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The Secret Green Sauce by Bill Roth

Bill Roth

Bill Roth is a professional economist, a coach to businesses on best practices for growing green revenues and successful green entrepreneur.

As an economist he published a pioneering April 2008 article that introduced the concept of a Green Economic Revolution. Today he posts on his website, and in national publications including Triple Pundit and The Green Economy Post, case-studies of companies deploying pricing, marketing and branding innovations that are generating green revenue growth.

As an entrepreneur Bill has held senior officer roles including:

  • President of Cleantech America, a solar power plant development company
  • COO of Texaco Ovonics Hydrogen Solutions where he lead the team that introduced the first hydrogen fueled Prius
  • Senior Vice President of PG&E Energy Services where he lead the team that launched the first web-based, meter linked energy information system (now called the Smart Grid).

Today he serves as Managing Member of an early-stage company that targets a 2011 launch of a revolutionary food product that tastes like a desert but is made from all natural, organic food with no addictives, supplements, corn fructose syrup or chemicals. Eating five of these is only 600 calories in total (out of a daily recommended diet of 2,000 calories) but satisfies the CDC’s recommendation of eating 3 vegetables and 2 fruit servings a day (which today, is not being achieved by the overwhelming majority of adults or children).

He built this company’s strategic and marketing plans upon the proven best practices of companies succeeding in growing revenues that he has summarized in his latest book, The Secret Green Sauce.


Q. Why did you write The Secret Green Sauce?

A. We need major solutions for our economy and environment. And people need a path for making money again. This books profiles actual entrepreneurs and businesses make money going green. It explains their best practices that are achieving triple bottom line results of restoring jobs, making them money and helping the environment.

Q. The Secret Green Sauce:

A. Grab your share of the $10 trillion annual global revenue opportunity in selling green! This must read self-help book profiles the money making sales and marketing tips being used by entrepreneurs just like you who are building successful green business.

Q. What was your inspiration?

A. The great news of this book is that there is a “secret sauce.” How do I know? This book tells the story of real business people and their businesses. These pioneers in selling green are the inspiration of this book and following their lessons-learned will put money in your pocket!

Q. So what’s the secret sauce for making money going green.

A. Go to my website, and you can download the first chapter of The Secret Green Sauce for free! This chapter outlines the “sauce” and provides a description of the businesses (large and small) that I profile in explaining their best practices for making money going green.

Q. Any other free stuff on Earth 2017?

A. Yes, I update it every day with tweets highlighting success stories with key-links that will provide more detail.

Among these key-links is my YouTube channel, Earth2017TV ( that hosts 3-minute interviews with key business leaders like Steve Fludder, the senior officer for GE ecomagination or Trisha Jung, the Chief Marketing Director for the new all-electric Nissan Leaf.

Q. Are you practicing what you preach, are you using The Secret Green Sauce?

A. Absolutely, I am starting two new businesses that I designed around the best practices in the book. This is a once in a lifetime business opportunity. The whole world has to change because the cost of extraction and mass consumption just keeps going up. It is not sustainable at the pump, meter or cash register. The best practices in The Secret Green Sauce is the path for a business or entrepreneur to supply the solutions consumers are searching for at prices they can afford.

Q. So, why write this book, are you trying to make money as an author?

A. I wrote this book for two reasons. First, as a professional economist I saw a huge opportunity so I searched out businesses and business people who were having success so I could learn from them. The book is my North Star for figuring out how to grow my companies.

Second, I really feel the pain people are having now. And it isn’t just economic and job loss. We are eating junk and living in an environment that is endangering our welfare with climate change. All of this has tremendous human consequences that we are now seeing appear in the form of increased obesity, diabetes, heat waves, floods, cold waves, recession, etc. I published my research as The Secret Green Sauce with a hope it will spark businesses and business leaders who can produce products and services that will solve our economic, health and environmental challenges.

Q. Are you selling many books?

A. Not as many given the value offered. That’s why I publish articles in Triple Pundit, push tweets, do speeches. The Secret Green Sauce is so valuable in terms of our economy, jobs and the environment that I am using all channels to increase awareness.

Q. What’s the one thing you would say is the reason someone should buy a copy of The Secret Green Sauce.

A. Hope. The message of this book is hugely encouraging. It says real people just like us are figuring out how to make money doing something really meaningful, the type of work you are proud of talking about with your kids. The Secret Green Sauce says that whatever your background, there is a path for you to make a difference in your life, in the lives of others and our environment.

The Secret Green Sauce

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