Ask Find Buy – Changing the way people shop online.

Ask Find Buy - Changing the way people shop onlineCraig Griffiths from Ask Find Buy discusses the benefits Ask Find Buy brings to businesses, why it was started and how he sees it changing the way people will shop online.

When you ask Craig Griffiths what Ask Find Buy is he answers,” In a nutshell Ask Find Buy brings buyers and Sellers together and this excites people. It is what the internet has always promised but never really delivered”.

Craig believes that Ask Find Buy reduces the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for many small businesses. Ask Find Buy also allows businesses that do not have an e-commerce site to still leverage the internet effectively.

Craig says “Some businesses spend thousands on Pay Per Click. The click is only half the battle, they then need to develop a site that can convert these clicks into income. This is possible, but not easy and too difficult for the average small business”.

Like many small online businesses Ask Find Buy started as an idea and was developed with no funding model just a desire to see what was possible. Craig had run a number of online businesses in the past and had faced the same problems small businesses face when trying to compete against large well funded organisations. The large organisation just runs over the top of the small business with huge advertising budgets and discounts the small business can not compete against. Craig developed Ask Find Buy and discussed the concept with small business owners. He was surprised by the enthusiasm he had received and decided to go live with the site.

Ask Find Buy levels the playing field for small business by reducing or solving many of the problems (around marketing) which Craig had faced in previous businesses and still plagues small businesses world wide.

1) There can only be one top ranking in Google. So to get the top ranking you must outspend your opposition. Or you can focus on ranking for less competitive terms (usually generating less interest and less traffic).

2) It is impossible to rank in search for all your products and services so 90% of your business goes unnoticed.

3) Search engines rank information as well as e-commerce sites. So you are competing not only with other businesses, but with information sites when trying to get search engine ranking.

4) That your relevance is judged by the search engines and not people. That a single change to the search engine’s algorithm and your site disappears from the ranking.

5) Why are businesses being forced to pay for a click (browser/visitor to their sites) when they need real customers to survive.

To solve these problems Ask Find Buy was created to bring Customers and Businesses together even if the business doesn’t have a website.

Ask Find Buy has two distinct audiences, buyers and sellers. For the buyers Ask Find Buy is like an online personal shopper. They enter what they are looking for and Ask Find Buy finds them businesses who can provide them with the products or services they desire. These days’ people are time and cash poor, Ask Find Buy helps with both time wasted searching and cash by reaching the right businesses.

For businesses Ask Find Buy generates the ultimate qualified sales lead. Ask Find Buy sends the buyer’s requests to businesses who then get to see the request in full before they make the decision to purchase the customer’s contact details. Businesses get every request that matches their criteria for free. Businesses only pay for the contact details which are only $0.90 per customer. Businesses also have full control over which requests they see by setting keywords and post code information. In a single service Ask Find Buy have leveled the playing field for small business.

Once a business has registered with Ask Find Buy (by going to <> and clicking on register on the right of the screen) they enter post codes to describe what they consider to be their local area. This is important as today more buyers want to support their local economy for various reasons, least of all to cut down on Carbon Pollution (Less transport equals less pollution). Once this is done all a business has to do is enter some keywords and the account is ready to go.

Yet another benefit is the free reporting Ask Find Buy offers registered businesses. Ask Find Buy has two reports (with more planned) which help businesses take the information generated from Ask Find Buy and use it in everyday business. The first report tells registered businesses which Criteria is getting the most matches. This tells the business what words people are using to find their products, a useful bit of knowledge for offline advertising. The second is which post codes customers are coming from. This helps a business target their off-line activities. These plus videos, documents, a blog, a podcast and other resources are all free to businesses registered with Ask Find Buy.

How does a business use Ask Find Buy?

Firstly they must register with Ask Find Buy. A business will need at least one email address. Businesses can have emails regarding the account go to a different email address to the sales leads if they wish.

Secondly the business will need to select post codes that they consider local to their business.

Finally they select Keywords. Keywords are held in groups called Criteria which make them easier to administer.

Craig Griffiths suggests that businesses look at the free reports once they start getting leads. They will see what is working and can make adjustments to post codes and keywords they have selected. Another trick is to enter the abbreviation for the keywords as well as common misspelled words (ie Chevy, Chev, or GM).

Craig also warns against using only correct terms. “Think of the words people use. Not industry terms. Do NOT let your own language bias stand between you and a customer.”

Craig says “Ask Find Buy is in its growth stage and we are building the list of businesses before we focus on becoming the first choice for buyers. We are still getting buyer requests. But if we don’t have businesses to answer these requests our reputation will suffer.” For this reason when a business registers with Ask Find Buy if they use the code “SSV” they will be able to get buyer contact details free of charge for 90 days. The price of the contact details is always mentioned in the sales lead email. Businesses will see that some leads are discounted. This is because they are poor quality matches and Ask Find Buy is encouraging businesses to provide customer service.

Craig has a very clear vision of where he sees Ask Find Buy in the next 5 years, “Ask Find Buy is going to become the first place people will check because they don’t need to be involved in the search. Plus they can be as vague as they want; they don’t need knowledge of a brand or model number. People are getting sick of spending hours on the internet trying to find that “something”. This is why coupons are popular at the moment. Buyers have the coupons sent to them; they don’t have to do a thing”.

Craig explains “Ask Find Buy isn’t limited to one particular type of business. We have marketing consultants, wedding planners, accommodation and comedians all using the service from Sydney to Vancouver. If you can charge a customer for a product or service Ask Find Buy can find that customer for you”. Ask Find Buy is currently available in Australia, America, Canada, New Zealand and the UK with plans to expand into Europe and Asia.

Ask Find Buy - Changing the way people shop online.Craig is passionate about helping small business and uses social media to engage with as many small business owners as possible. “If I was going to give any business advice on free tools. I would say have a look at social media, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. See if your customers are there. It is easy to engage and build brand loyalty. For example my local coffee shop tweets out the origin of the beans they are using for the day. It is a little reminder everyday why I get my coffee there. Everyone can give it a try. Send out your own coupons over Twitter. Just give it some thought. We have grown our business using Social Media as businesses that are tech savvy tend to be early adopters. Our podcast has been a great source of businesses as it allows us to build a brand around helping small business.”

If you want to get in contact with Craig or see what Ask Find Buy is doing you have many options.


Twitter: @Askfindbuy

Blog: (which also has show notes for the podcast)

Podcast:Making Business and Sales Work (available at ITunes, Blackberry and on the blog).


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