Years of Experience Result in the Creation of Aspire Insurance Agency Management System for Agents

Years of Experience Result in the Creation of Aspire Insurance Agency Management System for AgentsWhen Safeer Hassan graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Information Systems Technology, the IT job market was saturated and the going pay rates were well below what he expected. Fortunately, his father owned a thriving insurance business where Safeer worked part-time throughout college as a network administrator and bookkeeper.

Although his degree made him a software programmer, Safeer’s real interests were in entrepreneurship, marketing and the use of automation to make business processes run more efficiently. In a time when employers ruled, however, this young and energetic graduate had only a few options available to him.

Safeer explains, “After graduation, my father waited to see what kind of job offers I received. At the time, the best offer came from a well-known company located in Dallas, Texas, who offered me a position in their recently created Internet Marketing department.” He took the offer to his father to get his feedback. Upon review, his father instead offered him the opportunity to enter his business, a successful company which he had worked so hard to build over several years. “My father actually challenged me to learn the business and take it to the next level, along with a good salary, of course,” Safeer adds with a slight grin.

Safeer accepted the offer and began his journey into insurance. His father first required him to study for and pass the state licensing exam, which he did on his first attempt. Next, he was put through a series of rotations within the company to learn the ins and outs of each position. This process took over eighteen months but through it all, Safeer realized how lucrative the insurance business really is. “I used to dread the business due to the amount of paperwork and legalities involved, but eventually, one starts to see why this is the best residual income business you can get into,” he adds.

As time passed, Safeer worked his way up the ladder to become the general manager of the agency, then a vice president. His father taught him well; Safeer excelled in leadership, client relationships and money management, all the while improving company workflows, setting standards and tracking progress. In 2006, Safeer sold the insurance agency and formed an admitted insurance company in Texas. Through this venture, he met with a large number of insurance agency owners on a regular basis and realized there was a common problem among them: automation or the lack thereof. Technology had come a long way, but it seemed the insurance industry, as big as it is, was left behind.

Utilizing his education and experience within the insurance industry, Safeer began formulating a plan to develop a cutting-edge software application for insurance agents.Most insurance agencies are small businesses and do not have IT or marketing departments. They rely on their sales producers to generate business through relationships. Safeer saw changes coming to the industry, especially with the popularity of the internet, and thought to provide agencies with the tools needed to increase closing ratios and client retention.

His vision was to create an insurance agency management system with a customer relationship management focus in a hosted environment so that support could be limited to the application and not user computers and networks. “The concept was simple; I wanted to create an application built around a contact as opposed to our competitors who built their systems around a transaction. This small change in logic is what has allowed us to build such a powerful product,” he states.

After spending several months creating his initial requirements, it was time to find a development company who had some prior insurance experience. The search process was a grueling one as he interviewed over twenty firms from all parts of the world. Finally, through a mutual contact, he met Hyder Naqvi, a young entrepreneur who owned a software company in Dallas, Texas. Hyder had developed a workers compensation claims management application used by Owner Controlled Insurance Program managers. This complex system was also web-based so Hyder not only understood insurance, but he was also on the cuttingedge of cloud computing. The two were a perfect fit for each other. “Safeer is the ideaman and knows how to lead successful companies, and I brought to the table the technical and project management skills needed to execute this project,” says Hyder.

In fact, Hyder was so enthusiastic about the project that he came on board as a partner. The scope was finalized and development commenced. Several months into the development process, it became clear that it was time to incorporate. “Impowersoft” was then formed in May 2008 and “Aspire” was the name given to this radical new insurance agency management system which, in the coming months, would launch a beta version.

In March 2009, Aspire Beta was released to sixteen forward-thinking insurance agencies comprised of 83 users. These users played a vital role in bringing Aspire to where it is today, by providing valuable feedback in real-life scenarios. The system improvements, over a period of almost a year, were so drastic that Safeer and Hyder decided to roll out a “Pilot Program.” This program allowed Impowersoft to bring on additional agencies that could use the system. Insurance agencies of various sizes, business models and book of business diversities were carefully selected to participate. Pilot Program agents tested for bugs, provided suggestions and attended monthly web meetings with management to further enhance the system.

