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One Best Selling Teen Author’s Mission to Promote True Beauty, Strong Character and a Lasting Difference

Grace Hatton

Who is the Social Entrepreneur?

Grace Hatton

What is their background?

Grace Hatton is a nineteen year old British teenager who has lived on two continents, traveled on mission trips to South Africa and won international writing awards. Grace wrote her first full length novel at the age of 14 and Grace is the author of the new book “The Guys The Roses & The Regrets; The Girl to Girl Dating Guide” which has been endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen and is an Amazon best seller. Grace is also the CEO and Editor in Chief of Miss Moxie Magazine.

Name of Social Enterprise?

Miss Moxie (

What came about that made them help in social change?

Since the age of thirteen Grace has wanted to make a difference in the world. Grace wrote her self book “The Guys The Roses and The Regrets” to help young women realize they could have healthy, loving relationships and didn’t have to settle for anything less. With her book Grace became a guru for girls her own age in regards to relationships and self esteem issues. Yet at the age of 16 Grace spent almost two months in South Africa for mission work. She taught English in high schools in the villages and worked in the squatter camps of Johannesburg. Throughout that experience Grace was pressed to do more for girls her own age. In SA Grace met many young women who wanted to make a better life for themselves. The courage of these young women inspired Grace. When she arrived back in the USA Grace noticed how our culture celebrates skin deep beauty, fashion and sex in magazines. Grace noticed there was nothing to inspire young women to be something more. To understand what true beauty was how to develop a strong character and how to make a lasting difference in the world. Grace remembered the young girls in South Africa and how they longed to be the best they could be. She also saw how in the US depression, suicide and self harm were growing among young girls.

Grace knew these trends of self destruction were in part thanks to the way young girls are told to live. They are told to be a size 2, be ever fashionable, and have perfect hair and a charming boyfriend ASAP. These expectations of perfection shown to young women in the media is what, in Grace’s opinion is destroying them, she wanted to change that. Grace wanted to create a magazine that would promote more than just shallow beauty and fashion. She wanted to create a magazine that celebrated young women who were not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. She wanted a magazine that showcased young celebs who were not just famous for being famous but who were talented and chose to give back to society. She wanted a magazine that would inspire young women to develop their inner beauty and character while doing their part to make a positive change in the world. Thus Miss Moxie Magazine was born.

What is your product or service?

Grace really represents two products. The first is her book “The Guys The Roses and The Regrets” which helps young women who are dazed and confused by the sometimes overwhelming world of dating learn to live an independent and regret-free life surrounded by wonderful relationships. The second is Miss Moxie Magazine which is an online and digital magazine for young women. The purpose of the magazine is ‘To Inspire and motivate young women to live a remarkable life by realizing their true beauty, developing their character and making a lasting difference in the world.’

Date officially launched?

“The Guys The Roses and The Regrets” was written in 2007, published in 2009 and officially released on Valentine’s Day 2009. Miss Moxie Magazine was created in July 2009 and a beta version was released in October 2009. The official live online magazine was officially launched in January 2010.

How many people has this person helped?

Since the release of “The Guys The Roses and The Regrets” Grace has received hundreds of unsolicited testimonials from young women around the world that have read the book and experience a change in their relationships. The book has helped young women all over the globe and showed them how to heal heart breaks and experience loving, healthy relationships.

Miss Moxie receives thousands of views a day on the online magazine and now has hundreds of subscribers. The magazine has received many testimonies about how it inspires the readers to be more and live a remarkable life. Many of the testimonies are thank you notes for providing a magazine that can edify the soul rather than just the outer body. As the magazine grows more young women will be inspired and encourage.

As Miss Moxie grows, Grace hopes to transition into a print magazine and provide college scholarships for girls with Moxie. In the future Grace also hopes to create education programs for young women in third world countries so they can make a better life for themselves and their families.

What is the best advice you never got?

“Don’t wait for perfection. At various points in my life I have been halted because I wanted things to be perfect before I presented them to the world. I know for me this was because everything I create is a part of my soul that I am giving to the world so I want it to be great. However life is not perfect and the world isn’t perfect. So why should we wait for perfection? In truth you will get so much further faster by doing and correcting along the way rather than waiting for perfection before you start. No one ever told me that, I had to figure it out for myself along the way. Yet take my advice now and if you have a dream or a passion bubbling inside of you, don’t wait. Take the leap of faith and act on it. Trust me, you won’t regret it.” – Grace

What is the one thing that you did right?

“Persistence. I have never given up regardless of the many times I have been rejected. I push for the success of my dreams because I know there are not just for me. My dreams affect others and help others. So if I give up, I am giving up on them. I won’t allow that to happen and I won’t give up. I know people say never give up all the time but that simple concept is the most powerful concept ever. Thanks to my persistence I have been able to accomplish so much. Yet there have been many opportunities to give up along the way. In many ways it would have been easier to give up, but I won’t because I know my dreams are God given and have a purpose. Every day and every dream is a gift from God and it’s up to us to be persistent and make each day and dream count.” – Grace

What can you tell other entrepreneurs who are deciding to make a difference?

That’s its worth the effort and time. If you’ve made the choice to run a business that makes a difference you are doing an amazing thing. Remember that as you go through the struggles and trials. Remember that you are making a real positive difference in the world, which nowadays is a rare thing. As you strive towards your goal’s think about the people you are helping and that will make it all worth it.” – Grace

Grace Hatton – Best Selling Teen Author

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