– The best tool for getting the job.Done– The best tool for getting the job.Doneuknowa good contractor?

Imagine…You’re a busy, young professional who just moved into a new condominium. New appliancesare coming next week and you need your kitchen painted. You take a picture of the four walls with your smartphone and say, “Painter needed for 200 sq.ft. kitchen. Required this week. Paint not supplied.” Five minutes later your phone goes off showing you prices and profiles of eight local painters ready to do the job.

Imagine: You’ve just started your own landscaping business and are driving home from a long day in the sun when your smartphone goes off. You pull over to see pictures and details of a deck needed 2km away. You click “I’m Interested” on your phone. A minute later you get a response: “Interested, can you come by tonight?” along with a map showing the customer’s location and how to get there. You make a U-turn and head straight over.

What is uknowa?

uknowa – as in, “you know a good contractor?” is a mobile marketplace where customers in need of any home service can post a job and have service providers near them bid completely online for their business. Unlike the yellow pages or online directories, uknowa eliminates the need to search and cold-call, and gets you prices upfront from businesses that are interested, available, and qualified to get the job done.

What uknowa means for local, small business

The home renovation industry is a $350 billion dollar market in North America making the skilled trades (plumbers, electricians, carpenters, general contractors, etc.) one of our largest sources of employment. By and large, this industry is dominated by owner-operated, small businesses who, due to the nature of the work, spend most of their time offline, unable to search for new job leads. uknowa provides these businesses with a platform that delivers nearby, qualified leads directly to their smartphone, allowing them to engage potential customers wherever they are with a single click on their mobile.

What services we provide small businesses

1. An amazing-looking profile. Home renovation contractors are responsible for creating the beautiful spaces we live and work in. We give them a profile worthy of the important work they do that allows them to truly show off their photos, reviews, and qualifications.

2. Quality customer leads. One of the biggest problems contractors have is customers who are ‘fishing’. At uknowa we hand-verify each lead that comes in and rate the customer to give contractors the ability to vet leads before engaging with the customer.

3. A level playing field. uknowa’s lead system rewards high-quality work and great customer service, not monthly payments. At uknowa, your business’ qualifications and customer reviews are what matter and the better they are the more work you’ll get.

4. A way to control the conversation. Online reviews are especially important for local businesses but can also be incredibly damaging. We only allow reviews to be posted to a business’ profile after a thorough verification from our staff to ensure accuracy. Contractors, of course, can respond to any reviews posted.

5. ROI-minded pricing. uknowa doesn’t believe in charging for leads – we make money when our users do. It is free to receive and respond to leads on uknowa and we charge a 5% success fee when work is secured.

About the Company

uknowa is self-funded start-up based in Toronto, Ontario. It got its start when its Co-Founder, Carlo Perez, decided to quit his job to travel the world and start his own freelancing businesses. In the process he connected with general contractorsthat were experiencing similar difficulties as he wasin finding work online and the result was uknowa launched publicly in 2011 and currently services the Home Renovation market with plans to expand into other verticals in the coming year.


uknowa competes within the general, online yellow pages market. In that way we can segment our competition into online and offline offerings, as well as by vertical. uknowa’s primary online competition are anonymous classified listings sites such as Craigslist and Kijiji. uknowa seeks to advance these platforms by providing third-party verifications to customers, giving them confidence that who they are hiring is safe and qualified. uknowa also competes with online directories and review sites like Yelp. Here uknowa differentiates by eliminating searching and cold-calling: customers no longer need to hunt for service providers, they simply enter what they need and service providers come to them.

Other Web-Based Products We Love

The nature of the home renovation market is that many businesses still operate using their cheque book. uknowa has met this need by integrating with Freshbooks to be able to provide mailed invoices to our customer base. Freshbooks’ service makes our service look great and we love them for it.

Internally, we stay organized, connected, and efficient with products from 37signals.

Get in Touch

Need a landscaper, plumber, or even brand new kitchen? Give us a try at! It’s the smart way to hire the right contractor.Need a landscaper, plumber, or even brand new kitchen?

Give us a try at! It’s the smart way to hire the right contractor.

Looking for home renovation work? Sign up at’s the best tool for getting the job. Done.

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