All the while, word of “Aspire,” a revolutionary insurance agency management system, spread within the independent insurance agency market. Agents lined up to participate in the Pilot Program and over thirty were in queue to be trained and implemented upon commercial release.

The Pilot Program ended in January 2011 and implementations for those in queue began. Hyder explains, “It was a madhouse in the office. We had enough personnel to train and set up one to two agencies per week and all of a sudden, at that rate, we had a six-month waiting period. We had to hire more people to cut this down significantly.” As it stands today, prospective Aspire users must wait eight to ten weeks to come on board. Although this is better than the initial six-month wait, Impowersoft plans to step up to the demand and reduce this to two weeks.

It’s a great story, but in the end, we wanted to know what attracts insurance agents to Aspire which claims to go well beyond basic insurance agency management. A demo revealed the following thoughts and responses:

  • A clean, easy-to-learn user interface
  • Hot buttons for common and frequent actions
  • Multiple workflow options to complete tasks
  • Single-entry fields which carry over to the rest of the application as needed
  • Many features for tracking user activity and preventing E&O claims
  • Unique communication methods with contacts such as automated and ad-hoc text messaging and email
  • A variety of mind-blowing marketing features such as drip marketing, automated newsletters, surveys and social media integrations with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Task management like we’ve never seen, whether you are a one-man-show or a call center
  • Insane loading and response times for a web-based application
  • Access to the office from your smart phone
  • A very neat integration with MS Outlook to synchronize notes, calendar, tasks and emails
  • Easy to upload and search document management system
  • Industry integrations for ACORD forms, carrier downloads, various comparative raters and Google Maps
  • The ability to use previously generated Certificates of Insurance and Evidence of Property ACORD forms as templates
  • Quick contact and policy creation options if you’re in a hurry
  • Detailed premiums and commissions tracking along with QuickBooks integration
  • Beautiful interactive reports with bar graph and pie chart options
  • Handy executive dashboard displaying to each user what is important to him/her
  • Integration of inbound and outbound faxing promoting a paperless environment
  • Instant messaging built in for users with options for one-on-one chat or group chat
  • Our favorite: the Aspire Customer Portal option for agents to allow clients to manage their policies through their agency website

There is a lot more to Aspire than listed above, but these features really stood out in our 90-minute demo. From the look of things, Aspire has many more ground-breaking features coming soon. “We will never stop working to make Aspire better. Our goal is to provide the best insurance agency management software available to agents and this requires us to always work closely with our userbase and to stay abreast of new trends in the insurance and software development industries,” states Safeer Hassan, President and CEO of Impowersoft. Thus, features such as managing underwriter appetites, integrating agency website leads, insurance application marketing management and automatic task creation are just some of the enhancements presently under development set to be released in the coming months.

Aspire, if you look at it as a whole, has no real competition in terms of features and pricing. However, to provide a more apples-to-apples comparison, “Aspire Lite” is under development and is being designed to compete with basic insurance agency management systems supplied by competitors. The current version of Aspire will be renamed “Aspire Pro.” “We are excited about Aspire Lite. The application will be a toned-down version of Aspire and priced well below any other system in the market. It will be a great opportunity for agents to experience the Impowersoft difference and, best of all, when they’re ready to upgrade to Aspire Pro, it will be a quick and seamless process,” says Hyder Naqvi, COO of Impowersoft.

Customer service and support are their top priority. All clients are assigned a primary and secondary account representative with whom a relationship is established early on. These account reps handle everything from training an agency to their first line of support.

Based on our experience with Impowersoft, we know the company has a bright future ahead. They have the right people, on-point attitude and a sincere desire to improve the insurance industry. These ingredients make a recipe for long-term success.

To learn more about Aspire Insurance Agency Management System or Impowersoft, visit

Impowersoft on Twitter:!/impowersoft

Impowersoft on Facebook:

Impowersoft on LinkedIn:

YouTube Video About Aspire:httpv://

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