Ad Committee: Finally, Affordable Call Tracking For The Rest Of Us

Ad Committee: Finally, Affordable Call Tracking For The Rest Of UsWhat is the name of your business and URL?

Ad Committee

A brief synopsis of the website / application (explain it to a 5 year old)?

Ad Committee allows businesses to count how many calls they receive from each advertising source, listen to a recording of all calls, and see reports about when and where the calls came from.

Why did you start this company?

Ad Committee was created by Brian Delaney in the summer of 2010, after seeing clients most interested in the call tracking and call recording portion of a total web solution he offered for a network of doctors. Realizing that call tracking was something many different types of businesses can use he decided to create a simple and stand-alone application focusing on call tracking and recording.

The problem we saw was that although call tracking solutions were available, only larger corporations were able to afford them. We decided to create a solution for the rest of the small to medium sized businesses that should take advantage of monitoring their advertising, staff, and their marketing message. We knew that the information gathered from tracking a business’s calls is important for the long term sustainability of any business, and wanted to make it affordable for all.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

Ad Committee was started on a shoestring budget, and as we grow, we still focus on keeping our costs low.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

We really have three types of competitors. The big guys that offer features large corporations are looking for, guys like us who offer affordable, do-it-yourself call tracking, and companies that focus on a niche. The niche call tracking providers generally do not build their own call tracking applications, relying on white labeling larger call tracking solutions instead.

What really sets us apart is our intuitive web interface and our simple no gimmicks pricing. We understand that call tracking is a new concept to many small business owners and make it our job to make it as simple as possible. So far our customers have been happy with that. Oh, and of course we are more than willing to answer any questions our customers have and truly want their businesses to thrive. This is why we created Ad Committee!

Ad Committee: Finally, Affordable Call Tracking For The Rest Of UsWhy would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

To be certain that their advertising efforts are returning them with the highest ROI. Ad Committee helps small businesses and entrepreneurs in many ways and the application has different capabilities for different businesses. The primary purpose of our application is to help small businesses identify where their advertising dollars are best spent and really take a look at their marketing message. Of course being able to go back and listen to the calls has its own benefits. Maybe, you are a freelancer and are on the road often, with call recording you are sure never to miss an important detail.

In a nutshell Ad Committee acts like a mini marketing department that will give you valuable insights in your marketing message, advertising ROI, and help you constantly innovate your business.

Are there different pricing levels?

No, we are against pricing structures. Pricing structures in our industry inevitably force you to pay more than you have to until you get to the point where you jump to the next structure. We do not like forcing anything, so you pay for what you need, and no more.

Ad CommitteeDo you have a blog that keeps users updated?

We do have a blog and try to add as much content as we have time to add. The primary purpose of our blog is to help anyone that has thought about using call tracking. Currently we are working on our Analyzing Data series which show our users as well as users of other providers how to utilize call tracking to help their businesses. Come have a look!

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or ?


Twitter: @AdCommittee


Youtube watch video URL for group of a video link from Youtube?


How long have you been in business?

Development started in July of 2010. Ad Committed was incorporated in January 2011.

How do you see your company in the next 2-5 years (more products or services?)

We are really looking forward to 2012 and the years after. We are at the point now where we can build a solid team that is going to drive the success of Ad Committee by adding new services and maybe in a year or two add some more features to help small business owners even more.

How many employees do you currently have working with you and/or freelance contractors?

Currently we have a solid team of five people working on growing Ad Committee.

Are you looking to hire more people or contractors? If so, what positions and skills are you looking for?

We are always looking for the best and the brightest individuals to help us realize our long term goals. Sales is our current focus.

What other web based products would you recommend to entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers?

We use as our accounting software, which has been great. We also recommend they offer very personalized postcards that link back to a video, great for reaching out to your top prospects or thanking your current customers for their business.

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