Categorized | Shoestring Startup has extended deals, not just daily deals – a game changer launched in December 2010 as a Performance Driven Advertising website that is pioneering the location-based mobile voucher model. Linking customers with nearby businesses and professional services, makes it easy to find huge savings in your own backyard. Consisting of over 300,000 subscribers and counting, Dealavue is quickly emerging as a Chicagoland favorite.

Unlike its competitors, Dealavue does not push subscribers with a one-day only deal. Instead, every Dealavue deal is available for an extended period of time, with the length or sales limit defined by the business client. Buyers are not rushed to buy deals, but are encouraged to find and purchase relevant deals according to them. The mission of is to create lasting customers as the Dealavue mission states:

Using new technologies and an innovative approach to Performance Driven Advertising, Dealavue believes in creating a lasting consumer-business relationship beyond the frenzy of a one-day sale. Featuring long-term deals, Dealavue offers buyers the benefit of choosing their deal and sellers the advantage of attracting relevant repeat customers

Technology guru and business expert Anthony Berg, CEO of, adventured into the opportunity to fill an obvious void in the quickly booming group buying industry because, he believed there was a need for a website that went beyond the popular structure of “A Deal a Day”. There was a need for a site that actually offered a financial benefit to local sellers and buyers and Berg was up for the challenge. Firmly convinced of the success of his business model, Berg funded the Dealavue venture exclusively. In the summer of 2010, he put his finance and sales background to work on building After months of trail-and-error meetings with IT developers and website designers, was born.

Early on, the venture almost never made it past development. With a more traditional business background, Berg ran into troubles bridging the gap between the IT and the sales world. The transition into the online world creates a major learning obstacle for Berg. New to internet technologies, Berg went through multiple teams before finding a team that could really make his dream come alive. Throughout the process, Berg worked diligently to develop the skill set that he needed to succeed in internet sales. After learning to speak the technical language and redefining his expectations, the site launched successfully and has been a non-stop market challenger ever since.

By January 2011, offered hundreds of deals to their quickly growing subscriber base. Berg however, didn’t want to stop there. In March 2011, the Company took the whole concept one step further and created an application for the Apple (iPhone) and Android markets. The app, available at no charge, allows a user to search for local deals in the Dealavue database based on shopper’s location. The shopper can also narrow the focus of their search by filtering for specific topics like dining, entertainment, clothing and more. The shopper can even use their mobile device as a virtual wallet, paying for the voucher and displaying an instantaneous barcode to scan at restaurants and retailers. A similar functionality built into the website lets online users filter deals and search maps for deals all across the greater Chicago region. This localization strategy has proven a huge success for the company.

Berg and his team never stop getting the word out about The marketing campaign for Dealavue includes significant online advertising and event advertising at major public events like the Chicago Auto Show, Lollapalloza and other area festivals and concerts. Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated group of marketing and sales staff, Dealavue created a major online presence in just a few months. The company has a goal to reach one million subscribers by September 2011 and will be expanding to fourteen new markets by year’s end.

Presently, you can find Dealavue all over the internet with a Facebook Fan Page ( and several staff members representing the organization on LinkedIn. Dealavue even has a YouTube Channel to share information and recent interviews with fans ( Dealavue is also on the search for their 2011 Dealavue Girl and will be launching a new campaign that features the Dealavue Girl online, in print and all around town in events.


Dealavue employs twenty-five staff members in their Glenview office space. The team includes Sales, Support, Graphic Design, Copy Write, Development and a dedicated Charity Liaison that manages non-profit relationships and special donation generating opportunities. Because Dealavue believes in giving back, Dealavue donates 10% of the profit from voucher sales to our partnering charities.

Although Dealavue is still operating in the red, Berg is working hard to get the company in the black. Rapidly generating new revenues, Berg expects to see Dealavue break the line soon. Conservative estimates site September, at the latest. Dealavue projects the end of year (2011) revenues to be around $35M. Those numbers will trend upward as the company alleviates debt from start-up and moves into the black for good. In 2012, revenue estimates are at $143M, raising to $431M in 2013 and breaking the billion dollar mark in 2014 with $1.43B and $4.3B by 2015.

While Berg has no plans to sell the company he notes that he would give consideration to any option on the table. For Berg, the issue is not monetary, it is about the bigger picture. Knowing a buyers’ intentions for the company are in line with the organization’s mission is important. In the mean time, Berg enjoys challenging the company to continue to grow and is proud to say that his employees have taken a real stake in sharing his enthusiasm for building a successful business.

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