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You Sold Me at Hello: How to Get People to Buy Without Being a Salesman

Doug Johnson

Short Author BIO:

Award-winning author Doug Johnson has written this book to help businesses survive and thrive during both bad and good economic times. He is president of G. R. Johnson & Son Consulting, a businesss management consulting and coaching firm. His 35+ years of business experience is utilized to help small businesses, large corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals through his work as a business consultant and coach, author, and professional speaker. From an early age Doug worked in business, graduated to management, and even ran his own businesses. By the time he was twenty-five he had started, built and sold three businesses. By the age of thirty-four he was CEO of a division of a Fortune 500 company.

His award-winning book, You Sold Me at Hello: How to Get People to Buy Without Being a Salesman, won the Salespop award for Best New Sales Advice Book of 2010. Salespop is an organization where thousands of sales professionals can vote for the top book choice for the year.

He has been interviewed on radio and television broadcasts with coverage in North America of approximately 46 million homes, on Middle East Television (METV) satellite reaching 73 million homes in Israel and 15 surrounding nations, on Far East Television (FETV) broadcasting to Asia, Australia, all of Europe and Africa.

You Sold Me at Hello: How to Get People to Buy Without Being a Salesman (Ben Franklin Publishing Company) was released in June, 2010 (ISBN# 978-0-9827427-0-9).

The book shows how to return to a sales process that has been virtually forgotten. It eliminates manipulation by using the methods that made companies thrive through the Great Depression. Results are increased sales, high customer satisfaction, elimination of buyer’s remorse, and increases in referral and repeat business.

The book raises the question:

Aren’t salespeople pushy, high-pressure people we all try to avoid?

This book shows you how to get people to buy without being a salesman.

You’ll learn:

• Truths sales trainers won’t tell you.
• Why positive thinking harms your sales.
• How to avoid prospecting and have more success.
• Why low price doesn’t mean sales success.
• Why you don’t need answers to every objection.
• And more!

Doug Johnson’s walked in your shoes and consistently ranked at the top of sales in every industry and market in which he’s worked. He can show you how to succeed at sales.

For years Doug had people ask him to write a book to help businesses. He never considered it until a few years ago as he saw the economy slow and more businesses than he’d ever seen got into trouble. Many businesses that had been doing well for years found themselves wondering if this would be the month they’d have to lay off people, or struggle to pay the bills, or maybe even have to close their doors. Doug realized that many people needed help so he began working on a book to help businesses.

But as he began to work on it he realized that there were really three topics that needed to be addressed. The book would be too long to cover all of them in one book so he chose to write three books, with the sales book being the first. This is because sales is the most important part of any business. Afterall, no matter what business you’re in, if people aren’t buying the product or service you have to offer then you won’t be in business very long. The second book is on management and will be released this year and after that will be a book on service.

Doug is often asked to speak at companies and business events. He has found that they are a key way to get in front of people and says, “People don’t want to buy something they know nothing about. When they get a chance to hear you speak, and more importantly to interact with you and talk with you, then they can make a decision about hiring you.”

He is frequently asked to speak on management issues, often focusing on relationships with customers and employees. Requests to speak on sales and sales management are common because of his extensive background and successes in that area. And speaking on a more personal level about dealing with things like stress in business, employee relations, etc. are requested.

When asked what the best advice he never got was, Doug said, “I learned that resumes and academic qualifications are the worst way to judge a candidate for a job. Nothing on a piece of paper really tells me who you are. If I want to understand enough about you to decide to hire you I need to interview you. Whether you had a 2.0 or 4.0 grade average means very little in the real world. In fact, whether you have a degree or not means very little with the exception of a few occupations. Obviously I want a surgeon to have gone to school and be trained. People learn more from real world situations than they learn in a classroom.

“When I was in college I was taking an economics class. I already owned my own business and, frankly, was quite bored in school. The professor was talking about an economic theory and touting that it would benefit business. I asked him to give a real-world example in a business setting. He couldn’t do it. I asked him what his business experience was and he had none, he’d been a student until he became a professor. That along with what I was learning running my own business taught me real quickly that not all the answers were in textbooks.”

Doug says that the above all, the one thing he did right was, “I listened to my father’s advice. He told me that smart men learn from their mistakes, but wise men learn from the mistakes of others. I learned to seek wisdom over knowledge.”

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