CaféCommerce Makes It Easy To Build Your Online Store

CaféCommerce Makes It Easy To Build Your Online StoreCaféCommerce allows any small business owner to quickly create an online storefront through an elegant and easy-to-use web interface. As a fully hosted online ecommerce store with shopping cart, CaféCommerce offers many features that business owners are looking for when selling their products online.

CafeCommerce was created by WebAssist, a San Diego based software company. In the past 11 years, WebAssist has been creating Dreamweaver extensions that enable developers to build ecommerce websites. After being in the industry for over a decade helping developers get ecommerce sites off the ground, WebAssist saw an opportunity to introduce a product like CafeCommerce to the mainstream market. A unique solution that would give the small business owner control over creating and managing their online store.

When developing the idea of CafeCommerce, WebAssist had the vision of making ecommerce easy and accessible to small business owners everywhere. Making the small business owner successful is the impetus behind this unique ecommerce solution and to do that, WebAssist knew that providing all of the features from a high-priced solution with an affordable low monthly rate was just how to do that. Using this ecommerce solution allows business owners with small budgets and no programming skills to quickly and easily get their online store up and running. This also includes business owners who sell to customers in the UK, Australia, Canada and most of Europe. The beauty of CafeCommerce is that anyone can use it to build their online store without having any programming knowledge.

CafeCommerce takes the guesswork out of ecommerce so that anyone who has a product to sell online, can. With a plethora of features, a user-friendly interface, and one very affordable monthly rate – setting up a store with CafeCommerce is so easy and fast. With video tutorials, live chat support and emailing, CafeCommerce is continually supporting store-owners with their online endeavors.

With many features already built in and new features being added on a regular basis, CafeCommerce is continually improving to better serve their customers. Being able to sell an unlimited amount of products, uploading a store to Google Shopping, social media buttons, “related-products” capabilities and customizable themes are just some of the popular ecommerce features that are all inclusive.

CaféCommerce truly bridges the gap between ecommerce solutions that provide a lot of features with a very high price point and an ecommerce solution that provides basic features for a low price. Providing a feature rich solution for one low monthly price, with no set up fees and no usage limitations, is the main differentiator between CafeCommerce and the competition. This all in one store provides every feature important to a small business owner while keeping their costs down and predictable.

Some features of CafeCommerce include: easy product management, built in order tracking, simple content management, revenue monitoring, built in SEO, integration with Google Analytics, the ability to create discounts and promos, customer management, easy to customize themes, among other things. Features like these make it easier than ever to create a sleek and professional online store front. Not only that; it is extremely easy to track and monitor progress – an absolute essential part of becoming a successful online business.

Another important aspect to the success of selling online is making sure their store is a clear reflection of their business. CafeCommerce gives customers all the tools needed to create a great looking store that reflects their brand. Over 24 pre-designed, customizable themes are available to choose from. Once a theme has been chosen, the color scheme, images, logo and font can all be changed to create a custom look and feel. For the design savvy, the themes can be even further customized with the option to apply custom CSS to the design of the site.

CaféCommerce is a fully hosted solution backed by DreamHost – a leader in the hosting industry. Utilizing this reputable hosting company guarantees:

  • 100% uptime – ensuring CafeCommerce sites are online and accessible at all times
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • 24/7 live support
  • First rate security
  • Automatic backups
  • Free updates

The best part is this service is not an additional charge – world-class hosting is included in the standard monthly pricing for CafeCommerce.

A 14-day free trial is given to every new user with no credit card required, so anyone can try the product with no obligation. With a single price point of only $30 per month and no set up fees, CafeCommerce is truly a solution for every small business owner looking to sell online.

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