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What’s a Wallup! Camping, RV, Sport, and Beach Wall? A Shoestring Startup

You’ve heard of Ripley’s but you’ve never heard of this! Wallup Video.

A wall you can put anywhere in minutes then move in seconds. Ever wanted privacy and couldn’t get it? Ever bothered by the wind? Ever been in a spot you thought was private but someone move right in? EVER???? The cure has arrived and it didn’t come from aliens.

Have you heard of the Wallup? If not you will. Soon it will be in parks, campgrounds, sport fields, events, golf courses, weddings, and PFE (Pretty Freak’n Everywhere) and as common as the camp chair. There is a phenomenon occurring and it’s called Walluping, like an action verb. It is occurring and you may not even know it yet because you’re always the last to know. It is something everyone’s needed, that means everyone, but never had before. Needed to go potty but there was no privacy? That will never happen again for millions of people.

You can visit and you’ll learn a lot about this free standing flexible “Wall-in-a-bag” that won’t fall over in the wind, believe it or not! You carry it on your shoulder like a camping chair and in 2 minutes SHAZAM! you have a 6’x12’ free standing wall you can bend into different shapes. Are you a disbeliever? Check out one of the videos.

Wallup Video.

Bringing the Wallup to market was almost 12 years in the making because we never planned on bringing it to market it just happened, then we started planning. In November ‘09 we got a business license to bring you the Wallup! Camping, RV, Sport, and Beach Wall and at that time we never even had a name for it nor did we have the money or the knowledge to do it, but we had a bunch of believers and followers asking us to do it.

Money is tough to come by and in this economy even tougher. Mom inherited some money and gave my brother and I each $2,500 to buy new washing machines. We convinced her we’d rather put the money into the Wallup because we had so much faith in it and our loving mother said “Go for it”, we’ve been going non –stop ever since. After our “startup capital” was gone through it’s been credit cards, high interest loans from friends, a small investor, selling the product to pay for the next show or to pay late bills, selling personal belongings, and whatever it takes to make it successful.

Our first shipment hit the Seattle docks in July 2010 and we had a crew that was begging to sell it and all were waiting for it to come out of the container. We were trying to hit the market while people were still outdoors, I mean it is an outdoor product. We all hit the streets excited about our new product and started peddling the Wallup but were stopped cold. The Wallup wasn’t quality controlled well enough in China and we had to recall it all, every last one. What a nightmare that was! We all got together and began pulling product apart. This was a huge problem because here is this 12 foot wall in a little bag, inside a box, inside another case with a lot of pieces and each piece had to be custom fit to every other piece! Everyone we could beg help from spent an entire weekend working on it to at least get enough in each of our hands to sell. After an entire weekend we only had about 50 units and a huge mess. I contacted our product broker, who is local, and he took responsibility and completed the project in my shop but it took about 5 months to complete. Almost killed us!

Since money is tight and getting off the ground we use every freebee we could find including Gmail, Google (for all kinds of info, templates, contacts, etc) Youtube for video marketing, Facebook for marketing as well as Craigslist for a variety of reasons, HARO (Help A Reporter Out) for free publicity. We also have a lot of offline expertise we get free including the Gonzaga Law Clinic who helps with our legal work, incorporation, warranties, investor relations, etc ,,,along with SIRTI (the Economic Development Agency) for business counseling and LaunchpadINW acts a resource for people and ideas when needed. We have even been able acquire free cell phones from a local company. We get throw away calendars that were never purchased from a local vendor and free prints from the local UPS store because we ship all our stuff through them.

We currently keep about 24 business professionals pretty busy, plus an additional crew in China, and we’re only just beginning with product on the market for only six months. We’ve got product in Camping World, 14 regional stores, and distributors and retailers knocking on our doors every few days. If we had an investor we’d be able to fill their orders sooner but without that we’ll find another way!

So now you know what a Wallup is!


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