Content Crooner Drives High Quality Web Traffic to Your Website

Content Crooner Drives High Quality Web Traffic to Your Website Content Crooner ( is a web app that drives high quality traffic to your website. How? By giving you everything you need to create great content, automate its distribution, and track its impact. It’s fast, easy and very affordable, and beneficial for businesses big and small.

We started Content Crooner because we were scratching our own itch. Just like you, we wanted to drive quality traffic to our website and we wanted to establish ourselves as experts in our chosen market. There were lots of places looking for useful content that would welcome anything we would submit but the process of filling out all those forms was time consuming and, frankly, boring. Every publisher wanted basically the same data but in slightly different ways. We were sure this process could be automated but we couldn’t find any software or online apps that did it. So in 2006 we created it.

It all started with a whopping 27 publishers that would accept content. Two years later, those 27 publishers had become thousands and more get added every day. Of course every publisher doesn’t want every kind of content. But with a publisher community that deep, most content has plenty of publishers that welcome it. Content Crooner is great for the publishers and great for the content providers alike.

At the beginning, we charged $7.95 to distribute a single article to what seemed like a staggering list of 27 publishers. We were thinking, “Who would want to submit more than one article?” Just about everybody it turns out. So we switched to a subscription-based model where you can submit as many articles as you can enter as long as your subscription is active.

As a business Content Crooner has been self-funded, although it wouldn’t exactly be accurate to describe it as being funded “on a shoestring”. It took a serious development commitment and a serious marketing commitment, and those things both take money. However it is interesting to note that the original development that created the basis for the distribution engine that we still use today took one programmer just six weeks of heads down work to complete. In short, you can get launched quickly with a small investment if you have the heart and the drive to do it.

At the beginning we didn’t really have any competition. That didn’t last long. We needed to differentiate ourselves. So what we determined to do better than our competition boils down to this:

We keep it simple.
We take responsibility for delivering the only result that matters: traffic.
We help our customers do their part to get the best possible results.
We treat our customers like gold.

Our pricing is simple: $49.99 per month with no long term commitment. Stop anytime you like. Our customers use us to distribute their content because they get what they expect and more. It is the most cost effective use of $49.99 a month that they can use to drive traffic to their websites. For publishers our service is free and we provide detailed instructions on how to get exactly the content they want and only the content they want.
Content Crooner Drives High Quality Web Traffic to Your Website

The best way to use our app is to submit two articles per week for each category that makes sense for your business. We have 364 categories so that can mean a lot of activity and a lot of resulting traffic. We teach you how to create content that will get not just accepted but noticed. We have real, live, English-as-a-first-language reviewers examine every article that comes through our system within 24 hours of submission. If it needs tweaking to be accepted by our publishers, we tell you exactly how to fix it. If it needs editing to make sure you get the maximum amount of web traffic, we guide you.

On top of that we have two great blogs. The Crooner Lounge ( focuses on our business credo. We call it The Nine Words ( Whatever it is that you want to do, whatever your big idea is, that’s content. But content happens in a context and that’s where The Nine Words come in. They apply to manufacturing, marketing, development, sales, customer service, public relations and HR. The Nine Words are motivating and effective process flows from them.

Our other blog is Watch Us Rework ( It is the real-time application of a great business book entitled Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hannson of the heroic company 37signals. We actually let you in behind the scenes as we apply the lessons of the book. It is eye-opening, self-revelatory, and radically practical.

Content has been, is, and will always be king. Better content plus better distribution equals better traffic, both in quantity and in quality. Content Crooner is committed to driving traffic by effectively distributing quality content all over the web.

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3 Responses to “Content Crooner Drives High Quality Web Traffic to Your Website”

  1. Taylor Vogt says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the publish, ShoeString. 🙂

    FYI, I’m Taylor, Content Crooner’s Operations Director. If you have any questions, I’m the guy to talk to. Let me know if you have any. You can ask us on Facebook, Twitter, or at our site. Talk to you later!

  2. Lacie says:

    Wow, great description. This is Content Crooner in a nutshell! Thanks Shoestring for including Content Crooner:)

  3. Lacie says:

    Oh and I am Lacie, a Customer Care Representative here at Content Crooner. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions!


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