Sendinc: Secure Email Made Simple

Sendinc: Secure Email Made SimpleBy Daniel Stevens, CEO, Sendinc

In the business world, email is, without a doubt, the preferred medium of communication. It’s fast, easy to use, supports lengthy text, and accepts file attachments. We would have loved to add “secure” to its description, but we can’t because generally speaking, it’s not.

Normally, email is stored and transmitted as plain text. Plus, once you send it out, copies are stored in your PC, your recipient’s PC, your mail server, and your recipient’s mail server. If you send out a message to multiple recipients, then you bet copies will also be stored in each of their mail servers and PCs. That gives prying eyes a lot of opportunities to access your message.

Obviously, if you need to send sensitive information, email encryption is critical.

The problem for small and medium businesses is that email encryption tends to be expensive and difficult to set up. There’s usually something to purchase, download, install, configure, and maintain. Then there are the encryption keys that must be generated, published, and managed. And even after all of that, your recipients commonly won’t be able to read anything you’ve sent them until they obtain the exact same solution you’ve chosen.

That’s why we created Sendinc. Sendinc ( is a simple solution for sending email in an extremely secure way. Simple because, unlike other email security and privacy solutions, Sendinc does not require any installation or configuration. And although it employs military-grade encryption, there are no encryption keys to manage. It’s also Web-based, so you can use it on almost any computer with an Internet connection.

Maintaining email privacy – in some industries, it’s the law

We’re not the only ones who think information sent through email should stay confidential. When applied to certain industries, the government thinks so too.

The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) for the healthcare industry, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act for financial institutions and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for all publicly held companies and some privately held companies, are just some of the laws with provisions that affect email systems.

There are still others. And if we look at some of the regulations motivated by these laws, the required implementations for compliance explicitly include email encryption. For others, it’s implied.

Violations can cost companies up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and even jail time for some individuals, so that should be enough motivation to strive for compliance.

Sendinc: Secure Email Made SimpleWhy Sendinc is the better email encryption solution

When you encrypt an email, only its intended recipients can access the information held inside. So even if unauthorized individuals can get a hold of the email itself, they still won’t be able to make out its contents. Thus, whether you’re sending a classified project proposal, revenue and cost information, or data from your patients’ records, you can be sure the information won’t turn up in the wrong places.

Google “email encryption” and you’ll find hundreds of solutions. What they virtually all have in common is one or more of the following: a steep learning curve, a complex setup, or a jaw-dropping price tag. So even though these solutions may make your email more secure, they’re of little use if their complexity outweighs their utility.

That’s why Sendinc is the better email encryption solution. If you use Sendinc, your email gains the needed security even as it retains all of its excellent traits: fast, easy to use, supports lengthy text, and accepts file attachments.

Simple as sending ordinary email

To send a secure email using Sendinc all you need to enter is your email address (functions like a username), your recipients’ email address, the message subject, the message body, and the attachment, if applicable. Absolutely nothing new there.

After you click “Send Secure Message”, your message will be automatically encrypted and a randomly-generated encryption key will then be emailed to your recipients in the form of a link. Once they receive that link, they simply click on it, log in to Sendinc, and view the message. That’s no more than 3 quick steps.

Remember, neither the sender nor the recipient has to install any plug-ins or additional software. No encryption keys either. All that will be required from them is a browser and a Sendinc account.

That’s going to save you a great deal of time. Time that some of your employees may have regularly spent on the phone and the fax machine sending volumes of sensitive data. Time that can now be used on productive tasks.

How Sendinc preserves the security and privacy of your data

We take pains to make things as easy as possible from your end, but the truth is that there’s a lot happening behind the scenes. To ensure the complete protection and privacy of your email, we’ve undertaken the following security measures:

● Message data, log-in credentials, and other sensitive information are transmitted over 256-bit SSL.

● Message data is stored in encrypted format using military-grade encryption.

● Sendinc operates out of tier-1 SAS 70 Type II audited data centers.

● Data is stored using’s highly durable S3 storage infrastructure, in a repository that is only accessibly by our network.

● Messages are scanned for viruses to help ensure data integrity as they are sent through this service.

● Sendinc has a zero tolerance for spam and provides a secure abuse reporting mechanism.

● Your account will lock itself if an unauthorized user makes several failed log in attempts.

● We collect only the minimum amount of personal information required to effectively deliver our service.

The importance of email encryption cannot be overstated. But if a solution is too difficult to use it won’t get used at all. That’s why Sendinc exists – to make email encryption simple.


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