Teamly, a productivity and people management tool for ambitious entrepreneurs


What is Teamly?

Teamly is a productivity and team management web app which aims to make people more focused and effective, and businesses more successful.

With Teamly workers identify, commit to, and focus on their top priorities, and at the same time share that information with their colleagues and manager.

It does not seek to compete with existing collaboration and project management tools but instead focuses on managing people and their priorities, something which founder and CEO, Scott Allison, says “is a much harder thing to do”. His ambition is to make Teamly the leading online provider worldwide of team management software to businesses, which “is going to be a $1Bn industry by 2012.”

What problem does Teamly solve?

For business managers Teamly solves a tricky problem: How do you make sure your staff are productive and effective, and how do you keep on top of their commitments to you, without micro-managing? Allison explains, “This management problem was one I encountered while growing my last company and it gave me the idea to build something that I and others could really benefit from.”

Managing people well can be time consuming and laborious but Teamly supports managers by giving them an easy and quick way to track their employees successes, follow up on commitments and produce reports. These reports can integrate into, or replace existing HR processes. Allison notes that, “Performance reviews are generally not effective, and widely disliked but with Teamly you’re actually carrying these out without any effort, every day, week and month.”

However, Teamly does not just benefit managers, it’s also a tool for the individual who uses it every day. Now – due to the economy – employees are expected to do more than ever with less resources and time on their hands. Allison has found that users say Teamly helps them be more focused, and has the added benefit of creating a record of their key achievements.

How it all began:

Scott Allison explains, “The inspiration for Teamly came about when I was growing my last business, and I had a chance encounter with someone who is now an advisor to Teamly, Cameron Herold. At the time I was looking for a better way to manage people and encourage my staff to think for themselves and take more responsibility.”

Herold was formerly the chief operating officer of an entrepreneurial Canadian business, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and used the idea of priority setting as one of the techniques which helped them grow from $2M to over $100M in revenue in a six year period. The technique is based on the simple idea of getting everyone to set “top 5” priorities for the coming week, month and quarter. The same idea is used by fast growing Zynga – the company behind popular Facebook games Mafia Wars and Farmville – who ask everyone in the business to set their top priorities every week.

Teamly creates focus:

Teamly say their approach is innovate because it is the first personal productivity tool that “helps people move beyond their mile-long to-do lists and focus on the truly important stuff”, essentially cutting back to focus using the principle of the 80/20 rule.

Teamly believes firmly that business software has traditionally only helped people be more efficient, so they can get more stuff done, but Teamly’s approach is instead about helping people be more effective, and get the right work done. “It’s not how hard you work, but what you achieve that counts,” said Allison before posing the question, “Working smart is talked about a lot but how often do people really carry this through?”

What do Teamly users have to say about it?

Teamly launched in beta in July 2010 and now counts over 3000 registered users worldwide, around half of which are outside of the US and Canada.

Early adopters include a veterinary center in Patterson, New York, and a call center in Newfoundland, Canada.

At Broom Farm Veterinary Center the head of professional development, Evan Kanouse III is very happy with their experience with Teamly since the summer: “Teamly has solved our problems in terms of managing our people and their priorities more effectively.”

Similarly at Telelink Call Center, CEO, Cindy Roma has become a convert as well: “Teamly allows us to stay connected and current on meeting our daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals; We couldn’t do without it now.”

What does Teamly cost?

Since launch Teamly has been in beta trials and is free of charge to all. In the future businesses will pay for advanced team features and enhanced reporting, but for individuals the core product will remain free of charge.

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