Shoeboxed: An Organizer for Your Paper Clutter

Shoeboxed: An Organizer for Your Paper ClutterAsk any business owner what the worst part of managing a business is, and you’ll probably get something close to:


All types of paperwork: receipts for taxes, receipts for the IRS, bills, invoices, statements, accounting records, expense reports, contracts, you name it. While paperwork flows in from every direction, most businesses do not have a good process in place to keep everything organized and stored for the IRS, insurance claims, expense reports or contact management needs. As the slow march toward a paperless world continues, documents these days need to be digitized and easily accessible.

Years of managing businesses and dealing with paper clutter inspired Taylor Mingos to found in 2007. Even since high school, Taylor has been running his own businesses, and with each subsequent enterprise, he found that the absolute worst part of managing a business was dealing with paperwork. Launched in 2007, Shoeboxed provides a simple and affordable paper clutter solution for all small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, bookkeepers and business travelers. Shoeboxed transforms receipts, business cards and other paper documents into searchable, organized and useful data online. Users can submit documents for processing by mail, mobile phone apps and email. Shoeboxed scans the documents and extracts the important data from the pages. Key fields like vendor, date and amount are then human-verified for extra accuracy. The extracted information and document scans are then organized in a user’s secure online account accessible at

Taking the value of the Shoeboxed one step further, after documents and data are organized in a Shoeboxed account, a user is just one click away from exporting their receipts, business cards and documents in a wide variety of useful formats. Receipts can be sent to QuickBooks, Excel and PDF expense reports. Business cards are easily sent to Outlook, Google Contacts, Salesforce and Constant Contact. Shoeboxed also offers API integrations with other great online small business tools, like Outright, FreshBooks, Evernote, Batchbook and dozens more. So Shoeboxed not only scans and organizes paper documents, but also activates the data on the pages so that it can be put to good use in accounting, expense reporting or contact management. Since Shoeboxed is an IRS-accepted electronic storage system, receipts are always tax and audit-ready, and the hard copies can be discarded after processing.

To make life even easier, Shoeboxed actually mails pre-paid business reply envelopes to its users to stuff full of documents then drop back in the mail. Keep an envelope on your desk and regularly empty your pockets and wallet full of paper scraps into it and voila! Drop the envelope in the mail any time and days later everything is scanned and organized online. Shoeboxed offer completely free trials of their service at There are three different pricing levels to suit the number of documents to be scanned per month, including a business package specifically designed with small businesses in mind.

In the grand scheme of things, going paperless saves businesses time, money and manpower – not to mention the actual paper involved. Small businesses spend between $30 and $40 a month per employee on paper and various office supplies involved in using paper. If you have five employees, that means you could be spending as much as $2,400 a year on things like paper, ink, toner cartridges, notepads, envelopes, folders, binders, paper clips, staples, etc. Think about that expensive scanner you’d have to purchase. Think about the help you have to hire, which would run you around $15 per hour to file a paper document, $120 to find a misfiled document, and $220 to reproduce a document. PricewaterhouseCoopers has even found that 7.5% of all paper documents get lost! Personally, I blame those pesky “house elves” that always seem to hide our important receipts we have lying around…as well as our car keys, sunglasses, wallets, etc. You get the idea.

But going paperless is only a small part of the story for modern companies. Companies are looking to cut costs, improve operations and strengthen security to prevent fraud, identity theft and meet regulatory compliance mandates. In today’s global economy, businesses must respond right away to customers, merchants, shareholders, and trading partners in order to thrive and maintain a competitive edge. Digital documents and records increase the speed at which business is done and give business owners the flexibility and mobility that they need to compete. Shoeboxed is the front runner and pioneer helping businesses gain that extra edge by getting all of their paper clutter organized and digitized and then activating the data locked on all of those pages.

Shoeboxed has other resources available in addition to their website at, including Youtube tutorials


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