Mixing Up Ad Smoothies: Adneedle Blends the Right Mix of Online Ad Channels for Great Results

Have you ever wanted to run an ad campaign for your business but haven’t had the time or resources to plan it all out? Dealing with multiple platforms can be exhausting – Google Adwords, popular national web sites, local news websites, Facebook – setting up all of this up can take days, or even weeks. And then you have to track them all individually through different dashboards. No wonder small to medium sized businesses have such a difficult time advertising online.

Welcome to the world of Adneedle! Adneedle.com was created as a solution to simplify online advertising. It allows users to run local or national online advertising campaigns that blend display (banner), search, social, mobile and pre roll video ads all from one easy-to-use dashboard. Campaigns that used to take days, and even weeks, to plan and execute, now can be launched in a matter of minutes. Users can opt to upload their own ads, or use Adneedle’s adbuilder tool that automatically creates ads in various formats in a matter of seconds. And the best thing? The system is free to use! Users only pay for their ad space and there is no minimum on how much an advertiser needs to spend on a campaign.

“The big thing here is that Adneedle brings Facebook, search, display, mobile and even video advertising all together in one place,” claims Adneedle President and founder Ryan Hickman. “Being able to run blended ad campaigns using multiple channels greatly impacts a campaign’s success. For example, a campaign that blends display ads with Facebook ads can likely see increased results of up to 23%. And to be able to manage and track all of your online advertising from one dashboard adds an incredible ease-of-use factor.”

And this is exciting news for the many advertisers who are anxious to run banner ads on sites that their customers visit as well as take advantage of the ever growing popularity of Facebook. Statistics are showing that Facebook is inevitably becoming the largest and most popular network, even larger than Google, and advertisers are quickly realizing that Facebook ads have tremendous reach. To be able to run ads on Facebook, along with display ads and search ads on Google all from the same place, at the same time, is a huge advantage to advertisers. Not only is it easier than managing multiple accounts, advertisers can compare statistics side by side and see what is working best in their campaigns.

“Customers are loving the fact that they can create blended ad campaigns tailored to their audience,” remarks Hickman. “We affectionately call it the Ad Smoothie,“ he chuckles. “We have had customers who are small businesses, such as realtors and auto dealers, who are using it to target a very specific local user. We also have had quite a few medium sized advertising agencies and media buyers get really excited about the fact that they can do all of their online advertising in one place. We’re here really just to make the entire process easy and affective.”

Ryan Hickman

So, what inspired Adneedle? A need in the community for small to mid sized businesses to advertise online locally. The website was developed and launched in the latter part of last year for just that reason – as a solution for local online advertising. Advertisers who did not previously have the staff, budget or tools to run successful online campaigns were now able to target local or national audiences on major websites like Autotrader, Rolling Stone, CNN, Realtor.com and Oprah, as well as Facebook and Twitter, search ads on Google, Bing and Yahoo, and even mobile ads to smartphones.

As technology advanced, the service added targeting and retargeting features so that advertisers could find potential customers by geo (local or national), demographic or even by specific interest. However, there was still no place where an advertiser could go that would allow them to layer in Facebook, search and mobile to their campaigns. Late last month Adneedle launched a new platform that could do just that…and the response has been tremendous. “It is amazing how excited small business owners get when they realize that they can run successful campaign for as little as thirty-five dollars a day…and advertise using search, display ads and Facebook. It seems to be all the buzz,” remarks Hickman.

So, what is next for Adneedle? Although Hickman doesn’t want to give away too much, he hints that “…it has something to do with managing your social accounts in one place.” And with Facebook alone receiving over 500+ million viewers per month, and Twitter becoming more and more popular as well, it seems like a natural progression that will help make the entire online experience more organic for viewers and for advertisers alike.

In the meantime, Adneedle invites you to test out your own ad smoothie at adneedle.com. And check out the smoothie infograph: Ad smoothie: Blending online ad channels for maximum results.

Adneedle is looking forward to continuing help make online advertising a more successful experience for local and national businesses in 2011.

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