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A Unique Experience for Aspiring Talent & Parents

In 2010 the number one dream jobs for kids was to be a “famous performer”. This isn’t much of a surprise, considering the popularity of shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Glee and Simon Cowell’s upcoming X Factor. While becoming a performer may be the dream of many a youth, it’s also a potential nightmare for a lot of parents.

With all of the horror stories we see in the media (Lindsay, Brittney, etc.), you can’t really blame parents for being hesitant about getting their kids into show business. For most people, the entertainment industry is a mystery. We know when we see successful performers…but generally we have no idea how they got there, or more importantly “why” they achieved this success. What made them different from every other aspiring performer out there? What makes one child actor successful and another one not?

Unlike becoming a lawyer or a doctor, there is no guide map to becoming a successful performer. Sure, you’ve got to have talent, work hard and get in front of the right people. But beyond that, there doesn’t seem to really be any go to resource that can truly guide young performers and parents in the right direction. Erik Lingvall, owner of The Acting Camp, LLC, may have just created a solution to this void.

The Acting Camp is a 3-day intensive/getaway exclusively designed for young performers and their parents. Lingvall recalls. “It was based upon my personal experience that I was motivated to develop a program that would provide these aspiring actors and their parents with the proper tools to be successful.”

The Acting Camp was launched in June of 2010. While the company may be fairly new and small, it is comprised of some seriously experienced industry professionals. At the helm of the camp is Erik Lingvall. Erik has been working in the entertainment industry for over a decade. With experience in acting, production and working with a variety of youth talent agencies over the years, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the camp. When asked why he started the company, “I just felt like there wasn’t a truly solid stepping stone for young actors and parents new to the industry. There wasn’t really strong resource out there to help guide parents, answer their questions and break down the facts about this industry.”

When asked about what he felt were the most important aspects of this company, Lingvall’s was response was, “I wanted to create an environment that was second to none. I felt that every aspect of this camp should be 100% authentic and at the highest level. From the amazingly beautiful location at the El Capitan Canyon Resort in Santa Barbara, to the highly experienced acting coaches, agents, managers and casting directors, to the personal chef that is brought in to every camp, I wanted every nuance of the camp to be the best.” He adds, “I also wanted to make sure that every camper, parent and child alike, felt as though they had their own individualized experience and weren’t just a number. Keep in mind that we only accept 64 actors at each camp. I want every person to leave The Acting Camp with a feeling of family. I want them to feel that they not only gained knowledge and connections, but that they created friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Erik talks about the importance of “keeping it real” at the camp. “So often I’ve seen programs that have some decent substance, but are so coated with fluff and cheese, it adversely affects the experience. I’m all about keeping it real. What you see is what you get. No frills. No fluff. The real deal. Learn, experience, perform, have fun, and let your creativity and imagination run wild!” He continues, “I honestly believe our campers learn and experience more in three days than most young actors and parents do in three years. I feel that confident about our staff and program.”

At The Acting Camp, actors have the opportunity to work with some of LA’s top acting coaches and learn essential auditions skills for tv and film. The kids also have ample time to participate in fun camp activities like roasting s’mores over campfire and singing karaoke. On the final day of the camp the actors perform highly prepared scenes in front of ten top casting directors in tv and film, from networks like Disney, Nick and CBS, that cast for projects such as Wizards of Waverly Place, Alice in Wonderland and The Mentalist. The actors then get to sit down with each of these casting directors and get insight from some of the heaviest hitters in the business.

Here’s the kicker, parents also participate in The Acting Camp experience.

While the kids are honing their acting skills, the parents are listening to and interacting with top managers, agents and parents of working child actors.

“The Acting Camp,” Lingvall says, “is different from other acting programs in that we provide a very personalized and informative approach for both the child and parent, while also creating a magical weekend that allows for both to bond and learn together. This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for kids and parents to have fun while spending the weekend together and learning about how to launch a successful career in the entertainment industry,” he adds.

This whole concept just seems to make sense. Regardless of how talented your child might be, if you as a parent don’t understand the business, your child’s chances of achieving success are probably pretty slim.

After looking at the website (, you could almost compare The Acting Camp to a Disneyworld for performers. Except, at this amusement park you gain an abundance of knowledge and instead of meeting Mickey, you meet the guy who can actually put your kid on a top Disney show.

All in all, it seems like The Acting Camp would be a great resource for anyone wanting to get his or her child into the show business the “right way”.

The Acting Camp is currently accepting submissions for their fall ‘11 event, taking place at the El Capitan Canyon Resort ( September 9, 10 &11th.

For more details about the camp you can visit their website at or contact them by phone at (424) 265-0022. You should also check out their Facebook page at

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