Nefsis: Big Business Quality for SMBs in Cloud-based Video Conferencing

What is the name of the site and URL?

Nefsis :


A brief synopsis of the application?

What did for CRM, we’re doing for video conferencing. We’re making high-quality, secure video conferencing, with built-in advanced online collaboration tools, simple and easy to implement for small and medium-sized business.

Why did you start this company?

Allen Drennan founded the Company to improve inter-office communications and make better use of computers and network equipment he already had. We got into cloud computing to improve the performance of video conferencing, while making it as accessible as any online service.

There are only two ways to provide business-grade, multipoint HD video conferencing. The first is via hardware-based multichannel units (MCUs), video-routers, and, for desktop reach, gateway servers. This approach requires a large, up-front capital investment. The second is via cloud computing such as from Nefsis, where all the heavy processing occurs on shared resources in the cloud, making it less expensive and easier to maintain for the customer. Nefsis cloud computing offers a free trial and month-to-month service, plus virtually unlimited scalability for any customer. Reducing financial risk is especially important for small and mid-sized businesses that haven’t tried video conferencing yet.

A short bio of your company.

Some of you may know us by our former name, WiredRed Corporation, and our e/pop products. We were founded more than 12 years ago to provide a multipoint communications framework for multi-office companies. We’ve been involved in IP communications ever since. Our first applications were secure pop-up messaging, adding web and video conferencing in 2003.

Watching our product mix steadily march towards ‘hosted,’ our company made the years-long investment to deploy our fifth-generation technology as a truly distributed, cloud-based online service. That service was introduced three years ago under the Nefsis product brand. Last year, we changed the company name to Nefsis, and all of our activities are now under the new brand.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

The company was started on a shoestring, and grew predominantly on customer purchase orders.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

We compete with – and share customers in common with – Polycom and Tandberg. They sell installed-site, dedicated video conferencing systems to large corporate and government customers. At the other extreme, we compete with web conferencing vendors with some video features. In short, our video features are far superior to any generic web conferencing service, and we’re far less expensive than Polycom or Tandberg.

We also compete directly with venture-backed Vidyo and others who provide multipoint – meaning more than two parties – video conferencing infrastructure hardware. With Nefsis, you don’t need complex switching hardware, all those technical capabilities are provided by the Nefsis video cloud at a far lower cost.

Just to elaborate a bit, today you can easily buy a webcam capable of HD 720p sustained video capture. With Nefsis and these webcams, you can enjoy multipoint HD video conferencing with built-in collaboration tools such as desktop and application sharing. These are the same capabilities big business have enjoyed for a long time, albeit limited to their installed-site boardrooms and other video conferencing facilities. With Nefsis, even the smallest business can get business-grade video conferencing and reach virtually any desktop worldwide.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

To meet “face to face” and convey complex ideas without the hassle and expense of flying or driving. Any small business that sells to larger companies, and needs to traverse firewalls and proxies, and ultimately convey a high-quality video conferencing and live data sharing experience should consider Nefsis.

Nefsis is especially helpful in moving recurring teleconference meetings, where you already have a personal relationship, to online meetings. It’s also uniquely suited – with a full suite of live collaboration tools such as document, application and movie file sharing, annotation tools, electronic handouts, and so on – to employee and customer training activities. These are the hotspots for many small businesses.

Many of Nefsis specialty applications are also traditionally dominated by small business. Examples include engineering and environmental services (lots of charts and graphs there), IT, creative and business services, video remote interpreting, and many more.

Do you offer free online or offline tools?

Yes, for home office applications our free, entry-level Nefsis Basic is currently available to subscribers in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. Subscribers can initiate a live two-way online video conference with another party who can be located anywhere in the world. Both parties can see each other clearly while sharing presentations, documents and desktops. In addition, Nefsis Basic includes two-party Voice over IP (VoIP) audio, so meeting participants can save on the cost of phone calls.

Are there different pricing levels?

Yes, we offer Nefsis Basic for free; Nefsis Professional priced competitively with online meeting services; and we also offer Nefsis Dedicated, a software license to build your own private cloud for mid- to large-sized businesses that want more IT controls. We offer support for desktop and room-based A/V peripherals, and our support staff actually answers the phone.

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or ?

Youtube watch video URL?


Twitter @nefsis



How long have you been in business?

Nefsis has been advancing the state-of-the-art in real-time communications software since 1998.

Estimated yearly growth?

Communicating via video continues to be one of the top trends in telecom and

Infonetics Research expects the enterprise video conferencing and telepresence market to more than double by 2015, when it will hit $5.0 billion

How do you see your company in the next 2-5 years (more products or services?)

Our video conferencing cloud serves customer in 45 countries worldwide. The Nefsis user interface is automatically served in 11 different languages. We’re very bullish and see a larger, international role in online video conferencing. Video calling in consumer markets will be huge 2 to 3 years out, driving more video-savvy users in all business markets. We’ll see more business usage, and more depth of new features and possibly specialized products in several vertical markets – sorry, can’t name them here.

What other web based products would you recommend to entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers?

Well …’s SiteBuilder, an online website building tool. Admittedly just for the simplest websites, but maybe just the thing to get off the dime. Yes, old fashioned direct mail, but virtually point-and-click to get it moving. Got an idea, narrowed it down to an industry and title? Visit, a D&B subsidiary, to drill down to market size. You’re to-do list will still be really long, but at least you’ll know how many prospects you have.

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