How Elephant Memories Help Us Remember

How Elephant Memories Help Us RememberCreated less than a year ago, Life Elephant ( is an online service providing digital organization and storage. Its name originates from the adage that “an elephant never forgets.” Most humans, however, do forget and need help remembering and retrieving information. After all, life presents many transitions and stressors such as travel, illness, natural disasters, and death. helps individuals and families become better prepared for life’s challenges by remembering and securing key life information that a member stores in his or her account.

Joining the Herd: Our Service

A user becomes a member of the Life Elephant herd by opening an account with an annual subscription. The member gains access to a secure, personal database containing fields in which he is prompted to enter information related to health, finances, contacts, passwords, and more. He can also upload documents previously stored on a computer or flash drive. All this information is available to the member 24/7, wherever there is internet access. There is also the option of adding authorized users to the account, so that trusted individuals can access the information as well.

The Birth of a Calf: In the Beginning

How Elephant Memories Help Us Remember

Sean, Jennifer, Chris, Holly

The concept for Life Elephant began with its co-Founder, Jennifer Luitjens, who has been an estate planning attorney for 15 years and is a Certified Elder Law Attorney (by the National Elder Law Foundation [see], accredited by the American Bar Association. Over the years, Jennifer met with countless families who faced the challenges of organizing their own estates or trying to make sense of an ill or deceased family member’s estate. Where was the most recent medical directive? What about the life insurance policy? Didn’t they own stock at XYZ Company? In today’s ever-increasing paperless society, families can’t even dig through paperwork to find these answers (and who really wants to dig in those boxes of paperwork in the basement?). Where do they do their banking? What’s the password to this account? And it’s not just about stressful or tragic family events. There are vacations, relocations, and basic information overload – all reasons why digital solutions are necessary in today’s world.

With the idea in mind, Jennifer assembled a team – her husband, Sean Luitjens, to assist with business development, a local web developer and programmer, Chris Kesler, to build the web platform, and her friend and business colleague, Holly Keough, to help with marketing. Because of the closeness of the team, the site’s development was made possible on a shoestring budget, without venture capital or business loans.

Pachyderm Promotions: Benefit to Businesses

Although is a consumer-based web service, it offers a unique benefit to businesses as an inexpensive, value-add to its clients and/or employees. Businesses can offer the gift of elephants (known in layman’s terms as digital organization and storage), which usually is accompanied by peace of mind. For example, a financial service company may extend membership subscriptions to its clients as a natural compliment to its core service, inspiring an increased sense of loyalty. Employers might include memberships as an employee benefit, creating an innovative and green image and increasing productivity with more organized, less-stressed employees. Other businesses might simply regard elephants as a fun and “outside the box” way to thank customers.

In addition, small business owners need digital organization for themselves and their companies. Furthermore, anyone who travels can appreciate the need for a digital back-up to store a copy of a Passport, bank account numbers, passwords, emergency numbers, eyewear prescriptions, etc.

Pachyderm Pricing

Individual memberships are currently $59 for the first year, with a $35 annual renewal. Group purchasing offers discounts of 50% or more, depending upon the number of accounts purchased.

Our Watering Hole: Differentiation from Similar Products

Online storage isn’t a new concept, and there are certainly other options available – some even for free. goes beyond document storage, providing tables and fields for members to input information that is important to them. Because the site was developed from the mindset of an estate planner, our model focuses on planning for life’s uncertainties through organization, awareness, and education. The organization is the product itself – the data fields that are provided in categories of health, money, contacts, safekeeping, documents, and dates. The company promotes awareness and information-sharing by offering members the opportunity to designate authorized users of varying levels on their account. They assign the authorized user a login and password and receive email notifications when the authorized user accesses the account. The intention is to keep information secure, yet accessible to members and authorized users when it is needed most. Education is not reserved for members alone, as the site features monthly blog “Info Inspirations” on its home page. To date, articles have been focused on estate planning, but future contributions are expected in the fields of financial planning, insurance, technology, and more.

Our Migration: The Next 2-5 Years

As a fairly new online company, Life Elephant expects to grow its herd significantly over the next few years. With any new concept, education is key. Education not only about what the site does, but how it works. Public launch is only 6 months old, and promotion on a tight budget is a challenge. But businesses embrace the product, and word is spreading. The core product will remain, but new data fields and features will be added. Members have already provided constructive feedback on how they use the site and how it can be enhanced when we make our next product release.

Other Information

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  1. Doris Parry says:

    Great tool that I wish had begun a long time ago, so that all my important documents and papers were stored in The Life Elephant ! It is so easy to go to my documents from anywhere there is a computer available but yet it totally secure.

    Thanks Life Elephant


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