Appointment-Plus Online Scheduling Software: Grow Your Business, Improve Operations by Automating and Streamlining the Appointment-Scheduling and Reservation-Booking Process

A leader in online appointment-scheduling software solution since 2001, Appointment-Plus ( provides small businesses the cloud-based tools they need to effectively manage their appointment-scheduling and reservation-booking processes.

As most service-oriented business owners and operates can attest, scheduling and booking their service appointments can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially when relying on traditional methods. For many, this means taking appointments and reservations by phone, recording them in a paper appointment book, spreadsheet or electronic calendar, and then following up with a reminder phone call or e-mail prior to the customer’s scheduled time. Not only does this method take valuable time away from staff members who could focus on more pressing tasks, it also does not give customers the ability to schedule their own appointments at their own convenience, not just during normal business hours.

Appointment-Plus online scheduling software makes it easy for small businesses to quickly, easily and affordably implement an efficient appointment-setting solution to automate, streamline and improve the way they accept and manage appointments and reservations.


The Appointment-Plus online scheduling system is what’s commonly known as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, whereby users pay a nominal fee for full access to the software through a Web site. As with most SaaS programs, it’s as easy to access and utilize as other Web services, such as online banking, social media sites, and e-mail. All that’s required to utilize Appointment-Plus is an Internet connection; a small business owner doesn’t even need to operate a Web site to utilize all of its functionality.

Appointment-Plus supplies its Web-based scheduling application to over 4,000 clients throughout the United States, Canada and 10 other countries. The online scheduler is the flagship product of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based StormSource Software, a provider of online business solutions founded by president and CEO Bob La Loggia in 2001. It has a professional staff of 32 individuals.

Scheduling over 50 million appointments since its launch, users of Appointment-Plus include small businesses such as medical offices, spas, salons, health clubs, photographers, chiropractors and massage therapists, as well as Fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities, Fortune 500 companies, healthcare agencies and facilities, federal and local governments, and freight and delivery services.

Appointment-Plus offers a wide array of functionality to meet all of a small business owner’s scheduling needs, such as:

  • Online customer self-scheduling. One of the system’s most popular features, it gives customers, clients, patients and students the ability to view available days and times, and then quickly schedule their appointment or book their reservation. It offers these individuals the convenience of setting and booking their appointments and reservations at any time of day, not just normal business hours.
  • Automated e-mail and text message reminders. Sent out automatically prior to a scheduled appointment or reservation, these reminders are not only appreciated by customers, they can also help reduce a business’s “no-show” rate by over 50 percent.
  • Online payment options. Some customers may wish to pay for their services at the same time that they set their appointment or reservation. Requiring payment can also ensure that individuals make their appointments. Appointment-Plus is the only industry scheduling provider that allows its clients to offer PCI-compliant online payment processing.
  • Record-keeping and reporting. Accurate record-keeping of appointment and customer information is critical in analyzing business operations. Appointment-Plus makes it easy to look up customer records, create robust reports, and securely centralize and manage your appointment and customer data in one easy-to-access location.
  • E-marketing capabilities. In addition to its superior scheduling functionality, Appointment-Plus allows users to quickly pull e-mail mailing lists and send e-marketing messages right through the scheduler. It’s perfect for sending out an e-mail to customers on any last-minute deals or discounts, and owners and staff can even add a link back to the scheduler to allow customers to easily book their appointments or reservations without having to take any additional step. Since customer information is housed in one location, it’s now unnecessary to maintain separate mailing lists, spreadsheets and folders.

In addition to the above functionality, Appointment-Plus offers the online scheduling industry’s only free coaching sessions to help clients properly set up and configure their schedulers to meet their specific needs. It also has a dedicated support team to quickly answer any questions and address any concerns.

Business owners can try Appointment-Plus for FREE for 15 days to get a feel for the software and its scheduling capabilities. It offers three pricing tiers starting at just $39 per month with no long-term contracts. Optional add-ons include repeat customer reminders, gift certificates and point of sale (POS) modules. For complete details on these pricing tiers and the benefits, click here:

Scheduling and managing customer appointments and reservations need not be a formidable task. Thanks to Appointment-Plus online scheduling software, small businesses nationwide are automating their appointment-setting processes, improving their efficiency, and growing their operations. Get your business on the road to smoother appointment-scheduling by visiting Appointment-Plus at

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