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Defy Gravity, Propel Your Business to High-Velocity Growth by Rebel Brown

Rebel Brown

Authors Bio

Rebel Brown is a business growth expert, author, speaker and corporate gun for hire. As a global consultant, Rebel has worked with over 100 clients – from larger companies to smaller, more entrepreneurial concerns – in a variety of stages – in both the B2B and B2C markets.

Her expertise focuses in three areas:

  • Ramp-Up and Roar – Rebel has helped dozens of start-up and pre-IPO international companies gain a foothold in the right markets – where they have the strongest opportunities for significant revenue and leadership. During this time, she has developed proprietary, customizable start-up and launch systems to gain immediate market share in a variety of industries.
  • Rescue and Restore – Because of her proven ability to rapidly identify and improve areas of high leverage potential, Rebel is the expert of choice for many venture capital and investment firms seeking turnaround solutions for their new acquisitions.
  • Redefine and Rejuvenate – Rebel has spent half of her career specializing in ‘startaround’ companies with great value – companies that needed to reinvent themselves to get past their status quo to grow in a rapidly changing environment.

Book Synopsis

Defy Gravity is a savvy leader’s guide to cutting through status quo business behaviors to fuel sustainable, profitable business growth. Defy Gravity’s principles of business flight will help you shed the weight and drag that are holding your company back .

Defy Gravity doesn’t just offer theory. It gives detailed instructions for how to create and execute a business growth strategy using simple questions, guided exercises and compelling case studies. By taking Rebel’s multi-million dollar consulting advice and distilling it into focused, easy-to-apply lessons, you and your company will learn to Defy Gravity today and into the future.

Why should readers buy your book and what they will get out of it after reading it.

Defy Gravity teaches readers how to:

  • Release gravity—the status quo ways of thinking that kill growth.
  • Find fuel—the value that drives growth.
  • Catch market lift—the opportunities waiting for your value.
  • Plan go-to-market routes – creating momentum.
  • Monitor and tune progress to sustain growth

Why did you write this book?

I saw the same problems over and over again in my consulting clients, which was being stuck in status quo beliefs about their business. I call those status quos Gravity.

As humans we are Natural Born Gravity Machines. We get stuck in seeing things the way we’ve always seen them, doing things the way we’ve always done it – because it’s safe and comfortable. But that’s what gets us in a mess over time, because growth doesn’t live in the safe zone.

That’s why I wrote Defy Gravity. I wanted to take the principles and processes I’ve use with my clients and package them in a way that every business owner can take advantage of them. The key is to think differently about our business beliefs and knowns. I wrote Defy Gravity to help readers release their Gravity – those beliefs that hold them down. We also focus on finding your true value, mapping that value to realistic market opportunities, create a flight plan (including waypoints to manage progress) and away you go!

Do you Tweet, Facebook Fan Page, MySpace friend or use any other social media to get the word out?

I believe that Social Media is critical for any business in today’s market – from startups and small business to large corporate enterprises. Social media gives us the opportunity to attract, communicate and get feedback from our audiences – as we build 1:1 more personal relationships. We can reach a broader audience while benefiting from deeper, more meaningful communications. But to leverage social media successfully, we have to shift from the Me Me Me Chest Thumping approaches of the past – where we broadcast our information to the world. We need to ditch that Gravity approach and focus on our audiences, using social media to involve our audiences in discussions about their needs, their perspectives and their opportunities. Social media offers the best tools yet to learn about our markets – and even better, they are free tools!

Twitter –
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What is the best advice you never got?

To follow the easy course and do things the way everyone else does. My parents raised me to be and do anything that I could dream of in my life. There were no limitations put on me – and anytime I tried to follow the crowd – my parents stopped me and asked me why I wanted to do something. Not why someone else wanted it.

That early teaching created an innovative spirit in me – to constantly challenge the status quo and look for a better way of being, doing and living.

What is the one thing that you did right?

I stick to my guns about what I knew to be the truth. No matter how tough the situation, how difficult the client or the people I am dealing with – I put my cards on the table and stick to the truth – not to what people want to hear. Even if it means more difficulty for me – I’ll tell the truth – and the whole truth. That’s created a great reputation for me in my business. My return clients come back because I do good work, but also because they trust me to be honest and stay in integrity – no matter the consequences.

My skills and experience are what powers my ability to help businesses grow – but my integrity and honesty is what power my overall success in life.

What was the biggest transition you had to make (i.e. new skill set, habits, abilities, focus)?

Publishing and marketing Defy Gravity has been a huge learning experience for me. Everything about the book marketplace is a bit behind the world I’ve worked in for over 30 years, e.g., high tech and complex enterprise products. I was surprised at how solidly the book industry is stuck in Gravity. Approaches that I take for granted as standard practice haven’t hit this market yet – and the traditional publishers remind me of dinosaurs sinking in the tar pits – and I’m not sure they even know it.

There is so many benefits and advantages that modern technology and thinking can offer to authors and publishers. Yet many publishers are pushing back against the very changes that could accelerate their business. I want to go consult to the entire industry about how to ditch Gravity!

The good news is that there are a growing number of independent publishers and business models to help authors take advantage of new and emerging mechanisms to create, publish and market their information in a modern effective manner. And more options are coming online every day. That’s great news for folks who are ready and willing to shift – from the gravity of the way we’ve always done it to the growth of capitalizing on new and modern approaches to publishing!

What book(s) have you read that you would recommend to others?

Dondi Scumaci’s Career Moves is a must read for anyone whose thinking about their future. She teaches great lessons on thinking differently about ourselves and our value.

Simon T Bailey’s Release your Brilliance is simply one of the best self-improvement books I’ve read. Simon teaches us all how to reach beyond our limitations to find the “diamond in the rough” that lives within all of us.

Making Your Company Human: Inspiring Others to Reach Their Potential

by Le Herron is one of the sleeper books of all time. It’s a great read on how to lead companies in new paths – and should be on every leaders reading list!

Rebel Brown, Defy Gravity – Propel Yourself to High Velocity Growth.

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