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Article from Author Jeffrey Dobkin

Jeff Dobkin

I don’t do social media, I don’t tweet, and I think if you click the “Like” button too much you’re either too feminine or your just gay (not that there’s anything wrong with it – it’s just not for me.) Maybe I’m just old school, but I still like direct mail, and physically mailing things to people to get their attention and stay in their mind. I love pen and ink on paper.

You can read a lot of my stuff online at Some of my most recent stuff is pretty funny, but I’ve also written some articles on marketing and direct marketing that are so technical and academic… I don’t even like them.

But most of my stuff is lean, explicit marketing and direct marketing information, and almost everything I write is in the “This is what you need to do to make the phone ring, and this is how you need to do it!” fashion. Any questions so far?

Advertising is knowing what to say, marketing is knowing where to say it.

I’m one of the few guys I’ve ever seen that show you both sides to this equation in my books. I’ve spent 2-1/2 years researching and writing my first book, “How To Market A Product for Under $500” and even after 6 updates, and 15 years on the market — I wouldn’t change a thing from its core. This title includes: How to write a direct mail letter, plus a dozen pages on how to select the right mailing list. How to write a press release, plus lots of accompanying text on how and where to submit it – to make sure it gets into print, in the right magazines and newspapers. In fact, I have a long section on how to find magazines and the markets they serve, and I analyze the magazine directories (and include pages of their content) so you can see how each is organized, and the best features of each directory.

I don’t blog, and I don’t go to lunch with clients because I only work 6 hours a day in my office and lunch is a brief affair at my desk. Go ahead, call me at noon and see if my mouth is full. I put in a few hours late at night, too – from my computer at home. I love work and what I do – it’s interesting, and with my 25 years of experience in marketing I can see a hole in a client’s marketing plan from the parking lot.. I believe life’s too short to hate your job – if you don’t like what you do, get out and do something else.

I’m easy to get a hold of – 610-642-1000 rings on my desk. Get your most burning marketing questions answered: I offer a free 15 minute consultation to all, longer if you’re pretty nice to me on the phone, shorter if it’s around lunchtime.

You can read lots of my left brain writing at my Danielle Adams Publishing website. More technical right brain stuff at my more serious foundation: and you can get a hold of me at jeff at dobkin dot com.

If you really want to see what I’m like – I can take my show on the road and speak at your organization. Topics are marketing and direct marketing, with the bottom line of how to get the phone to ring – which is my specialty. (So if you’re ever looking for a good writer specializing in direct mail, direct marketing, collateral material – gimme a call). My presentations, like my writing, are information intense, and injected with stale humor and jokes but what the heck, they’re still funny. My wife says I clean up well for presentations, and I often wear a suit, even though it’s against my religion (I am of the ‘I don’t ever need to wear a suit’ belief.) But, paying gigs rule, especially for insurance companies because they pay well for speaking engagements.

For hobbies I play racquetball 4 times a week and am ranked 44th in Pennsylvania, and first in my age group (yea, the old guys age group!). I also ride my motorcycle every chance I get when the weather isn’t too cold and the bike feels like starting.

For fun I airbrush larger canvases, and have a passion for both art and music. I work 6 hours a day, then leave at 3 to pick up my youngest daughter at middle school, then go to the gym to play ball. I’ve never missed a baseball game my son played in, and I’ve been to every play, concert, and choir where any of my kids have performed. If I have a full work load, I spend a few hours on the computer at home when everyone else goes to bed. I enjoy sports on TV, MMA, the X Games, the Dew Tour, and a few shows like the old 24, and Human Target. I’m old enough to remember loving the Red Skelton Show, and when Disney cartoons were really great. And I’m young enough to dirt bike on weekends – try an keep up.

Please buy my books — I need the money. Just kidding, you don’t need to buy my books. Just send the money. Jeffrey Dobkin

Jeff Dobkin has written 5 books on direct marketing and one on humor. His articles have been featured in over 300 magazines. His books are:

How To Market A Product for Under $500

Low Cost Successful Marketing Methods

Uncommon Marketing Techniques

Direct Marketing Strategies

Dobkin’s website is
And his new website is

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4 Responses to “Article from Author Jeffrey Dobkin”

  1. jeff dobkin says:

    Hey, nice write up you ave me. Hey, wait a minute… I wrote this.

  2. jeff dobkin says:

    Yea, and I always try to leave a typo in my work so readers will have something to remember me by…

  3. jeff dobkin says:

    Wow, this thing is working pretty good. So, please buy my books, I need the money.

  4. jeff dobkin says:

    Just kidding. You don’t need to buy my books. Just send the money….


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