures, which is why the majority of contributions are supporting designated research institutions. The Survivor and Supporter ornamental Lightcatchers are truly symbolic of the battle and the causes. The Survivor clear glass lightcatcher symbolizes the circle of life with the ‘V’ of survivor (victory) in the center of a laser-etched ribbon symbolizing the Victory. The hexagon-shaped Supporter glass lightcatcher shows the many facets of support. A drop down menu allows the purchaser to select from five national organizations and on select occasions others are added to support fundraising events or campaigns. Because of PRISSAM’s mission and commitment is to fund the cure to find the cure, PRISSAM will even ship these lightcatchers for free in the U.S.

Looking at life in a different  perspective

Supporter Lightcatcher

PRISSAM has also taken this unique gift to schools and has inspired an alternative to school fundraising by offering a way to brand the school’s logo into a spirited keepsake. PRISSAM has even been approached by military families to use the Supporter lightcatcher to show support. PRISSAM has now chosen two organizations that support military families, active duty personnel and veterans with a similar 20% donation from ornamental Supporter lightcatcher purchased using a similar drop down menu.

Each exclusively designed PRISSAM art gift symbolizes an emotion, a feeling, a sentiment between the giver and the recipient, and answers the question ‘what do I get for ____ ‘ by providing inspirational gifts hugely symbolic of many occasions. PRISSAM has created inspirational greeting cards tying the whole sentiment together which are also included with each gift. A one stop e-boutique for buying inspirational gifts to celebrate all occasions: birthdays, weddings, retirements, graduation, corporate events, ‘just because’ or for those survivors and for those people undergoing treatment. Each gift brings you to another level; another perspective. The INSPIRATION GIFTS celebrate, encourage, build vision, and create a muse that needs no words – it just inspires.

Looking at life in a different  perspective

Prissam's Inspirational Collection

PRISSAM listens to their customers’ comments and needs. As a result, PRISSAM continues to grow, and so does their collections. MINI INSPIRATION, along with PRISSAM’s PRISMS, offers smaller gift ideas with the same BIG message.

Many of the gift selections are metaphorically designed around philosophical life lessons and quotes. These exclusively designed glass & crystal gifts symbolically define the relationship between the giver and recipient.

Starting a web-based business in a recession is a gamble at best, and starting a business as a ‘second chapter’ to very successful careers is just as risky. However, the PRISSAM co-founders have close to 100 years of experience in the healthcare, academic & business worlds and bring those skills and maturity into this new venture.

Looking at life in a different  perspective

Prissam QR Codes

Fredda, the oldest by just 3 years, started a career in healthcare, transitioned to business and technology before looking at this new perspective. She leverages her consultive business experience and healthcare background in handling PRISSAM’s cause-related fundraising opportunities through PRISSAM’s PERSPECTIVE LIGHTCATCHER COLLECTION. Lenore, retired from teaching the deaf and hard of hearing in 2006, thought her time would be spent traveling. Again, a new day and a new perspective altered those plans temporarily when PRISSAM decided to be web-based. Lenore created the company’s website and web videos having little background in web design. Her connection and insight with schools has been the perfect fit in establishing relationships for PRISSAM’s SCHOOL SPIRIT collection and fundraising options. Stacey has a strong, if not eclectic background in business (from start-up to Fortune 500 companies). Having an ‘I can do that’ personality has brought great inventiveness, imagination and creativity to this extraordinary company. Three sisters, one PRISSAM, a great perspective – to help fund programs and research through inspiration.

Reflecting on the origins and obstacles of a new business they have remarked that “in just three years, we are amazed with how much we have accomplished in establishing a small business.” Yes, there have been challenges along the way, but PRISSAM is about keeping the pluses positive; changing the minuses into pluses; turning the obstacles into opportunities and the plain glass into a prism – just like a crystal prism. Being an entrepreneur is all about ‘looking at life in a different perspective.’

These women entrepreneurs are inspired and passionate about making a difference in the community and in the world around them. PRISSAM is a company touching lives everywhere through education, through health-related causes, through general inspiration, and ‘just because.’

Entrepreneurs today want to make a difference, have an impact on social issues and/or solve a problem. Deemed by the government to be ‘the backbone of the economic recovery,’ entrepreneurs, in particular women entrepreneurs are finding a purpose, turning a passion, strength and/or experience into a business.

In a time of entrepreneurial growth, hope and community service, PRISSAM has been able to meet a mission of making a difference and provide inspiration to all. As social entrepreneurs it is not about the road you follow, but the path you make. Through social media (, their website and the buzz they are creating, these three sisters known as PRISSAM have continued to work, fundraise and donate to both cause related health organizations, academic institutions and military supported groups when most large corporate funding has been greatly reduced. Their mission is to make every dollar count and will continue to ‘pay it forward’.

PRISSAM – unique gifts for amazing people. You may know that person. You may be that person. (

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4 Responses to “Looking at life in a different perspective”

  1. Louis hemmerdinger says:

    Hi Fredda,
    A terrific write up for your company.
    Hi to all the Krinsky’s, and wishing lulu lots of success.

  2. Lou,
    Thank you for your kind words. We’re delighted with the response from the article, and greatly appreciate your support for PRISSAM’s success!

    Fredda Krinsky, co-founder

  3. J. says:

    BRAVO for small businesses making a difference. We try to support small businesses as much as possible. I applaud the 3 sisters for starting a venture in this economy and giving back, and now remembering our military in your support! Love the supporter lightcatcher – it stands for much more than support of the military. Definitely a meaningful tribute. Thank you.

  4. J.
    Thank you for taking the time to write, and your heartfelt thoughts. We are truly touched by your note! We appreciate your support of small businesses, since they are the backbone of our economy and country! If you haven’t already, bookmark the PRISSAM e-boutique website for your affordable, exclusively designed art glass gifts that inspire for any occasion. Again, thank you so much for your kind words, we look forward to connecting.

    Fredda, Lenore & Stacey Krinsky, co-founders


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