GeoOP powers mobile workforces to make them more productive and profitable

What is the name of your business and URL?

GeoOP powers mobile workforces to make them more productive and profitableOur business is called GeoOP and our URL is

What is your business about?

GeoOP is a job dispatch, GPS Tracking and Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) system. It was set up to dispatch jobs to staff as quickly and simply as possible, using tools they already use, like mobile phones and computers. We created online and mobile applications for business administrators to understand what is going on with their jobs and staff at any moment. Jobs can be dispatched to mobile staff in an instant and so too can updates from staff to the system. Businesses can now answer the questions: What jobs do we have on now? Where are they? Where are our staff? Who is busy and who is free? Basically, businesses can manage their businesses in real time. GeoOP really means advanced business intelligence.

Why did you start this company?

We started GeoOP because we could see that technologies such as the iPhone, geo-location based apps and cloud computing had virtually unlimited potential to benefit business. We asked ourselves, “What would happen if we put all three technologies together?” From that we came up with Geo Operations or GeoOP for short.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

We were started on the sniff of an oily rag (shoestring budget). Now that we have paying customers in 6 countries across 12 industries we are preparing to raise some investment funds.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

There are 40 million mobile workers in the US alone and right now only 1% of that market uses a MWM system. The ones that do so use products such as Xora or Telnav. There’s nothing wrong with these products but we are all about opening the technology up to the little guy – small and medium enterprises. Our system can be self-setup and rolled out in less than 5-minutes and it doesn’t cost anything to try as all accounts come with 20 free Job credits. On the mobile side of things we actually lead the old established players because we are currently the only MWM system in the world to have native iPhone and Android apps as well as mobile browser support for other smartphones. We even have a feature called Job2txt so you can dispatch jobs to old school phones via SMS.

GeoOP powers mobile workforces to make them more productive and profitableWhy would a small to medium sized business, use your product?

Managing a team of mobile workers, whether it be IT technicians, plumbers or even Truck drivers, can be a real nightmare. Post it notes, invoice books, job sheets, lots of phone calls and whiteboards may get some jobs done, but it sure isn’t the best way to get the most out of what you’ve got. GeoOP lets SMEs spend more time on billable activities and less time on logistics, paperwork and data entry. Not only that but one of the most common benefits that our customers report to us is the near elimination of “doh” moments. GeoOP customers are far happier as GeoOP puts all job information in the one place. Now calling a busy technician to quiz them on a job they did last week becomes a thing of the past.

Businesses of all sizes use GeoOP to better understand what is going on with their mobile team right now. They can see what jobs they have in the system, who’s with a customer, see staff in-between jobs, staff locations, work that’s coming up and work that is ready to be invoiced. GeoOP provides any company with a mobile workforce an overview and all the answers they’ll need to do better business. This saves them time and money.

How could you effectively use these tools?

We have a number of case studies on our website (such as that show how GeoOP can be used in a variety of industries. As of June 2011, we have customers in the UK, USA, Australia, Middle East, South Africa and New Zealand in these industries:

  1. IT
  2. Maintenance – Photocopier, Coffee machines, pool cleaning etc
  3. Landscaping
  4. Freight and Couriers
  5. Legal
  6. Medical
  7. Sign Writing
  8. Plumbing
  9. Electrical
  10. Waste Removal
  11. Volunteer Aid
  12. Audio Visual

The case study that best demonstrates GeoOP’s power and flexibility is Student Volunteer Army (SVA) in Christchurch, New Zealand. Following their devastating Earth Quake in February 2011, The SVA organized a group of over 10,000 volunteers and then co-coordinated an organized response to thousands of requests for help from the general public. Within hours of the quake, the SVA had their GeoOP account up and running. We then chipped in some development time and built them a public web form for affected citizens to request help from the SVA.

Christchurch has had thousands of significant aftershocks since February causing massive amounts of liquefaction, so the SVA request form has been tailored to suit this. You can see it here (

GeoOP powers mobile workforces to make them more productive and profitableWhat is amazing about this case study is the scale and the speed of deployment.10,000+ volunteers all with different mobile phones, thousands of help requests, and only a group of 10 people to manage it all. Without GeoOP, co-coordinating the army would have been nearly impossible.

A short bio of our company:

The concept for GeoOP was born in July, 2009 in Auckland and then went live to the world in January 2010. Being a boot strapped start up from NZ meant we never had the luxury of serious funding as getting VC funding in NZ is a lot of work for relatively small amounts of money. We instead chose to fund the project ourselves until we could remove most of the risk for any third party. As many people can attest, boot strapping teaches you excellent discipline and helps keep you on track but it also pushes out timeframes as your resources are always pushed to their limits. Since coming out of Beta in March, we’re adding more customers per month than we did for the whole of 2010. At the end of 2010, we also opened an Office in Melbourne, Australia and we hope to open a USA office in the next 12 months.

Do you offer free online or offline tools?

We offer a free trial for new customers. Simply go to to sign up.

Are there different pricing levels?

Yes. We operate a prepaid job order system and offer discounts based on volume purchasing. A job order is created in GeoOP and then dispatched to a mobile worker. Every time a job is created the system deducts a job credit from the company’s prepaid balance. A job can be updated an unlimited number of times without any charge.

Our pricing in USD is:

100 Jobs: $30 (.30c per job) 0% discount.

500 jobs: $125 (.25c per job) 17% discount.

2,500 jobs: $500 (0.20c per job) 33% discount.

12,500 jobs: $1,875 (0.15c per job) 50% discount.

So the more our customers spend the greater their discount. It’s our way of rewarding loyalty.

Do you have a blog that keeps users updated?

Yes, please visit

What other social media do you use?

Facebook =

Twitter =!/geoop

Do you have videos online where people can learn about GeoOP?

Yes, our own website has videos at and we store all our videos at Vimeo, here:

GeoOP Job dispatch and mobile workforce management intro video from nicholas Bartlett on Vimeo.

How long have you been in business?

Two years. We went live in January 2010 and then came out of Beta in March 2011.

How do you see your company in the next 2-5 years (more products or services?)

We are committed to being a best-of-breed solution so we are focused solely on core features to do with job dispatch, staff management and geo location. Anything outside of this we will build the best integrations we can with other best of breed web apps like we have with Xero and Freshbooks. So in 2-years time we will be the world’s best online MWM system and within seconds you’ll be able to plug it into all the web apps you’re already using. In 5-years time we hope that the MWM space will have grown exponentially thanks to products like GeoOP making what has been a costly investment, something very affordable and easy to roll out. By this stage we want to be the “Salesforce” of the MWM market.

Are you looking to hire more people or contractors? If so, what positions and skills are you looking for?

Yes we are looking to hire more people. In particular we are looking for an Android developer and another two php developers.

What other web based products would you recommend to entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers?

There are plenty. We’re fans of:

Xero (

MailChimp (

Capsule CRM (

Google Apps

Freshbooks (

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