Turns an iPad (or Mac or PC) into a Point of Sale Turns an iPad (or Mac or PC) into a Point of is the best thing to happen to retail since the decline of the barter system and people asking to pay in sheep. Designed by an award-winning retailer, leverages cloud computing to turn an iPad, Mac or PC into a point of sale starting at just $50 a month. Now smaller retailers can have all the advantages enjoyed by their larger competitors and more. Imagine knowing your sales and inventory numbers in real time just by looking at your home computer or phone,being able to click a button and automatically upload sales and sales tax information to your accounting program, never having to worry about falling behind in technology or having to back up your data and havingunlimited phone support 7 days a week. Simple, speedy, secure and stable, solves retailing’s biggest problem and returns a singular meaning to the acronym POS.

The Founder of, Jason Richelson, knows the problems that plague traditional POS firsthand. As the owner of two busy wine stores and a gourmet store in New York City, he was constantly frustrated with his computerized POS system. Though the system was better than a cash register in terms of being able to track inventory, he wasted a lot of time calling in to find out sales at his stores and didn’t have access to inventory numbers unless he went in to a store or ran a report and got it sent to him. Even so, it wasn’t until two of his servers failed at the same time during a family vacation that he said ‘I’ve had enough’ and began to look for a better way. Having had much success using the cloud for email and to share documents and schedule his staff, the obvious solution was a cloud-based point of sale. But disappointingly, the only cloud-based point of sale available would not work if the internet was down or if the servers in the cloud had outages. Knowing that a point of sale is mission critical to a store and that if your point of sale is down you might as well be closed, Jason used his own money to develop a cloud-based point of sale that works even with no internet or servers. provides two products to help retailers: (1) an iPad POS;and (2) a web-based POS available for Mac and PCs. In deciding which is right for your store, the first question you should ask is “how am I going to ring up transactions?” If you plan to use barcode scanning to ring items and need to track customer purchases and keep credit cards on file, then’s web-based POS, which works on a Mac or PC, will work perfectly.

The simplicity and speed of’s iPad POS, which turns an iPad into a cash register, appeals to coffee shops, bakeries, cafeterias, ice cream shops, quick-sesrve food restaurants, kiosks, concession stands and any similar store with 270 items or less. A simple cash drawer,receipt printer, and iPad or computer is all a business needs to start taking payments. For those stores who also want to accept credit cards, integrated card processing, which means that credit card sales appear in all sales reports and in the accounting system without having to be manually entered, is available.’s web-based POS for PC or Mac perfectly addresses the needs of stores with more inventory tracking needs, such as wine stores, gift shops, pet food stores, toy stores, and more. Sales can be rung by bar code scanning or searching items by keyword and the web-based POS program can track customer information and keep cards on file for deliveries or phone orders.

Both the iPad POS and web-based POS automatically and wirelessly print receipts and pop the cash drawer like a standard register. Both the web-based POS and the iPad POS give you real-time access to sales and inventory information and allow you to make price changes and update items on the fly from any computer anywhere. Both the web-based POS and the iPad POS operate to allow you to ring sales even if the internet is down or if servers in the cloud are down.

Both ShopKeep’s web-based POS and iPad POS provide a retailer with the peace of mind that they are complying with security standards in the payment industry for credit cards including the PCI gold standard. uses a system that allows encrypted card numbers to be sent directly to the card processor so that neither your store nor is ever in possession of credit card numbers. For subsequent purchases to a customer’s card, uses a process called tokenization that allows the system to charge the card without being in possession of the actual card information.

Customers of ShopKeep rave about its ease of use and efficiency. Having tried other point of sale systems, Jonathan Rubinstein of Joe, The Art of Coffee, in New York says “I find ShopKeep to be an invaluable tool to run my multi-store coffee business. We do a large volume of sales in a short period of time and ShopKeep is durable and dependable and fast. The real time reporting lets me stay on top of sales and the back office tool lets me make changes on the fly and monitor the business from anywhere. Because of its small footprint on the counter, the iPad app is particularly good POS software for my coffee kiosks, places that I might have only accepted cash without an inexpensive POS solution like ShopKeep. ShopKeep’s tip function that allows customers to add tips to credit card transactions has resulted in a tripling of my baristas tips so of course they are as happy as I am.” Turns an iPad (or Mac or PC) into a Point of SaleFor more information about visit their website at , follow them on [email protected] or!/ShopKeep or give them a call at (800) 820-9814. They post regular updates to their blog at and provide updates via their email list.


You can see in action on their YouTube channel




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  1. Don says:

    I wouldn’t use this daily, but only for speacil events. Is their a lower rate for this?


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