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My name is Rick Alexander, Inventor of the CoolCare® curling and flat iron holders. Our online business website is

For quite a while we were doing business under the company name KY Products. However that name turned out to be one of those “we should have thought it through” names as it has an association with products intended for a whole other industry and really nothing to do with beauty and safety. It definitely did not catch on, nor convey, the message of our CoolCare® accessories. The switch to a more appropriate online business “face,” was to be our first lesson in how to properly market online.

Thus, and CoolCare® came to live and rest under the umbrella of R&C Products, Inc. Still a bit of confusion, but like all businesses with the intention of expansion, by placing the current website and product this way, it leaves the door open for future products and projects, again all wrapped nicely within one corporation.

(One item worth noting is the amount of product liability insurance readers need to consider if they are pursuing the avenue of incorporation. Corporations have a different look and feel, and operate differently, than the “sole proprietor” most internet marketers choose initially as their business model.)

Strangely, going into the “beauty business” was not a direct route for me. For 28 years, I was a carpenter totally unaware of the dangers lurking in one’s bathroom (other than the obvious “carpenter” awareness). While electricity certainly was a part of my background, thinking in terms of daily use and keeping a home safe was not initially uppermost in my mind.

During those 28 years, I remodeled all types of homes, including building them from the ground up. From the rich and powerful to the lowliest of low end apartments, still I went about my “job,” doing my job, but never thinking past the next building project.

Then the light bulb went off in my head after a truly preventable home accident right inside my own home! My three year old son was badly burned one morning when he grabbed my wife’s hot curling iron! It was a frantic trip to the hospital emergency room, and included a terrifying 4-1/2 hour wait to see the doctor!

CoolCare Wall Holder

The following day, the very first thing on my agenda was a trip to the local department stores in search of a means to keep this disaster from ever happening again. I searched in vain. There were no tools or appliances or holders on the market that would ensure my son (nor my wife and I) ever went through such a trial again.

I was looking for THE item that would never get hot, protect our son, and ensure that should we leave the house and my wife inadvertently left her curling iron or flat iron plugged in, we would not return to a pile of ashes.

In short order, I realized my only recourse was to develop a curling iron holder myself. A curling iron holder that I knew would do the job – all its job as stated above – prevent burns and keep our home safe.

Painstakingly I worked to come up with the ideal curling iron and flat iron holder. I knew stainless steel was the way to go; I knew it must be the ultimate curling iron holder that magically “wicked away” the excessive amounts of heat generated by these hair styling tools.

CoolCare Stand

Along the “for ourselves” development cycle, I realized if we needed such a tool so would many families also benefit! I worked on until finally my product was ready for production, and my initial business approach also was born. If our family needed a way to keep their children and their homes safe, then so would many other homes, apartments, hotel rooms, and the families within benefit from what came to be known as the CoolCare® curling iron product line.

As previously stated, the product launch started under a different name and using a different online retail resource – eBay. The response was overwhelming. Not only did those using the curling iron holders appreciate the convenience, but many wrote with similar horror stories of serious burns in their families. They were delighted and now totally confident that our CoolCare® curling iron, flat iron, and even a model that holds one’s blow dryer provides the organization, and above all protection, they, too, had searched for yet never found!

In one letter, a woman who bought the CoolCare® curling iron holder wrote saying she wished she had had one of the holders BEFORE her house burned to the ground! Wow what a true testimonial how this little holder could have saved a home!

CoolCare® holders should be in every home that uses a hot curling or flat iron, and that is my life’s goal. I firmly believe the use of these stainless steel holders will save so many children from harm, counter tops from burns, and complete home fires, all the while playing its additional role of providing organization for hair styling tools.


My advice to all entrepreneurs… Never give up! When you get an idea don’t just let it sit there gathering dust – make it happen! As further proof, I was the very first one to ever sell a curling iron holder on the market! Sure there are “imitations,” but we sell the CoolCare® curling iron holders with utmost confidence. We KNOW they work.

In fact, when I started there was not even a category on eBay for beauty within housewares, but my persistence with the folks at eBay paid off after months and months of communication. At last, eBay recognized the need to expand their own web site to include categories within categories. They finally recognized that beauty means more than makeup and hair styling products; that “housewares” was an ideal match for the CoolCare® curling iron holders and vice versa.

The Cool Care® curling iron holder product line has recently been revamped albeit with only a slight modification. The original curling iron holder did not include a flanged edge; the new series does. This new version is purely esthetic, but nevertheless necessary to keep up with the beauty and charm in anyone’s bathroom.

From the most luxurious to the most modest of bathrooms and vanities, the Cool Care® curling iron holder product line is a sharp, wise, and safety conscious addition for all families.

Rick Alexander


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