Coloci – getting friends closer!

Name: Coloci (kolo.kye)

Mobile app: (iPhone, Android, Blackberry. No download needed, just go to in your smartphone’s browser)

Website: Coloci is a global site (English language only).

Cost: Free!

Coloci synopsis

Coloci helps you meet up, in the future, with your social network. You can share your future location and activities with friends, see who will be nearby, and meetup. Your ‘activity / trip’ could be as small as a quick coffee run, or a trip to the mall, or another city and country.

For example, say you are on a trip to Orlando for a conference. Unknown to you, so is your friend, or they live there. Discover & meet up! Now, with Coloci, you cannot say “Ah! I wish I knew you were nearby.”. Or, Coloci alerts you when your business acquaintance, who normally works in Chicago, is coming to Boston. Or, it can help you catch up with a friend who also happens to be waiting in transit at the same airport. Hence our tag line – “getting friends closer!”

Coloci is made from co & loci (plural for locus), meaning, together & having the same paths.

Why did you start this company?

Coloci grew out of the need to meetup with friends in an increasingly time-strapped life. It dawned one day that as we go about our daily errands, or take trips, we get many opportunities to meet with our social network, be it at the local coffee shop or while waiting in a transit lounge at the airport. Meetup with friends in the ‘white space’ time that we have! And the idea was born…

We realized that, in a world increasingly e-connected, meeting face to face with friends often gets overlooked and under-appreciated. Coloci helps you re-connect above and beyond your e-connect.

Our vision is that the next wave of social networking with be “real”, not just virtual. And, naturally, Coloci will help make that happen.

Coloci is self-funded by the Founder – Anurag Wakhlu

Why should I use it? How do I benefit?

Coloci is useful for everyone, but even more so for some folks. If you are:

Entrepreneur / Freelancer: your network is one of your most important assets! Coloci helps your strengthen your network by enabling you to meet up face to face, and reconnect with them, thus giving you more chances to explore business opportunities (we all know most business deals are still done face to face).

Small business: if you have field professionals, Coloci can actually help you save money. Example: you (soon to be salesperson of the month!) are traveling to meet a client in Chicago. Coloci may show you that another client from Seattle, whom you have to meet too, happens to be visiting Chicago around the same time. Strike two deals with 1 stone! And save the airfare for a round trip to Seattle. That adds straight to your bottom line.

Busy: it helps reduce your social noise, network efficiently with relevant meet-ups. With Coloci’s ‘Alerts’ rules, you can choose to get alerted based on how far someone has traveled relative to you. Example: if a friend lives 30 miles away, you may not choose to meet up if they come 15 miles near you sometime. But if a friend from Europe comes 150 miles away, you could be willing to go the distance (no pun intended) to meet them. For this, Coloci allows you to make sophisticated rules such as Alert me when ‘a close friend not residing in my country comes within 150 miles of my location’. Isn’t that awesome?

Traveler: it helps you discover and meet with friends you had no idea were near your destinations.

Socially active: it helps strengthen your ties with meet-ups. Expand your network by meeting new people based on common interests (coming soon).

Everyone: get closer to your friends! Coloci answers the question “where will your friends be?” Coloci is useful for you even if you don’t travel, because you get alerts when friends come near your home or work or school!

Where are we? What products do we offer?

Coloci is based in the leafy suburbs of Chelmsford, MA. We offer a mobile app (for iPhone, Android and Blackberry), and a website. Very soon, we are releasing our Tweet feature globally, which will allow you to add your activities/locations by simply Tweeting Coloci! It doesn’t get easier than that. And, you can see your nearby friends on a Patent Pending “Friend Radar” (picture attached)! Our Facebook app is coming soon too.

In 2-3 years, we see Coloci as being the “dial tone” for where your network is, whether you are a consumer or a business.

It was founded in June 2010. It has several contracted development teams globally, and 2 employees. We will be hiring more as soon as we get funded.


We absolutely understand your concerns about privacy, and have taken a lot of care to keep Coloci “private” while at the same time giving you the option to share with your broad social network. We highly value your privacy, so we give you control over what you share and with whom, via the ability to make your own custom Groups of friends, hide your phone and address details for certain trips etc. Moreover, by default, we don’t broadcast your activities to other social networks or the public internet, but let you do so if you want to. We don’t even share your email with other members on Coloci, unless they connect with you. You may be surprised to know that a simple search on the internet about you will reveal more information about you, than what we show on Coloci!

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Founder & CEO – Anurag Wakhlu (

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