Weebiz – a business fair or a social network for companies?

Weebiz - a business fair or a social network for companies?The question arises once you start getting familiarized with Weebiz and with everything that it allows its users to do, at https://www.weebiz.com. Is this thing an online business fair or a social network exclusive for companies? In a word: both.

This online platform is the only known service merging social network capabilities with business expo opportunities. It works because it was built to allow the junction of those two distinct dimensions from the beginning.

Weebiz has always been a business network. This place where companies create their individual profiles and promote themselves, their products or services, business proposals and news was born in middle 2009 thanks to the creativity, expertise and strategic vision of two college students. A shoestring budget allowed them to develop the project throughout its beta stage which still prevails as the number of desired features is yet to be completed.

A b2b network?

Most like in Facebook and Twitter, a Weebiz profile is the way members rely on to present themselves to the community. Members quickly understand if the profile they are looking at is from a potential business partner or not. The information contained in a Weebiz profile goes from general presentation (logo; slogan; contacts; location and industry) to the most particular and specific contents (products with images, description and prices; news; business proposal; connections and interactions with the community; current status and latest activity). All of these contents are editable at all time and immediately updated, with no approval period required. When a company creates content on Weebiz the entire community gets the chance to see it.

An algorithm-based recommendation system advises similar companies, products and other contents to the user in order for its decisions to be more weighted.

If a member is not fully convinced about other member’s interest to his company he can simply follow that member’s activity and decide afterwards. This action does not requires acceptance from the other part.

It shouldn’t take long for a recent user to realize the major differences between Weebiz and business trade websites. This is a business network, so members (companies) can interact with each other as individuals do on social networks: they can follow, connect, share, like, comment and tell the entire community what it is they are doing.

Of course members can also communicate privately. This is assured by a message system – an integrated mail with threaded conversations and attachments through which members contact each other, without having the entire community knowing the subject or content of the conversations.

Interacting this way companies build stronger and durable business relationships, meeting new peers and leveraging their business connections to a level that goes beyond stale b2b trading.

Can your company use Weebiz?

It should. There are eight thousand companies of all sizes on Weebiz, from more than 170 countries and 180 industries which means you will certainly find business opportunities from potential partners.

The only absolute requirement for a company to join and use Weebiz is owning a company email which will be its name on the business-to-business network, thus preventing fraud and identity theft.

All of these companies are able to perform every action available on Weebiz, including using the Business Manager.

The Business Manager.

Business Manager is a fully integrated app with a complete set of tools that all members can use to keep track of their companies’ daily activity, both inside and outside Weebiz.

The recent ability to invite team members and co-workers to the Weebiz account also applies to the Business Manager and this major addition to the b2b network broadens even more the capabilities range of this app that came to light in 2010: from needs to opportunities’ management and everything in between.

Just like Weebiz merges social network capabilities with business expo opportunities, the Business Manager merges customer relationship management with supplier relationship management. Company’s daily tasks, contacts, ideas and projects also have their one dedicated space, so every business dimension is properly addressed, by the right person, at any given time.

Weebiz Plans

It is possible for companies to increase the quantity of active content (more products, business proposals, news, users and storage for media and files) by subscribing plans that go beyond the free account capacity.

There are three different paid plans for members to choose from with prices starting at 25€ / month. All four plans are suitable for different types of businesses, depending on their aspirations and / or size. So what plan to choose?

The Free plan is good to get familiarized with Weebiz and to give the community a taste of what the company has to offer. The Startup plan is indicated for small sized companies with a carefully selected range of products and team members., The Premium plan was created for most of the companies and it allows Weebiz members to add infinite products and news and a wide range of business proposals, enabling companies to manage everything with a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Finally, the Unlimited plan is for medium to large companies who want their presence and activity on Weebiz to be managed by a large number of team members. The Unlimited account enables its owners to take full advantage of all Weebiz features and capabilities.

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