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Skyrocket Your Business Success Through Personality Profiling!

Skyrocket Your Business Success Through Personality Profiling!

Angel Tucker

Author Bio: Angel Tucker is an Expert Personality Profiler, Certified Human Behavior Consultant, and Best Selling Author. She has been speaking professionally on the subject of different personality types for over 20 years. The information she shares at her speaking engagements has empowered many companies to sky rocket their success by applying her easy to use techniques. Her expertise regularly catches the attention of the media and she has been featured on numerous television and radio stations across North America. Additionally, she is regularly featured on many websites to include and She is also the creator of the Award Winning children’s book series titled “Four Pals” that teaches children how to identify different personality types. Angel is married to a Lt. Colonel in the USAF and they have four children.

Book Synopsis: This book is designed to help people improve every situation in their life that involves people. It’s not a business book or parenting book or a book for relationships. It’s an all-in-one book! The reader can expect to reap tremendous insights into people that are different from themselves and gain a new perspective on every person they deal with. It will show them how each personality type communicates, what their preferences are, and how they handle everyday occurrences. The book is designed to be a toolbox of “how to” when it comes to creating win/win situations in every relationship encountered.

Why I wrote the book: I wanted to show people an easy way to understand our personality types and how they play such a big role in every area of our lives. If we can understand how and why people are different, we can gain the ability to give people what they need in order to get what we need! This book serves as an easy to use tool in gaining what we desire when it comes to dealing with people!

Why Readers should buy my book: Reading this book is like having a crystal ball with every person you deal with. You can know things about them they don’t tell you. You can quickly determine their personality type and use the knowledge to say things just the right way to create tremendous win/win situations! Beyond powerful!

Wouldn’t it be great to know things about a person BEFORE they could tell you?

What if you could know whether someone is more business oriented or people oriented just by observing them for a few seconds! The truth is you can! It’s called personality profiling and I’ve done it for over 20 years! In fact, I speak on the subject to corporations all over North America. What’s the result for the companies? How about a less than 1% turnover rate in their employees for starters? I’d say that in itself is worth a few hours of training! Other benefits include knowing how to hire the right personality for each position in your office, then how to keep each of them motivated! Personality profiling definitely has a myriad of benefits when it comes to the corporate world! Instead of running your office reactively, you can begin to run the office pro-actively. I even offer a free e-newsletter that I send out every few weeks which includes tips and tricks that people can use. It’s easy to receive the newsletter by going to my website at and clicking on the “Personality Pointer” tab.

So what if you are the employee instead of the employer? How can understanding different personality types help you? If you can identify your bosses’ personality type (which you can do in less than 60 seconds if you read my book) then you will know exactly what the boss expects from people he promotes. Does he want quality or quantity? Is he looking for the go getter or the team player? It’s easy to tell if you know what to look for! People are constantly giving you signs that let you know their personality type. You just have to know what those signs are! Stop Squatting With Your Spurs On can be read in less than 3 hours and will give you the power to create win/win situations in every area of your life. That’s right – it’s not just for the office! I’ve had people that took a corporate training then shared with me how the information saved their marriage or improved their relationship with their child. Cool huh? There are even some great books that I recommend for parents. The first one is titled Personality Insights for Moms and another great one is Different Children, Different Needs. They can both be found on my website by going to and clicking on the “order materials” tab. What a great gift for a parent to be. For businesses that conduct weekly or monthly meetings with their team, you should definitely check out the “Tip In the Right Direction” books on my site. They each contain 52 one-minute ideas that you can share with your team to keep them living pro-actively instead of reactively.

The system that I teach in my Best Selling book is the DISC personality assessment system. This system breaks personalities down into four different types. The letter “D” represents the Dominant personality, the letter “I” represents the Inspiring personality, the letter “S” represents the Supportive personality and the “C” is for the Cautious personality. As pointed out in the book, it is important to remember that you are not just one personality type. You are actually a blend of all four. The key is to know how to identify someone’s dominant type so you can best predict what they will need from you to create those win/win situations. That’s kind of a boring way of saying “If you know what they want, it will help you get what you want!” Here is a little more on each personality type:

“D” Dominant – Outgoing and task oriented. Believe you should lead, follow or get out of the way!

“I” Inspiring – Outgoing and people oriented. To them, all of life is a good time!

“S” Supportive – Reserved and people oriented. Their motto is “Can’t we all just get along?”

“C” Cautious – Reserved and task oriented. They believe that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

Skyrocket Your Business Success Through Personality Profiling! So were you able to identify your dominant personality type? Did you have trouble choosing between two of them? That is not unusual since 80% of the population is dominant in two of the four types. What you will find, once you begin to understand personality types is that everything you do is related to your personality. You deal a deck of cards, wash your hair, and drive your car all based on your personality type. You also have certain strengths and challenges that go along with your type as well. For example, those “D” types are great at getting stuff done, but they rarely enjoy life because they are too busy trying to get to the next thing. If they are at point A all they can focus on is point B. When they get there, they still aren’t happy because now it’s on to point C. For the “I” types, they are great at working a crowd but when it comes to getting stuff done they will become bored very easily. They tend to have many unfinished projects going on at one time. The supportive “S” types are wonderful team players, but have a horrible time making every day decisions. Those “C” types are great with details, but tend to expect perfection from others and have trouble multi-tasking.

If you want to know more on a weekly basis, I definitely recommend that you take advantage of my blog which can be accessed through my website. I am regularly posting stories on different personality types and how to best deal with each of them. My website is You can also hook up with me via twitter. You’ll find me @PersonalityDr. Additionally – check out my youtube to see some great videos from my many television appearances! There is a link from my website to this site as well! Bottom line is, if you want to know more – I’m very findable and there are some incredible insights in both my Best Selling book and all the social media sites as well!

Many people that own corporations often ask me how to get me to speak at their conferences. I am happy to consider all speaking engagements and can be contacted on my website or via email at [email protected]. My sessions last anywhere from 2-6 hours and can be catered towards any corporation or group. A minimum amount of attendees is required and if you have a large enough group (over 1,000) it is possible I can speak for free! Please let me know if you are interested in having the valuable insights into our personality types shared with your group!

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