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Business Fitness: The Power to Succeed—Your Way

Dawn G. Lennon

Author’s Bio

Dawn Lennon, founder and owner of Big Picture Consulting, is a career strategist, mentor and coach for individuals and leaders in business organizations. For over twenty years, Dawn held senior manager positions at a Fortune 500 energy company in customer service, management development and training, and consumer programs. She has developed award-winning programs, provided expert testimony, led high-profile change initiatives, and implemented best-practice innovations. Dawn has also been a commercial race horse breeder and art dealer. She is a speaker on business leadership, career management, and success topics. You can follow her on LinkedIn, Facebook Fan pages, Twitter and on her blog Business Fitness | Smart Moves for Career & Business Success. She has a masters degree from Lehigh University.

Book Synopsis

This eye-opening, down-to-earth book connects the business model with a fitness mindset to demonstrate how business and career success are achieved through the Seven Smart Moves. Just as athletes gain a competitive edge through physical fitness and mental toughness, business people position themselves for success by becoming “business fit”—prepared and ready to get the job done, holding steady under fire. This book offers a vital prescription for people and organizations not experiencing the kind of success they desire. The keys to lifelong success are performance elasticity and perceived value—business fitness is the program that delivers results—your way.

Why buy the book

Business Fitness gives hyper-busy success-seekers Seven Smart Moves to follow so their careers keep moving forward without skipping a beat. With a focus on the success readers want, real cases to follow, and concrete techniques for navigating unknowns and traps, the book builds confidence, ramps up control, and drives success.

Why I wrote the book

Unless we’re really lucky, no one really tells us how to stay out of the quicksand and successfully find the high ground throughout our careers. There really are tricks to positioning ourselves for career growth and most of them have to do with the way we manage ourselves.

I’d had a varied career that included high school teaching, then over 20 years as a senior manager in a Fortune 500, freelance consulting for veterinarians, commercial horse breeding, and art gallery ownership, most of which overlapped. I learned a lot and saw a lot about how business works and how to be taken seriously.

When I left corporate life to start my consulting practice in earnest, I wanted to put all the pieces together in a way that helped others manage their own careers to achieve what they wanted from them.

In today’s world, companies don’t do much to develop their employees. So we’re on our own. If we want to grow, we need to water ourselves. We need to get business fit by following my four private moves and three public ones until we realize that we have exactly what it takes to be successful doing what fits us.

Getting business fit starts with three principles:

  • Knowing what kind of success we really want which may not be what others expect of us. So figuring that out is essential.
  • Mastering preparation and readiness so that we don’t get ahead of ourselves and end up falling flat
  • Building momentum that keeps us moving forward at a steady pace, fueling our optimism

Once we have a sense of where we’re going, we need a route to get there. Some things we do privately, a bit under the radar. These four private moves are to:

  • Stay Well—so you can perform at your best, making sure that you’re always perceived to be able and energized to get the job done
  • Stay Focused—by setting goals to keep yourself on course and demonstrating your willingness to be accountable for results that matter
  • Stay Current—by building knowledge, skills, and insights so you’re always ahead of the curve and able to accept new opportunities when they’re offered
  • Stay Connected—by developing relationships that help you navigate conditions, build your “power base,” share information properly, and build trust

The private moves build your foundation for “stepping out” on your terms so that you can gain recognition through the three public moves:

  • Attract a Following—by demonstrating your capabilities through collaboration, building a value brand through expertise and leadership, and creating allegiance
  • Take the Lead—providing direction and creating momentum around you through effective leadership behaviors, risk management capabilities, and courage
  • Implement New Ideas—through innovation that fuels growth, aligns you with movers and shakers, and enables you to make a difference

There is as much art as there is method to achieving success and as much motivation as there is effort to becoming fit. The smart moves of business fitness take art, method, motivation, and effort. It only takes small doses of each undertaken every day deliver major results that are clearly seen.

You can build your regimen yourself by reading the book’s case studies and stories, following the techniques, and completing the self-assessment inventories. My business fitness regimen works for entry level employees, career veterans, small business owners, and professional practitioners. It will work for you too.

Just a word about advice

There is no shortage of advice swirling everywhere. The issue for me, throughout my career, was not so much about the advice but the advisor. The questions always are: Do we know who we’re listening to? Are they credible?

The two most memorable pieces of advice I’ve gotten in my career came from two excellent bosses with very different styles. One told me that in any career, at some point, we outgrow our boss and need to move on. The other told me to focus on doing great work because that’s what opens up opportunities. They were both correct.

So why did I listen to them? Because they were tested. They understood how business worked, particularly the politics of positioning and internal branding. They taught me a lot about what it means to be credible. Advice from someone who has been through the rings of fire counts trumps a theorist.

I’ve attended skills management training programs given by instructors who never supervised anyone, never resolved a conflict between two employees, lead a project, or appraised anyone’s performance. I once inherited the role as manager of a management training group that included that kind of trainer. I reconfigured their jobs into internal consultants who brokered training before the CEO lived up to his threat to get rid of the department. The change was wildly successful in the company.

In my book and blog, only give advice based on my knowledge and experiences. I don’t suggest that readers do anything that I haven’t done myself successfully.

About my blog

Business Fitness | Smart Moves for Career & Business Success ( provides tips and techniques that help readers get business fit for their job search, career growth, supervising and managing, performance improvement, and ongoing professional development.

You can find me on Facebook (, Twitter ( and LinkedIn (

Business Fitness Blog:

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