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America’s Service Meltdown: Restoring Service Excellence in the Age of the Customer

Raul Pupo


Raul Pupo is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and consultant who has done business throughout much of the world. Raul’s current business focus is helping corporate clients resolve complex service issues, and to use service as a tool of strategy.

Raul also serves on the advisory board of a boutique investment firm working in the fields of general and financial strategy serving companies in the information technology industry. His business experience spans over 30 years founding and operating companies in the field of information technology. In each case, these companies achieved success on the strength of Raul’s service philosophy as they were all modestly capitalized while competing against the giants of the technology world. Raul’s prior ventures have each been acquired by Fortune 500 companies.

Raul has served as an adjunct professor in management information systems, a reviewer for peer-reviewed journals, and as a board member advising the information technology institutes of several universities.

Raul has a BBA in industrial management, an MBA in information systems and has completed all course work for an MS degree in technology management. He has authored many white papers for practitioners in business and his articles have been published in various magazines, journals, and newspapers. His current book has been hailed by world-class business leaders as well as leading academics.



Based on the author’s extensive personal and professional experience, the book offers a straightforward, no nonsense, model that clearly explains how to organize the modern enterprise for the delivery of service excellence.

Customer-oriented companies can operate more effectively, that is to say more profitably, by focusing on the critical success factors of service:

  • Leadership that unequivocally believes they are in business to serve the customer
  • A business-planning process centered around the customer
  • An organizational ethic of service up and down the ranks
  • An empowered, motivated, and competent frontline organization


Readers will discover what it takes to serve customers superbly, how excellent customer service profoundly improves profitability, and how to identify the biggest obstacles to good service. Most importantly, readers will be rewarded with concrete instructions that will enable them to deliver topnotch customer service every step of the way. The book is both timely and provocative and should be of interest to anyone in business or those concerned about the state and future of our economy.


In the nearly four decades the author has been in business he has never seen service to the customer in a more deplorable state.

This is more than a matter of corporate survival but of national survival as we continue to witness the erosion of the service industry components of our GDP in the face of the outsourcing juggernaut.

We are no longer playing a domestic zero-sum game. The threat now is that if we lose to an offshore location we may stand no chance of recovering that lost business. It’s important to remember that in the late 19th century the GDP of both India and China was greater than our own: that scenario is about to be played out again. If manufacturing slipped away from the United States in a generation, it won’t take nearly as long for service activities—more easily outsourceable than manufacturing ever was—to disappear from our shores. The process, unfortunately, is already well on its way in fields as diverse as software engineering, product design, technical support, insurance underwriting, financial services, and a myriad back-office business processes. Few service activities are immune to the outsourcing threat. We are marooned on an island of service activities – we have no choice but to fight our way out.

The subprime mortgage crisis which triggered a world-wide financial firestorm, former NASDAQ Chairman Bernard Madoff’s monstrous and ultimately tragic $65 billion “Ponzi scheme,” the demise of titans on Wall Street and the near death experience of the U.S. auto industry, despite the tortuous explanations found in the media, amount to nothing more complicated than the collapse of an ethic of service.

If the United States is to avoid a nuclear winter in its service industries it has no choice but to excel in service, do so at globally competitive prices, and do so now. Business and government policies need to be crafted consistent with this emerging challenge to our sovereignty or the consequences will be dire.


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