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Mobile app redefines field service

Mobile app redefines field serviceA brief synopsis of the smart phone app or a short bio of your company

It was over two years ago that the idea of TenPointSix was first created with the sole purpose of helping business owners in the field service industry better achieve efficiency. Here we are just a few months after our product launch and doing just that. TenPointSix is an application that updates the field service industry to take advantage of all that an iPad/iPhone app can offer. Here’s how it works… TenPointSix has two areas of functionality, a back office management console and the mobility of the iPad/iPhone app. The management console is built on Microsoft CRM and allows users to manage client assets, track and build procedures to run on assets, create work orders for the assets, and dispatch work orders to techs in the field. The techs in the field can then receive the work orders on their mobile device. They can run through procedures shown step-by-step, record data, view equipment lists for different procedures, see a map of client sites, accept client signatures, record materials used, close work orders and even view the report that will be emailed to the client. By integrating all these different business functions, the app also utilizes CRM to drive marketing efforts by automating emails and keeping information up to date.

Android, iPhone, blackberry, or windows?

Mobile app redefines field serviceIs this a free app or how much is it?

Currently the app is only available for the iPad and iPhone and can be downloaded for free at the app store to try the demo. We also offer a free 30 day trial that we work with users to customize exactly for their needs. In addition to general information on our website ( we do have a blog ( that explains new features, demonstrates how to’sand tutorials, and gives other general information from our team. You can also find discussions in our forums on the website for any additional questions or feature requests. We are planning on a Windows Mobile version in a near future release and are continuously performing R&D on other platforms.

Why did you start this company?

Tenpointsix is a joint venture between two companies who were frustrated with a lack of comprehensive field service solutionsfor industries that require conditional testing or verification;industries such as calibration, metrology, engineering and validation. A solution was needed that combines sales, service and conditional procedural data with upmost mobility and auditability. Tenpointsix allows the user to design a procedure that is a simple check list or a robust test procedure that evaluates pass / fail criteria while on the go. Therefore, our product is a direct fit for regulated industries that need to meet ridged standards such as ISO, TS, FDA, FAA, SQF, HAACP, etc.,.

Where do you plan to be in 2-5 years?

Although we are recently new, our experience and relevant knowledge spans many years and our initial response from the product has been very positive. Our plans for the next 2-5 years include expansions into several new industries, rapid growth, and many new product updates and features.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

Tenpointsix is a great fit for any business. This solution is for companies who need much more control of their data, for companies who need more than just a dressed up address book and for companies that need more than just a check list.

Tenpointsix is designed for companies that want to put data to use for informed decision making,for companies that want their field operations to become profit centers instead of cost centers,for companies that need traceability and auditability to a known standard.

Tenpointsix allows the field representative to make decisions in the field, collect the data for the back office to better understand the business processes of the field services, enable services to drive marketing and sales opportunities and enable business decisions based upon objective data. Thus having a 360° view of the client.

How could you effectively use these tools?

Mobile app redefines field serviceTenpointsix was originally designed to be a SaaS (Software as a Service) model so that companies may save capital by leveraging our hosted environment and eliminate considerable costs. Tenpointsix does also offer an on premise version for companies that already have the infrastructure in place. This allows our model to be extremely flexible and suitable for many; ranging from a one person organization to large enterprise corporations. The decision of SaaS or on premise, coupled with number of users, drives the pricing levels. Tenpointsix strategically released the product on the Apple iOS, which allowed us to take advantage of millions of users who would not need to purchase additional hardware nor the app. This is a great approach for cost conscious users to ensure a quick startup rather quickly with minimal investment.

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