– A new online branded integration service expedites connections between brand manufacturers and Hollywood

Ever wanted to get your product into the hands of celebrities? Ever thought that getting into a big Hollywood movie would take your product/company to the next level?

In previous years, it was difficult for smaller or international consumer product manufacturers to find out about, let alone participate in; product placement and brand integration opportunities in Hollywood. Today however, thanks to a new online marketing resource,, smaller companies are no longer excluded from Hollywood sets and network TV shows, but now actually often sought after to enhance characters and storylines. is an online directory of currently available entertainment-related product placement, branded integration and promotional sponsorships opportunities worldwide. It’s a communications enabler putting brands in immediate/direct touch with entertainment decision-makers through the system, and offers optional support and consulting if you need it.

Alienware Computyer as seen in 'THE BIG BANG THEORY'

OppTrak is unique in that small companies will now have the same access to Hollywood as multi-national manufacturers. In addition to immediate and direct-connection with decision-makers through the system, OppTrak’s optional support services means that you can benefit from the experience PropStar has in negotiating deals on behalf of clients such as Alienware Computers (DELL) and Yahoo! OppTrak offers a totally flexible service meaning you can find what you want – and then opt in or out of receiving assistance. It closes the knowledge vs. experience reality gap for marketers in this area: ‘I’d like to find a show or I’ve found a show to work with – now what do I do?’

The service is provided by industry specialists, PropStar who have a more than a decade of experience in the industry. PropStar’s Client experience includes: Alienware Computers (Dell), Yahoo!, Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Hart Schaffner Marx, D-Link Wireless Systems, Mitel Business Telephones, Infospace and Pfizer amongst others. Prop-Master, Scott London from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (CBS) says, “PropStar are a trusted resource for entertainment industry professionals. With over a decade of experience they know the industry inside out. They’re on my speed dial!”

All opportunities listed in OppTrak™ are pre-qualified and sourced through PropStar’s™ contacts with film, television and music producers in North America, Europe and emerging markets including Bollywood and Asia. Bob Santaella, Lead Man Set-Dec from ‘Desperate Housewives’ says of PropStar, “I have worked with PropStar for more than 7 years. They have been consistently professional with follow through after delivery, confirming their clients products have been used as well as keeping us up-to-date on their client changes and needs. They do a great job on behalf of clients.”

Dell Computer as seen in "NIKITA"

OppTrak is the innovation of PropStar’s Director Nancie Tear. Tear recognized a need for global intelligence and developed OppTrakas a flexible, cost-effective, one-stop resource tool, and supported service for both large and small companies. Tear says, “The support aspect of OppTrak is huge”, says, Nancie Tear, Director of PropStar, “We developed OppTrak to provide small companies with the same access thought to be reserved for larger corporations. In addition, we wanted to give companies the information, the tools and the choice to do-it-themselves. But we also wanted to provide support if they needed help.” Tear goes on to explain, “Generally speaking, people can be a bit daunted by the industry. They’re scared that it’s going to be too expensive […they don’t realize there are many extremely low cost options…]. They wish there was a low cost door/option into the entertainment marketing world, and they’d love to be able have someone talk them though it if/when they needed help. On the opposite side of things, there are numerous marketing professionals that have some experience in this area, but occasionally wish they had someone they could run ideas past and/or receive negotiations assistance with.” Tear believes that OppTrak’s service is unique and unprecedented in it’s offer of industry intelligence, connectivity and support. “We have incredible contacts and experience from working more than a decade in this business”, says Tear,We’ve put it all online – to share. So other marketers can benefit from our experience”. Tear believes that small business entrepreneurs and savvy brand marketing managers – CAN and WILL get their big break – through OppTrak. After finding the right information, the right opportunities and making the right connections through OppTrak – all you need to do is sit back and wait.

Opportunities listed in OppTrak include popular productions and programs include: big feature films such as: ‘MI4’, ‘Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’, ‘The Avengers’, , and TV shows such as: ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘CSI’, ‘NCIS’, ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘Chuck’, ‘Extreme Makeover Home Edition’, ‘The Cape’, ‘Hawaii-5-0’, ‘The Defenders’, ‘Dexter’, ‘True Blood’, ‘Glee’, ‘The Big C’, ‘Nikita’, ‘Human Target’ and ‘Fringe’.

Yahoo! in Degrassi - The N Network

Stars can shape destinies and cast an enormous influence. One approving nod from a famous face can translate into millions in brand sales. Implied celebrity endorsements can be realized though filmed entertainment product placement and brand integration. Placements offer viewers/consumers an immediate shortcut to branding messages – with a visual immediacy that generates the kind of consumer mass-market impact that publicists, marketers and branding consultants normally just dream of. Associating your brand (no matter how large or small) to the fabulous personas/images of celebrities is both an impactful, and cost effective solution to raise the awareness and attractiveness of your brand.

OppTrak has all the details and information about entertainment-related opportunities that a brand need to make a decision, and the support tools to make it happen. Today, it’s an essential marketing resource.

About OppTrak™

OppTrak™ centralizes information about branded entertainment and product placement opportunities ranging from feature films, network and cable television, music, web TV programming and videos; to music concert tours, film festivals, celebrity parties and promotions. An essential resource for companies and their agencies looking to promote their product or service through entertainment marketing, it is a searchable centralized directory of current opportunities and contacts for branded entertainment projects that enables direct contact with the right contacts on top shows to access product placement, brand integration, release-time promotions and celebrity events. The global directory offers both a self serve (do-it-yourself) capability and a range of service options for clients requiring extra support. OppTrak’s flexible services range from free email alerts, free partial directory previews, full access to directory, self-serve-do-it-yourself management or full service management, optional consulting, research projects to strategic proactive campaigns. Service options are flexible and can be modified as needed by the project.

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About PropStar™

PropStar’s highly experienced team has honed its skills in film, television and brand marketing, providing clients with creative, second-to-none entertainment marketing strategies. With well-established relationships with all major Hollywood studios, PropStar™ specializes in both international big studio productions (TV and Film) as well independent productions and web-based television. Internationally, we work with brands and productions in a wide number of countries, including the USA, UK, India and Australia. Our collective expertise includes blue chip marketing (The Walt Disney Company, Whitbread Beer Company), film-side marketing (MCA Universal/Keystone Pictures); and technology and software experience.

For further information, please contact:

Nancie Tear, Director
PropStar – OppTrak
nancie [at]
Tel: 1-604-970-5459

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