JAYA123… The Biz-App For The Rest Of Us

What is the name of the site and URL?

JAYA123 jaya123.com

A brief synopsis of the website / application ?

The word “jaya” (jay-ah) means “victory” in Sanskrit. And JAYA123 is a major victory for the time-starved small business. You can have your whole office on the Web in just minutes.

JAYA is a web-based enterprise application that allows you to run your business from anywhere in the world. It handles your invoicing, order entry, inventory, royalty payments, billing, customer management, sales reporting, and more.

Everything in JAYA has been designed to be as easy as 1-2-3. Enter your company information. Enter your customers. Enter product info. That’s it. You’re up and running.

JAYA123 is not for everyone. If you need to track an international sales force of thousands, carry a huge inventory, or enjoy wrestling with double-entry accounting software, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere!

Why did you start this company?

We started as a traditional book publishing company in 1990 and we still publish books (www.adams-blake.com.) In the mid 90s we came out with desktop software for the small publisher called PUB123. Then around 2002 we enhanced it and made it web-based (way before anyone called it “the cloud”) and named it JAYA123. JAYA is now used by businesses of all types, especially by very right-brained people (artists, photographers, designers) who seek something simple and intuitive for non-techies.

Was your company started on a shoestring budget or funded?

When we started, entry into the book industry only required a few thousand dollars to get a cover design and print a few thousand copies. Everything else is sweat-equity… getting the publicity to get people interested in the titles. When we brought out the software we had a good idea who are market was (other small publishers) and we knew how to reach them by mail and the fledging Internet.

Who is your competition, and what do you do better?

There are lots of so-called bookkeeping and billing programs out there… like Quickbooks and a whole host of very expensive systems targeted to specific industries. JAYA123 targeted the “low” end of the market… the one-person business that sold “stuff” and had to keep track of customers and orders, as well as service people who bill by the hour and need to keep track of their projects. What JAYA123 does so well is get people up and running with almost no learning curve. It is totally intuitive. There is no long manual to read. You create a product entry, create a customer, create an order (for that product) and create an invoice you can send. Easy and quick.

Why would a small business, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc use your product?

The main reason anyone uses JAYA123 is because they want a nice, easy, simple, and cheap way to run the “back office” of their business… the order-entry, billing, inventory, reporting, etc. parts. The next reason is that they don’t want to spend the time or effort installing software on their computer. Finally, they they don’t want to be tied into a contract. JAYA123 cost $14.95 a month with no buy-in fee, no minimum term, and no exit fee. (We’re not your cell-phone company!)

Many businesses who get a fair number of orders by mail, send them to home-based workers who log into JAYA123 and enter the data. They then send invoice numbers to a warehouse who logs into JAYA123 do print the invoices or packing slips to pick and pull the item from the shelves to ship.

How could you effectively use these tools?

There is no magic to JAY123. You get an order for a product or you’ve done a service. You go into JAYA on the web and enter the data and run an invoice. Of course there is much, much more to the program… inventory, recurring billing, tons of reports, and even a subscription system. One of the features that JAYA123 has that no program of its class has is a kick-butt royalty (license fee) system. If you have to pay royalties to an author or inventor or if you owe fees based on some kind of criteria, you knows it’s a major PITA. With JAYA123 you can pay royalty on a straight percent, or on unit volume sold, or on dollar volume, or on sales channel, or on discount. Plus you can pay on items shipped and not yet paid for, or just on paid items.

Are there different pricing levels?

We start out at $14.95 a month for the first 500 orders. After that it goes up $5 a month until 2000 orders and then another $5. The vast majority of our clients pay $19.95 or less a month. We don’t have many businesses who have 10,000 orders on JAYA123.

Number of current users? Estimated yearly growth?

The number of users fluctuates because we get new users all the time, and lose users to the bad economy, or more often they simply outgrow JAYA123 and need something more robust. JAYA has been around for 7 years now and has lot of long-time users, especially in the publishing business, the mail-order business and with small service companies.

How do you see your company in the next 2-5 years (more products or services?)

We will continue to improve JAYA123. We may even re-write it and make it look prettier. When we brought it out many people were still on dial-up so we kept graphics to a bare minimum to improve performance. JAYA is very fast… but we might want to use some of the latest programming techniques to make it “cool.”


Alan Canton

8041 Sierra Street

Fair Oaks, CA 95628

www. jaya123.com

ac99 at jaya123.com


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