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Anthurium Solutions: Unlocking Idle IQ™ for the Patient of Today

I founded Anthurium Solutions, Inc. in 2007 with the goal of creating technology solutions that would make work accessible to retired, semi-retired and other professionals anytime and anywhere. Due to overwhelming need, I decided to focus these solutions on health care to help provide accessible, efficient, and affordable care, especially for people suffering from chronic illnesses. We are entering an era when quality healthcare will become exceedingly costly and difficult to obtain, and with about 780 million baby boomer professionals approaching retirement, the availability of trained nurses, doctors, pharmacists and other health providers will drastically impact both the cost and availability of health care, along with the overall wellness of all Americans. Anthurium Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to helping people access quality health providers all over the world, and committed to providing opportunities to health care workers. By matching people in need of more direct and personalized care to talented health care professionals looking for opportunities to work on their own schedules from anywhere in the world, Anthurium will change the face of health care and make it more affordable and available to all.

Through my experience managing global technology workforces, I developed an interest in what I termed Idle IQ™, that is, the collective untapped spare time of experienced professionals who would like to supplement their income and experience with flexible opportunities. In particular, I wanted to find a way to connect health care professionals who wanted or needed more work with people in need of care, regardless of where either party might be, geographically or financially. That was the genesis of Anthurium’s products, which utilize the interconnectedness of today’s communications networks to provide on demand patient-to-caregiver consultations tailored to patients’ individual needs. So, for example, if a Spanish-speaking patient in Los Angeles needs help with medication management, a Spanish-speaking doctor or pharmacist in the Atlanta who is familiar with the patient’s condition can work with the patient long-distance through Anthurium’s networks.

Anthurium Ecosystem

In the future, work will drive to people, rather than people driving to work, and Anthurium is finding ways to accelerate that process. We want healthcare to be easy, affordable, and on demand for both patient and provider. Anthurium’s disease management products utilize personalized systems to match patients with health professionals. This approach creates a synergy between patient and health provider, eliminating frequent turnover and ineffectiveness, and instead fostering a consistent relationship. This is particularly beneficial for the patient, who learns to manage his or her own condition.

For example, one of our products matches patients with diabetes to specific nurses based on demographics, psychographics and other commonalities. Together, nurse and patient can arrange regular consultations – via phone, video, or online – to develop an action plan that the patient and nurse collaboratively create to lead the patient to self management and improve their health. This includes managing medication and treatments, providing nutrition and wellness information, and even guiding the patient to become a better diabetic self-manager. This personal attention can make the difference in the progression of the disease and, we hope, save lives.

In addition to improving people’s health in the United States, we are dedicated to social responsibility and philanthropy worldwide. Based on transparency and social impact, our platforms enable a skilled workforce to volunteer their time and knowledge to help others on a global scale, serving communities around the world through responsible business practices and strategic corporate citizenship initiatives. In the long run, products like Anthurium’s will reduce health care disparities, broaden the availability of care regardless of time or place, and provide meaningful work for doctors, nurses and pharmacists whose talents might otherwise be underutilized.

Anthurium Office

Anthurium has partnered with the Tides Foundation, a leader in socially responsible investing, to create a philanthropic venture: the Anthurium Solutions Foundation. We are dedicated to providing grants of $1,000 to $5,000 to entrepreneurial non-profit organizations focused on helping people through innovation at the intersection of education, health care and technology. We will soon be initiating competitive entrepreneurial sponsorship programs for educational institutions and organizations interested in changing the world of work.

Anthurium is dedicated to doing well by doing good. Our mission is to provide win-win technology and solutions for people, enterprise, profit and planet, because we believe that making people’s lives better – and healthier – is the richest reward.

About the Author:

Timothy Simard has 25 years experience in global operations and management consulting in strategy, operations, and marketing technology for emerging companies in high-tech, manufacturing, education, health care, consumer and industrial products. He specializes in implementing enterprise-wide technologies for Fortune 2000 companies, facilitating global market and customer-centric business model shifts, and developing and managing board-level strategy formulation, planning and execution. His experience includes leading corporate transformation and managing teams of more than 300 global managers in strategy, technology and human resources in more than 14 countries. Mr. Simard has a B.A. in business economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Timothy Simard
Anthurium Solutions, Inc.

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