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ActionCOACH uses its Systems to Help Communities Grow

ActionCOACH uses its Systems to Help Communities Grow

Jodie Shaw

From its inception, ActionCOACH has been proactive when it comes to working with those that need help. The Founder and Chairman of ActionCOACH, Brad Sugars, believes in helping others as much as possible and in that vein he always finds a way to give to those less fortunate. That spirit and selflessness is a major part of the company he started.

When you think about it, the very nature of what ActionCOACH does is based on making a difference at a local level.

Most small and medium sized businesses fail within the first few years of opening, making life harder for the owners and everyone involved, while also negatively affecting the community in general. By helping small and medium sized businesses become profitable, ActionCOACH Business Coaches help strengthen their local communities in the most basic way possible, by building economic viability in the community.

Thanks to ActionCOACH Business Coaches, more people run profitable businesses, more businesses are able to hire and keep employees, and economic hardships are decreased in given communities.

But beyond the work that ActionCOACH does, the company has also gone out of its way to give back.

Abundance is one of the 14 Points of Culture that ActionCOACH prides itself on and this abundance manifests itself through the balance that members of the ActionCOACH team strike in both their lives and businesses, as well as what ActionCOACH teaches its clients. Not only does the company give, but it also, recently began its Coaching for a Cause program, designed to teach not-for-profit organizations how to grow their contributions in ways they never dreamed of.

At its core, Coaching for a Cause is a far-reaching, global pro-bono coaching program that helps non-profits and charities from all walks of life increase their top-level goals and better manage their funds through a simple pledge system.

The program is designed to bring the proven and systemized business building methodology ActionCOACH uses to help for-profit business owners to non-profit entities.

Last year, the first for Coaching for a Cause, was incredibly successful as ActionCOACH helped raise almost $3 million world- wide.

By spearheading the Coaching for a Cause Campaign, ActionCOACH has helped not for profit organizations generate millions of dollars in contributions, while also teaching them to run profitably, touching thousands of lives in the process.

Some of the charities that have been helped through Coaching for a Cause include Keaton Raphael Memorial, St. Clare’s Hospice, Educate Tomorrow and The Phoenix (Scotland) Trust, and many more.

Chief Operating Officer and Founder of Educate Tomorrow, Erica French, said about the program, “Thanks to ActionCOACH and Coaching for a Cause we have a new approach toward team building and fundraising. The skills we learned have helped us, a newly restructured non-profit organization, work better thanks to improved communication between the team and a focus on realistic, attainable goals.”

While Coaching for a Cause has been a powerful program that has made a difference, it’s not the only way ActionCOACH is giving back.

ActionCOACH has also launched a program to provide business opportunity to 100 honorably discharged veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, called Free Franchise for the Forces. Through this program, ActionCOACH will give away $7.6 million in free franchises to 100 eligible veterans in select U.S. states.

The candidates that are selected will become part of a network of more than 1,000 Business Coaches around the world and will be able to take advantage of an outstanding business opportunity with the leading company in the business coaching category.

These selected candidates will also have access to the world class training and systems of ActionCOACH, as well as the opportunity to operate a low volume, high margin business with a minimum overheads and the ability to make their own hours.

Due to the qualities of leadership, integrity, and discipline inherent in veterans, this large-scale initiative is a sound, strategic move for ActionCOACH. The company truly believes this $7.6 million is an incredible investment. Not only will ActionCOACH bring in top quality franchisees who have the discipline and work ethic to be successful, but many veterans will save thousands of dollars while being able to build a strong business for themselves and helping their community grow.

Every single applicant has to go through a rigorous franchise recruitment process, which helps both parties determine the suitability of ActionCOACH for the candidate, but if history is any indication, Free Franchise for the Forces will pay great dividends.

ActionCOACH has always taken the lead from Founder and Chairman Brad Sugars, and his dedication to those less fortunate plays a major role in the way the company conducts itself. As you can see with programs like Coaching for a Cause and Free Franchise for the Forces, ActionCOACH works tirelessly to help others and build communities that everyone can be proud to be a part of.

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