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Startups manage their hiring on

What is Recruiterbox?

RStartups manage their hiring on Recruiterbox.comecruiterbox is an online application that helps startups and small companies manage their hiring process. Once a company creates an opening on Recruiterbox – it can publish it to its careers page and on social media, and when people apply to this opening, all applications are captured on the company’s Recruiterbox account. This eliminates the pain of opening resume attachments in email and manually sorting them, which is something that is not manageable for a small company without dedicated hiring personnel.

Behind the Scenes

Startups manage their hiring on


The idea was born when Raghuveer Kancherla and Girish Redekar were working at GE and HSBC respectively. They were both engineers always thinking of tools to simplify processes. When they got pulled into helping with the hiring for their respective teams, they realized that it was messy. There was no easy way for the interviewing managers to collaborate other than to keep having meetings. There was no central place where all candidate resumes were available, by openings, with notes from team members. More importantly, no one liked using the enterprise HR software because it was too complex and time consuming.

Realizing this was a sizable market gap, Raghu and Girish quit their jobs and

Startups manage their hiring on


started Recruiterbox to give small teams a tool focused on productive and collaborative hiring, and less focused on processes. They were later joined by Raj Sheth (me), and the three of us bootstrapped our way to the first several paying customers. Well, we are still bootstrapping!



What is unique about Recruiterbox?

Now more than ever before, small teams are looking to organize all their openings and applications in a seamless workflow. They want their openings created and published everywhere simultaneously, including their careers page. They want applications to be tracked by openings and don’t want to lose a resume in a pile of email.

Many small teams register on Recruiterbox in 30 seconds and create openings. The app requires no training and walks you through the process of:

  1. Creating openings and adding users from your team to manage them.
  2. Publishing these openings to social media and your careers page.
  3. Receiving applications straight to the app, organized by openings.

There are few other cool features that allow you to upload all previous resumes received by your company and collaborate on all this information with your team.

Recruiterbox has a free plan for two openings and only charges you if you are actively hiring for more than 2 openings. For 5 openings, it is $50 per month. Hence, the app is startup-friendly: simple and affordable.

So its difference is highlighted by:

– A simple interface and less features

– Allows you to get the job done and doesn’t introduce more processes that you need to adopt. It’s designed for productivity and not process. Hence, it is not geared towards large HR organizations and recruiters.

The Market

The target market is all companies fewer than 200 employees. We split this market further into two tiers: 0-50 and 50-200. This is based on company behavior – a company ramping from 0 to 50 employees may have an HR person, but this person maybe juggling hiring and other duties. In short, these firms may not be looking for a recruitment management tool. They have to be educated about our presence. On the other hand, there is a much greater chance that companies between 50-200 employees are already looking for such a tool, and have still not found it necessary to start using larger enterprise systems (example: Jobvite and Taleo). There are 500,000 small businesses (under 200 employees) listed on LinkedIn alone.

Use Case

Recruiterbox not only fits into the budgets of these companies, but also allows them to get started on its tool very easily. What does get started mean? This is a crucial advantage that we have over many other productivity tools. Many times when we register and logon to an online tool, let’s say a project management tool or even a hiring tool – it brings you to the dashboard. Then you are left there to click around and figure out how the different pieces on the tool will help you. The problem is – most of us usually switch off and don’t bother learning more about the tool. It’s supposed to make us productive, not make us work more! It’s not easy enough.

When a user signs up for Recruiterbox, it prompts him or her to create an opening. As soon as the opening is created, the app shows you everything you need to do to fulfill that opening – all the stages required. What this does is sets a benchmark or an anchor if you will – on what needs to be done. It makes the user productive and the system useful. It may sound small but our users love this workflow. To understand this visually, please see the short video on

Existing Customers

Groupon (China), Levis Strauss (India), Cloudscaling (US), Blue Mountain Labs (US), (US), (Germany) and many more.

How do we reach our customers and the market

  1. Google Apps Marketplace (
  2. Our Blog:
  3. Twitter: @recruiterbox

Present and Future

Startups manage their hiring on


Currently, the three of us (co-founders) are the only employees of Recruiterbox. We are funded by friends and family. We have 27 paying customers and 300 free users. We wish to grow to 1000 paying customers in the next 12-15 months. For this, we may consider raising some money to accelerate growth through some visible marketing and channel partners.

We wish to become the go-to name for hiring management of startups and small companies, by the time we reach 1000 customers. We want to enable our users to spend less time managing their hiring, and more time actually getting the hiring done. For this, they should be able to spend as less time on our system as possible – and that’s our promise, our vision. The system should assist you in your decisions and get out of your way quickly. To us, that would be success.

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