ICanLocalize Helps Companies Globalize Their Web Presence With Translation Management

ICanLocalize offers a translation management solution and service for businesses to translate their websites, documents, mobile apps, and software into multiple languages. The company was founded in 2002 by Amir Helzer, CEO, and currently has thousands of users.

More and more businesses are going global and need to have their marketing materials, software, and web presence translated into the language of their prospective customers. More than 78% of Internet users are beyond the USA, in international markets, so having a website that speaks their language better communicates your product or service. If you are prepared to operate globally, shouldn’t you increase international conversion rates by offering web visitors content in their own language?

ICanLocalize develops software products and Web services that localize Web technologies, adapting these to local languages, scripts, and cultures. These offerings lower the cost and complexity of localization (l10n) and internationalization (i18n) activity for organizations, starting with language translation tasks.

The firm offers the ICanLocalize WordPress plugin [http://wpml.org/] and Drupal module. The recently introduced, Translation Management module for Drupal [http://drupal.org/project/translation_management] streamlines the language translation workflow, with tools and services that manage translators and translation tasks. The firm supports languages written right-to-left or left-to-right, and unicode character encoding.

Enterprise-level localization enablement from ICanLocalize speeds the creation and maintenance of multilingual websites.

ICanLocalize’s translation management solution allows you to pick a native-speaking translator to translate your text. It also allows you to manage the translation process. For a website, when you change something on one page, you have to change it on all other language pages. For enterprises that have hundreds of web pages and need multiple languages, it can be very time consuming and costly to manage the translation process.

There are all kinds of companies that offer translation services and solutions. For example, some companies offer automatic translation, like Google Translate, which translates text via a machine (computer) without ensuring that the translation makes any sense.

ICanLocalize combines professional translation by highly skilled translators with state-of-the-art translation tools. The result is reliable and accurate translation at low costs.

In order to receive excellent translations, you need professional qualified translators using the right tools. Our translators are using our own translation system, which allows them to concentrate on what they do best – translate. All technical aspects of the work are handled for them.

Your content may come in different formats. Our translation tools will scan your website, documentation and programs. It will extract the text for translation and allow translators to translate the text. Translators don’t need to worry about formats. They translate only the text using our visual editor.

When translation is done, we’ll build the translations in their right format and deliver back to you. All this work is done using our system without any human intervention. This means that there’s no overhead. We only charge for translation work and not for any technical work or project-management.

We build and maintain a glossary for each client. A glossary is a powerful tool for providing consistent and accurate translation. When translators see key phrases, they will consult with you and find the translation that’s right for you. Then, they keep it in your glossary. Other translators who work on other documents for you will use this glossary and would immediately see how they need to translate. You can export your glossary or import an existing glossary.

In many cases, a single translator can produce great work. But, sometimes, you want to have two translators working as a team. One translator would translate and the other proofread. This is a great solution for critical text, where even the smallest typo causes great trouble for you, such as for legal documents, marketing materials, or software applications. In all these cases, it pays off to invest a bit more in translation and know that translations are just perfect.

You can choose a reviewer who would be responsible for proofreading all your translations. This reviewer will go over everything we translate for you. The reviewer will know your business, understand your objectives and will strive to produce translations that serve you best. The reviewer and translators work as a team, discussing the best ways to translate and making sure you always get the most appropriate translations.

ICanLocalize offers the Drupal Translation management module as a free download from http://drupal.org/project/translation_management. Translation Management provides complete workflow management for multilingual Drupal sites. Content managers can manage all translations from one central page. The module shows which content needs translation and notifies translators about what they need to do. The module introduces a new Translator role. This role allows translating between specific language pairs. Translators have individual job queues, showing documents that were sent to them for translation.

ICanLocalize also offers WPML, which is a translation management plugin for WordPress. It is available in 2 levels: Multilingual Blog – $29 USD and Multilingual CMS – $79 USD.

For more information, visit the ICanLocalize blog at: http://www.icanlocalize.com/site/blog/ and the WPML Blog at http://wpml.org/blog/

We are also available on Facebook:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ICanLocalize
And LinkedIn: http://il.linkedin.com/in/amirhelzer

ICanLocalize is always looking for translators. Visit our website (www.ICanLocalize.com) for information.

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