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The D-E System Manual – Start Running a Housecleaning and Janitorial Business

The D-E System Manual, first published 4/6/2010 on, contains everything a person needs to know to start and run a housecleaning

and janitorial business. It includes cleaning procedures for each room of the house along with the

chemicals that should be used. It includes copies of all forms that are necessary for running a cleaning business, ie: bidding, sales, etc. There are self-evaluation forms to ensure that the business is properly

capitalized, that the person is capable of running a business and a pro-forma to track progress.

Mr. Prate is 65 years old. He started working in construction at age 21 and worked in that field for the next 13 years. During the down times, when construction jobs were hard to come by, he supplemented

his income by working for janitorial companies part-time. This gave him a well-grounded knowledge

of the industry. In 1980, the bottom fell completely out of the construction industry. He, along with his

wife, decided to start a cleaning business of their own. Getting the word out literally meant going door to door telling people about their service. Due to Mr. Prate’s prior knowledge and attention to details,

soon business was spreading by word of mouth. Since this was a good business model, two franchisors

asked him to write a manual describing it in detail. Having never written anything like that before, it was a daunting task, in addition to keeping the daily affairs of the business running. Before everything

could be finalized, the business was destroyed by vandalism. The marriage was dissolved and Mr. Prate

decided to become a long-haul trucker, just to be away from what seemed like the walls crumbling in on him. While trucking, Mr. Prate had ample time to decide to publish the manual he had written and to actually start writing two other books, one humor, one a cook- book.

This book provides the success secrets of the service industry and will take any person, no matter what his level of expertise in the cleaning business, from ground zero to up and running as soon as he finishes reading it. It not only teaches how to clean properly, but how to bid jobs that are

profitable, how to find and use supplies that are economical, and how to track income vs. expense.

This book is also handy for anyone thinking about starting any business from their home due to the

self-evaluation forms. For anyone who truly believes in himself and his own efforts, a home business offers a certain umbrella of safety. First, you are your own boss, you can also set and manage your own hours.This book also provides a daily road map, not only to gauge progress, but to know where the pit-falls are and how to avoid them. This is more than a business manual, this is the guide to your future.

There is a tremendous opportunity for growth in this type of business due to low overhead and the large

potential market. The market includes the increasing number of two income families, busy executives,

single parent homes, the retired and the infirm.The need for cleaning services is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. As people see a need for your services and as as long as there are people, your services will be in demand. With The D-E System, you will join many others who are dedicated to quality and growing a business. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, real estate, multi-level or franchise. This is a proven get-rich-slow, money-making system, based on your own efforts, which will save you as much as 80% over similar manuals.

Due to economic hard times, neither my ex-wife nor I could find a “JOB”, so we started taking any odd jobs that people would pay us to do, such as small home repairs, lawn work and house-cleaning. It turned out that we were pretty good at cleaning houses and small offices. We were so good, in fact, that our customers starting “spreading the word” about us. They even put us on a referral list that meant that

any time someone called the list, they referred us. We refined our system to the point where it could

duplicated by anybody who was taught the method. Two franchisors approached us at the time to take our “system” nationwide, but they needed a

training manual. I got busy and wrote the manual, but just before I finished, our business was destroyed by vandalism. The franchisors no longer were

interested in us because we no longer had a pilot program to show potential franchisees. We still had the manual, which we turned into “The D-E System” and is now published as an e-book. It is now available online at

S.Patrick Prate, Author, “The D-E System”

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  1. Interesting story, thank you for that.
    Thomas Anthony
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