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Melissa Scott, Founder of Dream Prosperity, Helping Dreams Prosper for Orphans around the World

Dream Prosperity

When Melissa Scott adopted her daughter from an orphanage in Kazakhstan, her life was forever changed in more ways than one. While she was over-the-moon excited to be united with her daughter, she was haunted by the faces of the children being left behind. She knew they would be enduring a life of loneliness and unimaginable hardship. Melissa was determined to make a difference, however big or small, to children living orphanages around the world and children in the foster care system in the United States. She wanted to create an organization that would allow people to make a hands-on contribution to children and to see the end results of their involvement.

In 2010, Melissa founded Dream Prosperity, an international humanitarian organization that works on four levels: 1. allows sweet dreams to prosper for children in orphanages and foster care; 2. provides basic necessities for children to attend school; 3. develops fair trade enterprises for women working in orphanages; and, 4. creates a platform for other social entrepreneurs to tell their stories and promote their organizations.

Since its launch in October 2010, Dream Prosperity has worked with orphanages in Uganda, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and with foster care programs throughout the United States. They plan to add 12 new countries to their program in 2011.

Level One: Allows Sweet Dreams to Prosper for Children in Orphanages

Dream Prosperity works with individuals, social groups, schools, and companies to artistically design personalized pillowcases for children in orphanages throughout the world and in the foster care system in the United States. Each child Dream Prosperity works with receives a pillowcase and/or tote bag created with images designed to his/her unique self and personalized with messages of sweet dreams in a language that the child understands. In return, those who created a pillowcase or made a donation for a pillowcase to be personalized will receive a photo of the child with the pillowcase and receive period updates on the child and the orphanage. “Our goal at Dream Prosperity is to have people be involved in the process and to see how their creativity is putting smiles on the faces of children. And the best part is that they get to see those smiles,” Melissa said.

The reason for pillowcases is quite simple. According to Melissa, children in orphanages very rarely, if ever have experienced the nocturnal comforts of being rocked to sleep, hearing lullabies, or receiving comfort in the dark. “Our mission is to let kids know when they go to sleep that somewhere out there, people care and think about them. We hope the personalized pillowcases provide some comfort and the ability to dream and sleep soundly,” Melissa said.

The child outright owns the pillowcase and can carry it with him/her throughout the years. It is usually the only thing the child has ever owned of his/her own.

In countries where malaria is a risk factor, Dream Prosperity provides mosquito netting to offer a safe environment.

Level Two: Provides Basic Necessities for Children to Attend School

The chalkboard tote bags are for children who lack the basic school essentials, paper and writing utensils. One side of the bag is constructed of a utility fabric that works as a chalkboard. The child can write the daily lessons in chalk on the bag as well as use it to carry their daily workload or means of sustenance. According to Melissa, the logistics in sending and buying paper and pencils for students were problematic and expensive. The chalkboard fabric was a perfect solution as the fabric is lightweight and can withstand a lot of use.

Level Three: Develops fair trade enterprises for women working in orphanages

While working on the logistics of the Dream Prosperity program with various orphanage directors, Melissa learned that many of the staff members, the majority being women, were struggling to make ends meet at home and at the orphanage. “They were giving everything they had and struggling to stay afloat. They just didn’t have the resources nor time or energy to devote to their own personal well-being.

“In an orphanage we represent in Uganda, the director made such unique and durable toys from banana leaves unlike anything I’ve seen in the States. Moreover, the handiwork on the clothing she made for the children was impeccable and beautifully designed that I would have loved to have dressed my daughter in those creations,” Melissa said.

AJ and Mom

Dream Prosperity is helping the artisans market their handicrafts overseas and online in an effort to create a sustainable business enterprise for themselves and the orphanages. “Once the women are able to break out of the clutches of aid dependency, the better off they will be and ultimately the children. We want to help empower them and to demonstrate to the children that there is hope for them once they age out of the orphanage,” Melissa explained.

Level Four: Creates a platform for other social entrepreneurs to tell their stories and promote their organizations

And as a result of the instant success Dream Prosperity was receiving and the personal rewards that came from making a difference, Melissa started a radio program that deals with International Humanitarian Outreach. She interview social entrepreneurs and leaders in global charity who are keeping hope alive in the world. Melissa believes that all social entrepreneurs can learn from each other and offer incredible support, advice, and even form partnerships in their endeavors.

The infrastructure of Dream Prosperity

Dream Prosperity is a 100% volunteer-run organization where all monies donated are invested in projects to help children in orphanages. The organization relies on free online tools such as Facebook (search: Dream Prosperity) and Blog Talk Radio (, and Paypal (info [at] to receive donations, provide updates, share photos, and talk about current projects in the work.

Dream Prosperity utilizes grassroots and word of mouth marketing strategies to inform people of its organization and projects.

The cost per child being helped is $10. That includes cost of a pillowcase, photos, and shipping. Participants can choose whether they want to personalize a pillowcase themselves to send to Dream Prosperity or have someone within the organization do it on their behalf and still see the final result in the selected child’s hand. It’s a small price to pay to make such a huge impact in an orphan’s life.

For the business opportunities for the women working in the orphanages, the cost of an individual handicraft product, shipping, and providing a fair wage averages $40 per item.

To learn more and to help make a difference, please visit or contact Melissa at [email protected]

Melissa Scott
Founder, Dream Prosperity

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