Every Business Can Afford To Be Online When It’s Free

Every Business Can Afford To Be Online When It’s Free





By Andy Rosic, Founder, SiteFunl

There are so many ways to advertise your business – yellow pages, local coupons, newspaper, signage, the web, postal mail, email and more – that a business owner can easily lose their mind and their shirt in the process. While every form of advertising or “presence” can potentially be used effectively, there is one that stands out as both cost effective and highly useful for driving real paying customers through your doors. And that’s a business website.

The problem that most business owners face, however, is that websites themselves can become complex, difficult to manage and cost-prohibitive in no time at all. Even the so-called template sites often provide so many choices and options that they too cause us to give up in despair. If a business then decides to seek out a web developer or hosting service, the pricing can quickly sour the whole deal.

That is precisely why I created SiteFunl (site funnel). The Internet now builds your site for you! You type in a couple of key details and your site is instantly created before your eyes. It’s formatted for online and mobile browsers, plus we funnel in reviews and social conversations from across the web to immediately build trust and relevance. Your site is filled with customer responses from Yelp, Citysearch, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and more. And, of course, to keep your budget safe it is free to sign up!

Site Funnel

SiteFunl removes the barriers to getting online. It costs nothing. It takes a few clicks. It’s done right the first time. It only takes one decision – to go sign up. Part of the SiteFunl commitment is to provide ongoing resources for you, the business owner, to further establish your online presence. Getting there in style is just the beginning. The SiteFunl blog will showcase great, practical steps that you can take to rise up in the search rankings, improve and increase your reviews, venture into social networks and so much more. Your SiteFunl website is the launching pad to seeing your sales and business grow.

Any business owner will agree that the best new customers come from referrals. But in many cases, referrals only stretch so far, so fast. But a close second to a live referral is an online review posted by a customer. If someone is willing to take the time to write up a nice story about your business, then complete strangers read that and internalize it as a recommendation…a referral. SiteFunl scours the Internet to pull in all existing reviews for your business (from sites like Citysearch, Google Local, Yelp and others). Don’t have any reviews yet? Now you can ask faithful customers to visit any of these review sites and post a referral knowing that it will instantly appear on your SiteFunl page to build trust. It’s another great reason to interact with current or former customers and generate new leads too!

If you are still not convinced about the need to be online with your business, then take a look at these statistics:

7 important reasons your company needs to be online

1. 78% of Internet users conduct product research online.

2. 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company website or blog.

3. 79% of adult Americans use the Internet.

4. 10.3 billion searches are conducted every month on Google.

5. 1/3 of US consumers spend three or more hours online every day.

6. 24% of adults have posted comments or reviews online about the things they buy.

7. 67% of B2B companies and 41% of B2C companies have acquired a customer through social networks.

Being online is critical for business today, but being online the RIGHT way is even more important. SiteFunl is specifically geared for small and medium businesses, with all of the right components to firmly establish your online existence, ensure you are front and center when people try and find your service or specialty and put your most important information right where users want and need to find it. The design and layout are custom-tailored for user discovery. You don’t have worry about which template or look or color is going to do the job. The bottom line is you need new customers to find you first, feel safe contacting you and get right to the point of initiating business.

Site FunnelMany users are searching Google and other search engines on their computer to find a service (plumber, restaurant, locksmith and so on), and that is an important customer group. But an ever-growing group, in particular a younger demographic, relies more heavily on mobile discovery. They’re using smartphones, like BlackBerry, iPhone and Android, to try and find you. If your site is mobile-formatted, meaning it looks fantastic and is easy to use on a phone, then those customers will choose you over a competitor. With an inexpensive upgrade, SiteFunl auto-formats your site for mobile browsers. Easy!

Chances are high that if you’ve put off building a website, or settled for a mediocre option, then you’ve probably also ignored or put off learning about the social networks like Facebook, Foursquare or Twitter. Your customers, on the other hand, practically live on these networks. Facebook has 600 million users spending hours a day on the site, and the others are growing at breakneck speeds. Even if you don’t yet have a well thought out plan to jump into social networking, SiteFunl can immediately tie in those networks to your site. So when users are talking about your company, or checking in to your location using mobile/location services, those posts appear on your website. You immediately become more relevant and socially connected, which your customers will appreciate.

I don’t advocate ignoring the social network phenomenon, but SiteFunl can kick start the process for you. Then you can follow the SiteFunl blog to learn more about maximizing your business use of sites like Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare and the rest. We’ll also teach you easy steps to rise up in the search rankings – meaning when someone searches for a word or phrase related to your business, then your SiteFunl site will be at or near the top! And you’ll read great guest blog posts from gurus in small business, marketing, advertising, social networking, mobile and more.

With SiteFunl, the Internet finally does the heavy lifting for you and you can focus on running your business. That’s the way it should be. It’s free to sign up and get going immediately. Then, for a very nominal upgrade fee you can activate every advanced feature – all for less than most web services charge just to host a site (before they charge you for the add-ons, make you build it and/or charge you excessively to build it for you). You’ll know exactly what your costs are, you’ll see your site created before your eyes and then you can watch the business traffic grow and grow.

If you are still skeptical, then take a couple of minutes and just try it. In a few clicks you’ll see your new SiteFunl site. Then you can join the other, ecstatic SiteFunl customers who love the simplicity, the features and most of all the real increase in new business. Try it right now.


The SiteFunl service launched at the end of May 2011 at http://sitefu.nl. SiteFunl is an instant business website creation and hosting service, where reviews and social conversations are funneled in automatically. It is free to sign up. Keep tabs on SiteFunl by following them on Twitter (@sitefunl) or Like them on Facebook.

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