Qualex’s iQ-Social platform

Qualex's iQ-SocialQualex’s iQ-Social platform allows companies or individuals to build a social destination to create a community easily, effectively and inexpensively. Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups and iQ-Social is a standalone social networking application that gives companies of all sizes the ability to set up a social media presence with ease.

Social networks are online communities of Internet users, with community members who share common interests in hobbies, religion, politics, or a whole host of other things. Once users gain access to a social networking website, they can socialize with the community, keep track of their interests, purchase content and even contact each other. Social media has become one of the most important business trends of the decade and iQ-Social is an out-of-the-box solution that takes the headache out of implementing full-scale web communities.

iQ-Social is a one-stop solution that gives users the ability to create full profiles that contain such information as name, gender, age, address, phone number and martial status, among others. Pictures and videos can be uploaded to share not only on iQ-Social’s network but also on countless other social media sites, including youtube, vimeo, Flickr, and Facebook, among many others. iQ-Social’s rich feature-set includes:

• Full privacy controls
• Blogs, forums, photos and video uploads
• Groups, events and chat features
• Custom design
• Built-in social media integration
• Revenue-generating solutions
• Application add-ons
• Email capability
• Premium customer support
• On-line store add-on capabilities

iQ-Social allows companies to build a whole new level of interaction with their customers. It is the perfect solution for brands, entertainers, musicians, non-profits, politicians, publishers, sports teams, sports fans or just about any other business that wants to create a community of users.

Social media lets companies or individuals build brand awareness. It gives customers a stronger voice, thereby turning members into marketers. Integration with Facebook and youtube can turn any marketing message into a viral hit that can spread over the Internet like wildfire. iQ-Social’s instant feedback capability means companies can create a two-way dialogue with their customers; a dialogue that can increase customer passion, create brand advocates, as well as quickly diffuse customer complaints.

With iQ-Social, adding video is as simple as inputing a URL web address and video from such sites as YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo Video, Viddler, even MySpace videos can be included. Uploaded videos can then be shared on a host of other social media platforms.


iQ-Social users can create events by simply clicking on the ‘event’ link, creating a new event, giving it a title and a description. Once done, users can write invitations and invite friends to their scheduled events. Features such as this are good for musicians who want to not only create a following, but also keep their fans informed of tour and record release dates. A social media destination can be the central hub where a band’s fans can upload their fan videos or make comments, thereby building a deeper relationship with the band. The Facebook integration feature lets fans immediately inform their circle of friends about any news that they might want to share.

“Since iQ-Social is a data-driven solution companies can quickly and easily scale up,” said Clive Pearson, Qualex’s CEO. “We see a need for a social media solution that allows companies of all sizes to quickly create a social media presence so we developed a simple out-of-the-box solution that gets companies into the social networking space quickly and inexpensively,” Pearson added.

Qualex's iQ-Social

The data-driven solution can be purchased as a standalone product or Qualex can host it as a cloud-based solution. iQ-Social is not meant to compete with Facebook, but rather it is a solution that allows companies to create communities of 100 to 10,000 people quickly and effectively. Events and groups that would get lost on websites such as Facebook can be created on an iQ-Social platform so that users can actually find the event or group they are looking for. Updates wouldn’t be lost on the daily clutter of ‘likes’ and ‘updates’ that push important content off of Facebook’s main pages. Smaller communities of like-minded individuals are perfect for iQ-Social. The Internet is filled with millions of individuals who are looking to meet other people, to gather and share first-hand information and experiences of all kinds and iQ-Social wants to empower businesses to create communities around their individual stories.

The iQ-Social solution includes the following distinct features:

Unique member profiles – network profile questions can be defined, which allows users to customize their profile pages with specific widgets. Search functionality includes location-based features that allow users to connect with locals nearby.

Privacy settings – users can customize their privacy settings, while administrators have the power of approval on any uploaded content, if they require it.

Invites and sharing – iQ-Social comes with a rich invitation engine that allows users to create invites to local community members, as well as to their friends on most of the other social media websites.

Latest activity – A real-time, dynamic activity feed gives content member status updates so that users can constantly remain in touch with the latest community activity.

Photos and videos – members can upload and share photos and videos and then share them with not just members of the community, but also with their friends and contacts at other social networking sites.

Chat – members can chat in real-time with other online members.

Groups– members can easily create groups and multi-thread discussion forums, which can contain photos and video

Blogs– each member has the ability to create his or her own personal blog. Other members can also be enlisted to add editorial content.

Event– users can organize events, invite members to these events and then track each RSVP, or open the event up to all group members.

App add-ons – outside applications can be added to the group with administrative approval if that is required.

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