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Imagine going to bed every night knowing your employees are ready for the next day: they’ve all seen their scheduled shifts, they all know about tomorrow’s special and you won’t get a frantic phone call in the morning with a last minute request.

Sounds like utopia, but it has become the reality for many businesses across the country. While consumers have always embraced the latest and greatest technology for home entertainment and personal use, businesses are now starting to recognize the benefits of replacing the “ole paper and pencil” with some very powerful tools to manage their staff and daily operations.

When two young entrepreneurs set out to open their own franchise restaurants little did they know that they would stumble upon an idea that would change the way managers interact with their employees. “After observing 7 disorganized years of employee communication, we asked ourselves: in a world where everyone is communicating via text message, why is our employee schedule a piece of paper taped to a wall”, questioned Joel Frisch, co-founder of ReadySetWork (RSW). Joel and co-founder Jake Dreyfuss knew that there had to be a better way to manage employee schedules and keep everyone on the same page.

After a few months, endless whiteboard sessions and focus-groups a-plenty, ReadySetWork was born.

The patent-pending product is simple, yet powerful. Designed to help a wide variety of businesses manage hourly employees, RSW is a web-based system that is as easy to use as sending an email and allows businesses to manage their staff with the simplicity of obeying the lights of a traffic signal. Managers design their employee work schedules in minutes and then, the application takes over to deliver the updates to the employees via text and email. RSW can handle employee requests, business announcements, and even help employees find a replacement if they get sick last-minute. RSW continues to manage the communication until it gives the manager the green light that everyone is ready for the day!

“We found that our employees responded to the system messages within 3 seconds; a far better response time then the old games of phone-tag we used to play,” says Dreyfuss.

So in a world full of technology, imaginations have become reality and businesses can finally get ready!

ReadySetWork: The nitty-gritty details

RSW was started on a shoe-string budget a little over 18 months ago. Partnering with the best local development talent enabled the team to build a basic working beta version to prove the business model and customer adoption strategy. After securing multiple large distribution agreements the RSW team knew that they would need more resources (both financial and personnel) to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction as the business continues on its growth trajectory.

Seven months ago, the RSW team brought on an outside investment which allowed them to strengthen and re-imagine their innovative application and build out their team. RSW now has a robust development team and is actively looking to expand their sales and service teams. (For more information email [email protected])

The new and improved ReadySetWork launched to a select group of a few hundred businesses of varying size and scheduling intensity in early 2011. This private launch allowed the team to ensure an active testing environment before opening the spigot to a distributor force which will instantly bring RSW to businesses across the country in May.

RSW has already developed great traction in the hospitality, retail, amusement/recreation, healthcare and security industries and is always finding new users of ReadySetWork …….Who knew a communal gardening club in Alabama needed ReadySetWork!

ReadySetWork: The secret sauce

From day one the team at RSW identified a differentiating aspect of their application: 2-way communication. Until now, web applications focused upon outbound notifications to alert users of new or updated pertinent data. By definition, a one-way alert is not communication. When a manager is communicating with a staff of 10-1000 employees it is imperative that the application have the capability to interpret and handle incoming questions and requests.

ReadySetWork has a patent pending around the unique way the web application sends messages, interprets responses and then presents information to the administrator so that they can make an informed decision.

RSW will look to continue to differentiate itself from its competitors (mainly paper & pencil or good ole’ Excel spreadsheets) with a targeted focus on expanding the communication functionality.

ReadySetWork: Goal Setting

The RSW team has set lofty goals for the 2011 scheduling season. Before year end the team hopes to on-board over 2000 businesses which will equate to over 50,000 employees receiving their work schedules via the RSW platform. In addition, they will strive to increase their distributor network to a select group of 15 Payroll and Time & Attendance providers.

Be sure to follow the progress of ReadySetWork as they continue on their path of “scheduling domination,” saving businesses time, money, and headaches, all the while improving communication between employees and their managers!

Want to learn more about the ReadySetWork gang? Check out our video at, follow @ReadySetJoel or hop on! To keep up with the progress of ReadySetWork make sure to keep track of our blog at

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