Thumbtack Seeks to Become the Most Trusted Online Resource for Small Businesses is an online marketplace for local services of all kinds. If you offer a local service, you are welcome to market yourself for free by listing yourself on our site. If you are looking for a service, you can find and book almost any service you can imagine on our site.

Who lists themselves on Thumbtack?

Anybody who provides a local service can list themselves on Thumbtack. Thumbtack’s most common services are home services (like general contractors and house cleaners), event services (like wedding photographers and caterers), and instructors (like math tutors and Spanish tutors). However, we also have lots of crazy and fun services like ash scatterers, party bus rentals and magicians.

The only limitation on who can list on our site is our Community Standards. We strive to create a safe community on our site, so we manually vet every service posted on our site to make sure it does not contain inappropriate content, does not look scammy, is not a product, or does not otherwise violate our standards.

What are the benefits of listing on Thumbtack?

First, we create a free, good-looking listing for you online. There are no subscription fees, and you can upload unlimited photos, videos and testimonials onto your listing. You can manage your listing as much as you would like.

Second, we optimize your listing to appear high in popular searches appropriate to you. Each listing is reviewed by our SEO team, and we submit each listing to search engines.

Third, we offer a free Craigslist posting tool that allows you to post your service to Craigslist in one click. All your details and multiple photos appear on your listing on Craigslist.

Fourth, we scour Craigslist for leads that look appropriate for you and email you about them. We deliver those leads to your inbox, and you can respond directly through Craigslist. This is a free service too.

Fifth, we have an opt-in leads program. We direct customers to you when they ask us for recommended local service providers in your area. It costs money to respond to these leads (this is how we make money!). You can choose either to pay a flat lead payment fee to get the potential customer’s contact details, or you can promise to pay us a commission if you get the job. With the commission payment option, we only get paid if you get paid.

Finally, we also provide free customer service to support you in all of this. We answer most emails you send to us within 6 hours.

What is the cost of listing on Thumbtack?

There is no cost to list on Thumbtack. The only part of our site that costs money is the opt-in leads program.

How many people use your site? What is your anticipated growth?

Currently there are more than 120,000 services listed on our site, and we are growing rapidly – today we have more than 300,000 unique monthly visitors to our site and hope for significant growth this year.

When was Thumbtack started?

We started Thumbtack in early 2009 and launched later that year.

Why did you start this business? Who are your competitors?

We started this company because we noticed that there was no single place on the Internet where everyone went to offer and look for local services. We thought: Amazon and eBay facilitated the buying and selling of products online – why has nobody done this for local services?

There is Craigslist, but many people are reluctant to hire someone into their home from Craigslist. We are seeking to change that by introducing basic verification systems for the users of our site. For example, anyone that posts a service on our site is checked against the national sex offender registry and removed if we find a match. Customers can also leave reviews of positive experiences they have had with professionals who list on our site.

We pride ourselves on creating a safe community. We have tools to verify the online and offline identity of those who list on our site, we can vet the background and licensing information of people who list on our site, and users can assess one another professionally. All of these tools are opt-in, but many of those who list on our site find that they gain customers by enhancing their online reputation.

Another competitor is AngiesList. Angieslist is focused primarily on home improvement services. There are a number of other ‘vertical’ websites that offer listings of particular kinds of services, like home improvement, babysitting, or tutoring. However, there is no single site that combines all of these services in one place. We are trying to change that by welcoming any kind of service professional on our site.

Thumbtack was launched in 2009. We saw a big opportunity and are dreaming big. We hope that our company becomes as big as Amazon, and we want to get there by creating the Internet’s most responsive, trusted community of hard working professional s.

How many employees do you currently have working with you? Are you looking to hire?

We have a team of eleven employees in San Francisco. We also have a large team that helps us in the Philippines.

We are always seeking to hire software engineers – all of our engineers are top-notch, highly driven, and fun to work with. Our office culture is laid back and meritocratic. You can check out our job listings here.

How do you update users on your company’s progress?

We continuously update our Thumbtack blog with new features, company news, and thoughts about the local services industry.

We also use social media to keep users updated about our progress.


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